Cross-border Hotties Joe Cheng, Hu Ge, and Kim Soo Hyun Together at the Seoul International Drama Awards

The 9th annual Seoul International Drama Awards was held this week and came across as rather random in timing since I’m used to Asian award ceremonies either at year end or beginning of the year. This award definitely tries to live up to the word international in its title and doles out prizes for acting and dramas outside of Korea. This year’s grand prize went to a French show called Kaboul Kitchen Season 2 but the most buzzed about K-drama of the year also walked away with plenty of awards. You From Another Star won Excellent Korean drama (no surprise) while It-boy Kim Soo Hyun took away Best Actor. SDA tried to split the baby by awarding Outstanding Korean drama to Heirs and Best drama serial to Empress Ki, leaving me scratching my head as to what exactly is different about the various drama awards other than a slight name change. Good Doctor even bagged a second place Best mini-series drama award behind the Norwegian show Mammon.

The MCs for this even were Shin Sung Rok, coming off well-received acting turns in YFAS and Lovers of Music (Trot Lovers), and Jin Se Yeon, continuing to get gigs after two back-to-back dramas this year alone in Age of Feeling (Inspiring Generation) and Dr. Stranger. The attendees at the ceremony were limited to the winners since they were contacted beforehand and a nice visual treat arrived when three of the most popular male actors in their respective Asian countries took the stage together to accept a triumvirate of online popularity awards. Kim Soo Hyun won for YFAS and alongside him stood Joe Cheng taking home the popularity prize for an older drama Love Actually and rounding out the trio was Hu Ge winning for his modern drama Life Revelation. The C-netizens were in a tizzy over Ariel Lin‘s two most famous and popular costars in Joe (It Started with a Kiss series) and Hu Ge (Legend of the Condor Heroes 2006 and The Little Fairy) being onstage together finally. I must say both guys look drop dead handsome, especially Hu Ge rocking the surprisingly smexy goatee.

There is no denying that Joe Cheng looks soooooooo amazing in a formal tux with his frame and height. Even the normally super tall Hu Ge looks small compared to him, but it’s seeing the two Ariel boys together that plasters a giant grin on my face. The only thing missing is Ariel looming right behind them going “but what about me?” as her two boys have eyes only for the camera.


Cross-border Hotties Joe Cheng, Hu Ge, and Kim Soo Hyun Together at the Seoul International Drama Awards — 44 Comments

  1. Wow all three guys looking so handsome, totally smiling like a loony looking at the pictures. Must admit prefer Joe Cheng the most out of the three.

  2. Korean acting awards have become a big joke. They should rename all their so-called acting award shows (whether for movies or dramas) to “XXXX Popularity Awards and Fashion Show”. Because that’s what all their award giving bodies have become.

  3. I am so used to seeing caps of Hu Ge in periodic clothing and ling hair that whenever I see him sporting modern clothing I have to take a second look to recognize him.

    • Lol I know, right? She’s coming for you Kim Soo Hyun…

      Way too much handsome for one stage. Thanks for the early morning eye candy, Koala!

  4. Wow… I didn’t know that Joe Cheng is really good looking until they stand together with Kim Soo Hyun. Maybe because he is tall and broad shoulder makes him outstanding.

  5. Very rare having a Chinese actor can be looking so good with a goatee. Hu Ge is drop dead gorgeous with his new look. Two thumbs up!

  6. The difference of men and boys. Sorry Kim Soo Hyun.

    I hate how overrated dramas automatically win an award. Stars and heirs were both dramas I couldn’t get into no matter how much I wanted to.

    • ikr, he looks like a little kid next to the Joe and HG. Even their clothes tell the story, especially with KSH rocking the Korean style short length pants. I understand the short length and at the same don’t understand why it’s still in style.
      Anyways, I’ll take two of each man and have them delivered to my house.

      • I agree with you.Side by side with those 2 Guys ,KSH looks like a boy.Sorry,he does look like he is still in high school. You can really see the age difference between the 2 main lead even though he is suppose to be an alien.

    • Same. I understand why the drama was popular but the nail in the coffin was when the couple took center stage and it was mainly because of KSH. He just seemed like a boy compared to his amazing costar (not just because of his looks either). To me, he’s more believable in his earlier roles.

      I really, really like him as a person though. Smart guy with a great personality. I am also looking forward to how his acting and career matures as time goes by.

  7. omo i love these three!

    i sooo agree with you, Joe Cheng looks so good in his tux but my oh my Hu Ge, i just can’i am speechless, i must say the difference between men and boys is clearly evident.

  8. I am fixated on the height i know Joe is super tall 188~ being a model first and HuGe is around 184~ but i did not know KSH is same ht as HG, i thought he was much shorter than these 2. (Now i am staring at the heels of shoes…)

    • LOL, he probably got an extra inch from his shoes, plus he could be standing a bit forward so the camera makes it look like he’s the same height as Hu Ge. But what gets me personally in the trio pic is the undeniable understanding of why some viewers call Kim Soo Hyun a total butterface. He comes off looking so kiddo-esque next to Joe and Hu Ge. Not the best idea to put him on stage with the other two.

      Btw, is Hu Ge channeling some massive Takeshi or what? Sooooo gorgeous swoonz! Imma going make a weekend for a full LoCH2006 rewatch!

      • Omo MTE! XD and Loverboy is channelling Yutaka lately. How did Joe know HG btw, seriously through Ariel?! Hmmmm.

        No one can beat Joe clean cut in a suit, yum for HG to go hot uncle on us and we have strawberry, chocolate and…vanilla.

      • I never heard KSH called a butter face (aka as ugly). It’s kinda funny, I’ve read how young KSH looks next to the other actors but this was said in a positive way. On this site it’s the complete opposite. But then again, KSH is at least a decade younger then the other two actors shown here. So he should appear younger. *Shrugs* Being next to them is no disservice to him.

        IMO all three actors or attractive.

    • @mookie I believed Joe and Hu Ge were introduced to each other by Eddie Peng, if not Michelle Chen. They share alot of common friends aside from Ariel.

      I always assumed they were the same height. Didn’t know Joe towers over Hu Ge by a few inches. Gah, he is really tall!

  9. Oh my gosh, Joe Cheng is in South Korea. I hope he does project with Yoon Eun Hye someday, like really soon! Please, please, please!!!

  10. don’t really care much about KSH when Joe and HuGe are there tbh, but I have problems recognizing HuGe. The HuGe in my memories remains at Chinese Paladin and TianWaiFeiXian >_<

  11. @koala, first time posting here. i knew that you don’t like kim soo hyun. but why you keep posting thing that comparing him with so many actors? You don’t have to put him down so much. if you hate on him so much just don’t read news about him and don’t watch his film or dramas. Calling people as butterface while laughing can tell what kind of person are you. I don’t know if someone is calling your bias butterface, how would you will feel. I don’t mind if in your recap you want to critic his acting skill or what but please don’t keep comparing him with other actors just to show how low he is.

    • Joe Cheng’s girlfriend is non showbiz. Michelle Chen is in a relationship as well, not sure if he belongs in the e-biz but her ex was.

      • both of you are wrong. Joe has a companion, a partner, a lover who he has been with for over nine years and who is gorgeous and in modelling and acting.

    • i heard he and his girlfriend are together for more or less 10 years now. they said its an open secret in the e-biz. idk but maybe the girlfriend and boyfriend doesn’t mind sharing Joe with each other, heh

    • the rumour about Mike Ho is untruthful from the beginning unless your talking about a different person then i don’t have any idea. as for the girl i heard they have been living together for a long time now.

  12. All in Joe close circle knows that these two like each other for years now. Even their parents know, although the parents would rather they were with women. Well you can’t force love, to each his own.

  13. Interesting. I understand he has a live in boyfriend who is not Mike he. As for Mike, he is back with his old girlfriend who is actually living with him .

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