Iron Man Gets English Title of Blade Man and Releases Long 5-minute Preview

Are you suited up and ready for K-Iron Man to arrive? The much mocked KBS drama Iron Man is set to premiere next Wednesday and has gotten a new English title of Blade Man just to completely destroy its very reason for naming it Iron Man in Korean in the first place. Why can’t the Korean title be Blade Man in Korean when the word is just as available? Why ask why seems to be the motto behind this drama from conception to casting to the dribbles of previews that have been released. The cast attended the press conference last week and either the entire drama consists of Lee Dong Wook, Shin Se Kyung, and Han Jung Woo, or else every other major supporting actor and actress called in sick for the day. Judging by the picture above, and pretty much every picture where the two leads are in the same frame, there won’t be any sizzling onscreen chemistry forthcoming on top of the story and visuals being so bizarre-seeming already.

Shin Se Kyung, bless her stiff-faced heart, tried to be perky and animated at the press conference but the shots of her aegyo had the opposite effect of making me roll my eyes. No. Not sure what Han Jung Woo was thinking when he selected his suit for the event but that’s like the least of my quibbles when it comes to this drama. Lee Dong Wook gives off this dazed and zoned out feel, like he’s in this weird meta-place and perhaps he needs to stay there in order to make it through the drama filming. He reportedly has a difficult time acting when he needs to wear his special knife suit under his clothes to show the knives coming out of his back and arms. I find it apropos that his character in the drama is a man with severe rage and anger issues and is always upset, because that would be me if I was headlining this would-be turkey. I’m still massively curious and entertained enough to keep following along, so check out the 5-minute long preview below (with English subs) and get ready for the laughs to come rolling in.

I have no clue why Dispatch did a nose-only picture collage of the three leads but it’s random enough to include here.

Iron Man (Blade Man) 5 minute long preview (English-subbed):


Iron Man Gets English Title of Blade Man and Releases Long 5-minute Preview — 18 Comments

  1. You know what, I might the first (or only) one to say that the preview actually does not look bad at all. I get our hero has a bit of that anger management issue and he’s dealing with it in his own way. A little bit over the top but maybe that’s what it’s going for? SSK is displaying much more facial expressions than I’ve seen her in many years now so she’s trying…

    Let’s give a chance, my friends?

  2. From LDW, there’s a lot of overacting…from SSK, there’s a lot of forced acting (especially when she’s trying to smile). I might check out the 1st epi, but so far, it’s not looking good.

    • I don’t think she is able to smile, muscle wise. To much plastic surgery can mess up with your face mimic in a very effed up way.

  3. I’m confused….i get that his anger makes him sprout out blade, but what does that have to do with climbing buildings and jumping off it. Ahhh….hopefully the drama explains this. I like Dong Wook and I have never seen Se Kyung act so I’m going in with a mini bias mind and curious as to why his anger makes him climb building. His he some sort of superhero that she channels out???? Hmmmm????

  4. It’s weird but I find LDW harder to watch in that teaser. SSK wasn’t too bad surprisingly. I think there’s a good chance she’ll be able to improve her image here. As for him, he should have never accepted this cheesy AF role. The music sounds exciting but nothing else in that teaser intrigues me.

    • Blade Iron Man looks like a mistake. Have no desire to see a preview or an episode. Thanks SSK;)
      But, I truly believe LDW came back from MS determined to do whatever tinkles his fancy. And I can’t be too mad at him. His life, his career, his interests. Just wish his choices were better, in terms of caliber and substance, regardless of whether I watch or not. Though I loved him in his first two return dramas (WR more than SoaW), haven’t seen the latest drama or variety projects. However, in the world of odds, one day, he’ll pick something that works for him and us.

  5. This might came off weird, but I find Han Jungwoo suitable for LDW’s role. It seems like this ‘blade man’ has temper issues and a very strong person and yet, LDW looks really soft.. I don’t wan’t to say anything about SSK’s features..because in my opinion, anyone should never judge a person’s physical appearance no matter how annoying/bad they look in your eyes. That’s just rude. But I do have to agree, SSK’s acting looks really forced in the trailer. And yet, the trailer isn’t as bad as most people seems to say. I will give episode 1 a chance before deciding to drop this drama or not..

  6. LDW really looks like being in the zone on stage. Or like a primary-school pupil during his first role in the school’s theatre.

    Everything about this show just seems sooooo weird.

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