KBS Lines Up Vampire Doctor K-drama Blood to Follow Healer on Mon-Tues

With news that MBC is lining up its early 2015 dramas, KBS is also getting the ball rolling now with some big name help. The most anticipated KBS drama of 2015 so far has got to be Blood, the follow up drama from the PD-writer of Good Doctor. KBS has been raking in serious awards with GD for the last year so makes sense to give this cash cow production a prime slot for its new drama. Blood has been confirmed to air February 2015 on Mon-Tues following Healer with Yoo Ji Tae, Ji Chang Wook, and Park Min Young. Scheduling-wise this means Ji Chang Wook won’t be in the running to play Blood’s male lead, a juicy character to be sure. The possibility that Joo Won could/should do it is also likely not going to happen when he’s doing Cantabile Romance with Shim Eun Kyung from October running until the end of the year. I suppose he could get no rest and dive into the pool that is Blood.

My bet is on the Good Doctor team working with a different male lead to play the lead character who is a vampire doctor, he’s both a vampire and a doctor because those two identities are not contradictory in the least in K-drama land. The female lead could be Moon Chae Won but with the far-fetched premise of a vampire doctor all everyone is talking about is which Korean actor gets tapped to play that delicious role. It could be epic wow or massive fail. Behind the scene buzz rumors say that Lee Jong Seok, among a few other actors, has received the script for Blood. In all likelihood Lee Jong Seok will take Pinocchio for SBS but the delay in his confirming that drama could be due to last minute conundrums between playing a society pages reporter or a bloodthirsty vampire doctor. He’s already played a doctor before in Dr. Stranger so I’m wishing the vamp doc lands in another actor’s lap. Below let’s check out the rumored names in the running for this tasty role and it’s all over the place since KBS doesn’t really play faves.

Yoo Seung Ho. The biggest chatter is that role is made for Yoo Seung Ho in terms of timing. He comes out of military service in early December exactly fits with the filming to start on Blood that very month. His last two dramas have been with MBC in Arang and the Magistrate and Missing You, not to mention he was tapped to play an adult male lead in the networks ambitious long weekend melo Flames of Ambition when he was just 17 years old. But he also did the very popular God of Study for KBS. The consensus is that he has the acting chops to pull it off and if the vampire is immortal then the baby face suits the role perfectly.

Lee Seung Gi. Since he does one drama a year and this year’s You’re All Surrounded on SBS was a major let down, he could jump over to KBS next year for Blood and do something radically different. Before YAAS he did two MBC dramas in Gu Family Book and The King 2 Hearts so maybe he’ll work with KBS next. I totally dig Seung Gi playing a vampire and a doctor, just not sure if the two in the same character is something that works.

Song Seung Heon. Totally a MBC veteran since he left military service 6 years ago, having done East of Eden, My Princess, When a Man Loves, and Dr. Jin. Only one is watchable so he might want to branch out. He would make a very chiseled and buff vampire but we all know what a laughingstock it is to see Heon oppa playing a doctor as he did in Dr. Jin already. When he says medical lines of dialogue it comes across as an SNL spoof.

Kim Jae Won. He’s mostly in weekend dramas for MBC and his last one Scandal: That Very Shocking and Immoral Incident was critically received and a solid ratings hit, but more importantly it showed a dark side to his acting as well as much improved intensity and onscreen charisma. He is also pale enough to play a vampire. He was the lead in KBS dramas Hwang Jin Yi and Great Inheritance.

Lee Seon Kyun. Almost all his hit or well-received dramas have been with MBC and the network regularly has him headlining projects with less buzz but end up being ratings hits. Under his belt for MBC are Golden Time, Miss Korea, Triple, Coffee Prince, Pasta, and White Tower. He’s fantastic playing a doctor and works with KBS on its drama specials.

Yeon Jung Hoon. The Vampire Prosecutor potentially turning into the Vampire Doctor? Sold already! He may not be looking to headline a drama anytime soon since he’s expecting a first child at the end of the year with wifey Han Ga In.

Kim Woo Bin. His first headlining drama opportunity in the form of being a vampire doctor? That’s so perfect I can’t even. School 2013 on KBS was his break out project, here’s hoping KBS ropes him back to the small screen for this.


KBS Lines Up Vampire Doctor K-drama Blood to Follow Healer on Mon-Tues — 37 Comments

    • it won’t be yoo seung ho, unless he is a vampire orderly or a doctor’s younger brother…just too young to be a doctor…but maybe the other mentioned

      • yoo seung ho is too too young to be a doctor…sorry, but it would be bad for the drama to cast someone who looks that young…another more suitable drama please for this fine young actor

      • i think hyun bin, jung il woo, kim bum, lee junki, joo won, or anyone else 25+ could believably play a doctor

  1. Would like to see Seung Ho or Woo Bin in this role.

    For some reason, I can see both of them as vampires over the others and they have the acting chops to pull off the vampire vs. doctor internal conflict….

  2. As much as Joo Won works I wouldn’t put it past him to take this. Though I’m not sure he fits the role. LSG hasn’t ever done a KBS drama so I can’t see it. He also already did a supernatural character and just played a cop too, so idk about a doctor. Most of his roles are usually rumored so far in advance too and there’s no news so far. He’s be promoting his movie around the time too.

    He can’t act at all, but someone like Ahn Jae Hyun would work on looks alone.

  3. Very sure that the female lead won’t be MCW. She will be busy filming for her movie with Yoo Yeon Seok until December and right after that will busy promoting the movie with LSG. And she won’t do the same genre drama twice in a row.

    Anyhow, it is interesting to see who will be the leads

  4. Hmmmm. Kim Woobin <3
    Would love to see Yoo Seung Ho but he doesn't seem the type to dive into acting as soon as he is done his services. Could be wrong tho.

    Hyunbin is free right now isn't he? Would love to see him in this role too!…But he's an SBSer. :'(

      • If he can change his image as pretty-fashionista-famous-rich-arrogant man, i will root for him.

        He has talent as an actor, but he always choose the same character ever since “you’re beautiful” and it’s really annoying.

  5. Can’t totally rule out Joo Won because he is the type who does not stop Working.He started ghost musical the Day after he finished Good Doctor and Filmed 2 movies in between.Since he is enlisting next year,he might want to Do this drama early 2015 and KBS might want him if his cantabile tomorrow is Successful.

    Other actors Are Fine.Especially YSH.

  6. Lee Seung Gi has done a KBS drama, it was a weekend drama back in 2006 > where he played as actress shin ji soo’s boyfriend. If I’m not wrong, his character name is Hwang Tae Ja.

    • The drama is called The Infamous Princesses, where he played a supporting role.
      The leads were Choi Jung Won, Lee Tae Ran, Go Joo Won, Park Hae Jin, etc.

  7. from all the list, I am all for YOO SEUNG HOO or Kim Jae won.
    But how about kang Dong won, I think he is ready to dive back to drama. well that is based from his recent interviews….

  8. Kim Jae Won or Kim Wo Bin….or guess who….Jaejoong!

    They fit the vampire description to a T: all white skin and looking like they never age.

  9. Among the names mentioned, I only see Yoo Seung-ho as the perfect pick. No doubts about his acting skills and he could pull off a Vampire look~
    I was thinking about Lee Soo-hyuk, but maybe he’s not yet ready to take on a lead role. (Popularity-wise.)

  10. SSH as vampire – NO. Werewolf – YES. Why? Because he has a remarkable fondness for throwing up his head and howling at the sky in every drama he’s been in.

  11. A vampire doctor. Wow, remind me of dr.carlisle cullen from twilight lol

    Btw, from all the possibility, i choose kim woo bin.
    I think he’ll look damn hawt as a vampire :3

    But, if there’s a chance, i want Yeo Jin Goo act as a vampire instead. He’s cute, young, and very talented. And he as a lead could gain more interest from viewers.

  12. Wow.. Yoo seung ho..going to be out of military..? Nice.Yes for him.

    jong suk.. he must have had enough of the nauseating dr role already by nw.. Pinocchio seems to be a promising one. He should go for it.

    Lee seung gi.. Cant seem to picture him as a vampire. And yes, YAS was definitely a major let down..hope he is careful with his next project choice.

    Song seung heon.. heh.

    Kim woo bin.. as a vampire..yes. As a vampire doctor.. Not so much.

    • This is kind of late but I guess the producers thought the same as you. There is a rumor that Jaejoong is getting casted on this drama. I haven’t seen any news outleat break this news yet but it’s all over weibo and twitter so who knows.

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