Lee Min Ho Shows Off His Fine Form as the New Guess Jeans Model

A long time ago I thought Lee Min Ho has this edge about him. A bit of an edge when he was in Boys Before Flowers, when he played the character of Gu Jun Pyo there was rawness and unpolished intensity that really captivated me. He hasn’t been able to show that since and has actually gotten more and more safe and smooth if you will. Now when I see him trying to project a darker or bad boy image I just chuckle and want to pinch his cheeks. He is the type a girl takes home to the parents because there is nothing objectionable about him from head to toe. That might change after he tackles the gangster noir movie Gangnam Blues, but for now I’ll always remember moody emo Kim Tan and how not dangerous he is despite all claims to the contrary by the drama. Lee Min Ho did a motorcycle CF earlier this summer and now he follows up with a Guess Jeans ad that would be perfectly paired with the biker shoot. Lee Min Ho does look mighty fine in denim but why the photographer insists on overly photoshopping his face to a glossy (and unnatural) sheen annoys me. The man looks great in real life, just stick in him jeans and some mud and call it a day. The two pics with his hair gelled back is classic Lee Min Ho but I quite like another two where he has a Japanese rocker chunk of hair hanging over one eye. That actually changes his image up a bit but sadly still no frisson of danger anywhere in sight.


Lee Min Ho Shows Off His Fine Form as the New Guess Jeans Model — 7 Comments

  1. He does look good. Most of his endorsement pics after Heirs were Kim Tan-ish, so I’m glad that image is changing now as Gangnam Blues is nearing release.

  2. The last three photos are for Semir, not GUESS.

    I also don’t like these overly photoshopped pics either. He looks better with candid fantaken photos than these staged cataloge shoots.

  3. Ahh! Guess jeans. The company that uses underpaid children and women in sweatshops. Another flower boy gone from admiration. KHJ-gone, KB-gone. So sad. Hopefully the one left who I admired the most for his intelligence will stay unblemished. Kim Joon.

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