Double Dose of Sleek and Sexy Park Seo Joon for Marie Claire and High Cut Magazines

Is it just me or does Park Seo Joon and Lee Jong Seok give up strikingly similar vibes? It’s probably always been there but since I’ve never paid attention to Lee Jong Seok until recently after Dr. Stranger, it feel like discovering a new set of facetwins. Park Seo Joon is in the pages of the July issues of Marie Claire and High Cut magazines, both of which almost always delivers great pictorials. Instead of dull uninspired shot angles, Marie Claire mixes and matches full body snaps with close ups of the models face as well as plays around with filters and clothing color combinations while High Cut loves sharp geometric shots that are edgy without being weird. Park Seo Joon’s pictorial excellently captures a varied appreciation of his boyish looks mixed with sexy charisma. He’s one of those young up-and-coming actors that has the looks to be a leading man and the acting talent to keep building his resume.

Park Seo Joon is also a very savvy project picker and his last three dramas have all yielded great feedback for him starting from supporting turns in I Summon You, Gold! to Warm Words and his most recent being a leading man turn in the cable drama Witch’s Romance. I wasn’t interested enough in WR to watch it all the way through since I already love the TW-original My Queen and didn’t see anything drastically different in WR to warrant spending another 16 hours with the same story. But the few episodes I watched was a treat for Park Seo Joon alone and he’s one of those actors that seamlessly gets into whatever character yet bring a sliver of his own unique flavor that carries through all his roles. I hope he does another drama this year and if not perhaps a movie supporting role to keep pushing himself when he’s still young and the sky’s the limit.


Double Dose of Sleek and Sexy Park Seo Joon for Marie Claire and High Cut Magazines — 10 Comments

  1. This guy had me since I Summon You Gold. Whenever he cries on screen, I can feel it. I need him in an awesome new drama pronto.

  2. Thank you. If you like him but do not want to watch one of his longer dramas, you should try him in a 4-part drama special called Sleeping Witch. The story was good, but he was excellent. I was not going to watch Witch’s Romance at all because of my love for MY Queen, but I did after watching this special and needing more.

  3. Ooooh, thanks for the pics. He has such an aura of awesome about him.
    I loved watching him pretending to play cool when he wasn’t in WR, then watching him play dorky when he really was cool. He doesn’t have a typical face; he is original – which is another reason why he impresses me.

    I think the moment I totally fell for him was watching him in the short MV for Come into My Heart – OST for WR. All that handsome and he sings with such feeling.

  4. This guy can go places, notice his dramas & music, HE possesses great potential in acting skills both comedy & drama. He also had good voice & dance very well. Keep it up, we’re following you!

  5. Thank you miss koala for writing ur feedback abt park seojoon. His news are so hard to find >__<

    After i'm completed 'witch romance', im totally admiring his acting as yoon dongha. He made this character alive & real. So hard to explain my admiration to park seojoon.

    Since i'm a big fan for TW version. At first it was very hard for me to accept the big age gap. I tried watching ep1 & gave up during the first time WR broadcasted. Only few weeks ago i decided to give it a try again. & Totally i'm hooked…!

    Park seojoon, fighting!!! I'll be watching over you now… Hope you will success & please appear more on screen…

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