Tong Hua Novels Published in Korea with Bu Bu Jing Xin Potentially Adapted to K-drama

With the spread of Hallyu so prominent and prevalent across all the Asian countries, especially in Mainland China, it’s nice to see the occasional reverse happening especially with works that I personally love. The C-drama Bu Bu Jing Xin (Startling with Each Step), adapted from the popular time-traveling novel of the same name by writer Tong Hua, aired in Korea in 2012 and was quite popular despite being on a cable network. The Korean publishing house Paran Media got a lot of letters from Korean viewers asking for it to publish the source novel in Korean and the company did just that. Paran Media bought the rights to Bu Bu Jing Xin and the first print of 15,000 books were sold out and the novel has been reprinted four times since. Apparently most Korean novels, other than surefire blockbusters by top authors, have a first printing or around 2000 books only. Paran Media then scooped up the rights to Tong Hua’s two other early novels Da Mo Yao (Ballad of the Desert) and Yun Zhong Ge (Song in the Clouds). Those who have been following my blog know that I translated all of Da Mo Yao and half of Yun Zhong Ge with both novels near and dear to my heart.

Da Mo Yao is more swashbuckling and passionate while its sequel Yun Zhong Ge more gutwrenching and poignant. The Da Mo Yao Korean version will go on sale this month in September in bookstores across Korea while Yun Zhong Ge is slated to be released by year end or early next year. Now there are murmurings that the Korean networks are eyeing a K-drama adaptation of Bu Bu Jing Xin but set in an era in Korean history rather than in the Qing dynasty. What the what? When BBJX aired three years ago and I was all over it, I did wonder which Korean actors or actress could possibly play stoic 4th Prince, thoughtful Ruo Xi, refined 8th Prince, plotting 9th Prince, boyish 10th Prince, free spirited 13th Prince, and earnest 14 Prince. Not to mention a hearty basket of supporting female characters to pass around. This is still in the discussion phase but I’m all for it and would be willing to go in with an open mind… long as the casting doesn’t royally screw things up before the cameras even roll.

Both Yun Zhong Ge and Da Mo Yao have gotten the C-drama adaptation treatment but both have languished for want of an air time. Da Ma Yao is finally going to air in early October though it has gotten yet another name change. The first change to Legend of the Sun and Moon has now been changed yet again to Legend of the Wind. Whatever the dang drama title is everyone knows its the Da Mo Yao novel story so those who have been waiting can finally look forward to its arrival in a few weeks. Yun Zhong Ge fans will have to wait a bit longer as that drama will be airing at year’s end in December. Better late than never I say!


Tong Hua Novels Published in Korea with Bu Bu Jing Xin Potentially Adapted to K-drama — 22 Comments

  1. I’m anxious excited for a possible K-drama remake of BBJX. It can go wonderfully well or horribly wrong. So let’s all hope for the former. But I’m really scratching my head thinking which K-actors can do BBJX characters justice.

  2. The Korean remake will be interesting… I didn’t like BBJX too much though, and I think at no point in K history can they fit in so many princes. Plus, the time-travelling trend is sort of “over” in Korea. I just hope they cast a more charming actor than Nicky Wu for the 4th ah-ge.

  3. *spoiler*

    If this Korean version goes through, I hope she ends up with the 14th bro.

    And I hope it can maintain the same twisted what-is-right-what-is-wrong theme throughout. That’s what made me love Bu Bu Jing Xin.

    UGH. Much love for this drama, as well as much hate.

  4. I love the first 5 episodes of BBJX but I hated afterwards. I didn’t like how she end up falling in love w/ her sister’s husband. And then switch it to the other brother. I just completely dropped it halfway. I do love the OST.

  5. Wow! One of my favorite drama. Can’t wait for the english version, and the Korean remake. I love to see Ha Ji-won to play Roxy.

    Miss K, is there an english sub for the book 2 Bu Bu Jing Qing? Can’t find it anywhere.

    • There is no sequel to Bu Bu Jing Xin the novel.. Bu Bu Jing Qing is just a sequel they created themselves just for the sake of continuing the drama.

      Unless you’re talking about subtitle for the sequel drama in that case it’s on Viki. But the novel itself doesn’t have one.

  6. Oh my!

    It hurts to imagine how all wrong this could go with the casting alone.
    Keep in mind, I love almost all the idol actors/actresses; I think casting directors make them (and their agencies) an offer they can’t refuse.
    So I am not thinking of them, but the hot actors who end up in roles that don’t suit them, so they change the character or the script.

    Whomever they pick, as long as YOO SEUNG HO is in there, I would die happy and go to heaven.
    Not sure if he could pull off 4, or 7, but 13 or 14?

    Say YSH!

  7. hmmm…BBJX K remake, not too sure about it. i’m usually cautious about drama remakes, especially if it’s from something i really like and i adored BBJX.

    Looking forward to DMY cause EDDIE AND HU GE!!!!

  8. YES! Da Mo Yao in October! At last, it’s airing. I might have to wait even more for a subbed version but if I can find it raw online, I don’t care; I am watching it.
    A Korean Bu Bu Jing Xin? It’s my favourite drama so I hope they do it justice! For some reason I can’t imagine it but I guess we’ll see.

  9. Hmmm, I’m glad it received a lot of love in SK, but my beloved BBJX in the SK entertainment’s formulaic hands….Questionable.

  10. I’ve been meaning to ask this, but do you think you can upload the translations you did on a PDF file where we can download it? Sometimes I want to read them but I don’t have access to Internet and putting them in e-reader would be super handy.

  11. I wish it would be publish in english, i bought the book in Chinese but my very beggining level does not help 🙁 … i loved the story and watched the drama when i was living in Shanghai some time ago, i did not understood the whole thing because they speak really fast and my poor vocabulary but i found myself enjoying and crying with the story ~.~ haha!

  12. Gah. I wish they wouldn’t touch on the palace theme coz it’s a bit awkward to change the setting of these ‘real’ characters and history and all. I wish they (the Koreans) set their sights on the xian-xia novels (*dangling the books* of Lost you Forever, hello?) instead because they will totally do (justice), I can imagine. I even wrote something about this on my blog ( Total coincidence!

  13. Da moa yao is airing already as of 10/1/2014. I saw the first two episodes. I loved it! Hu Ge really nailed his character of Jiu Ye! It is more funny than I thought or pictured when reading the book though on some scenes, kind remind me of Japanese Anime live adaptations on some scenes that they use to make Liu Shi Shi look cute and be in human surroundings after living with the wolves.

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