Kim Hyun Joong Case Update as His Final Concert Stop in Beijing Cancelled by Tour Organizer

Not to downplay the seriousness of the allegations of domestic violence lobbed at Kim Hyun Joong, but there has been a surreal “the show must go on” atmosphere surrounding the progression of the legal case. His sit down interview with the police was delayed almost two weeks since he was in and out of the country on stops for his current concert series called the 2014 Fantasy World Tour. I can crack a joke about that name but will refrain from plucking low hanging fruit. His most ardent fans have stuck with him since the beginning of the case even as new information came out that he confirmed one fight that resulted in injuries while denying the other allegations. Since news broke he’s played three more stops on his world tour – Bangkok, Guangzhou, and the most recent was in Peru.

Up next was supposed to be one of his biggest stops and the final of his four Chinese city venues, on September 19th he was scheduled to play at the Beijing Worker’s Gymnasium in Beijing, China as the wrap up of his entire tour. All his Chinese tour stops have been organized by a local company and today the company issued a press release stating that the Beijing concert was being cancelled effectively and all tickets will be refunded. The press release stated “due to uncontrollable elements related to the entertainer that are impacting the successful performance of this concert, it has led to the event being cancelled.” Fans in Mexico who are gearing up for his concert on September 12th in Mexico City will be relieved to have no disruptions to that tour stop.

The domestic violence abuse allegations remain in the hands of the investigating police and currently there are no scheduled follow up interviews for either the accuser or the accused. Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer issued a press statement that they are working on an apology and trying to resolve matters since the couple loved each other in the past. He said the two sides remain with different points of view but doesn’t believe this is about fighting for who is right and who is wrong. They have known each other two years and were once a couple, this all started due to a break up and Kim Hyun Joong is working hard to resolve the angry feeling stemming from that. This has led to the media speculating that Kim Hyun Joong’s side is looking for a settlement with A. A’s lawyer followup with a press release that A wants first and foremost for Kim Hyun Joong to admit to the multiple cases of violence, apologize, and reflect on what and why he did it.


Kim Hyun Joong Case Update as His Final Concert Stop in Beijing Cancelled by Tour Organizer — 25 Comments

  1. I can’t help but be disgusted at how how KHJ’s side has downplayed this. It’s amazing how his side is summarizing all this as angry feelings and break-up, making the issue so trivial,when its anything but that. The way this is going, I feel like justice won’t be served…

  2. Wow… After seing NFL Ray Rice video you get a mental vision and can’t say I would ONLY take an apology, why and a what are you going to do about it! But I’ve been told that’s part of the DV cycle. I hope she gets help other wise can’t help but think she’ll fall to the same kind of relationship in the future.

  3. He looks menacing and there’s a hard edge to his features in the poster, gone are the gentle soft features which appeared in his characters Jin Hoo (BoF) and Seung Jo (PK).
    It seems he is trying to avoid publicly apologizing to miss A, through Lawyers. Its obvious that he did hurt A from what has been mentioned so far. I pity both parties, miss A for suffering violent abuse, and KHJ for marring his career with such actions. Physically hurting the person you professed to have loved for two years is so bloody wrong, and he should be ashamed as a man to use his fist against his beloved. Because his violent actions/nature is now publicly known, will this result in a ruin career?!

  4. wow…since his other concerts were going on I never thought any countries would cancel his tour.

    They better make this go away soon. Or else other places will realized DV is no laughing matter.

  5. So glad that one of the biggest market in world cancelled his tour. It’s disgusting that his agency is abetting in this irresponsible behaviour. They should just cut him loose. It seems like domestic violence is not a big deal in Korea whereas blackmail is. He was allowed to continue with the tour while LBH blackmailers were handcuffed and arrested immediately. The worse thing are his rabid fans who stood by him in spite of evidences of his abuse. What’s with these people who can’t separate right n wrong???

    • Actually, it seems that MONEY is the big problem in Korea. Blackmail w/ money involved is a serious crime (DaHee from GLAM), doing marijuana which required money is a serious crime (Daniel from DTMN), and walking out of the drama shoot to fly to U.S. due to very poor working condition is an automatically blacklist in Kdrama land (Han Ye Seul). However, physically assaulting a lady that doesn’t involve w/ money isn’t a crime (KIM HYUN JOONG). -_-

      I guess S. Korea has their priorities in blackmailing and marijuana. Really show that they don’t give a sh*t about hitting women. That it is okay for men to hit their women and still get away from it. It’s even stupid that KHJ was able to still do his concert tour. Those delusional fans should be ashame of themselves for supporting a woman-hitter. >:( I wish Karma and hell comes to KHJ. I pray for justice.

      • They do show in their dramas how they measure people based on how much money they got. At first I thought it was a over-dramatization of things, but it might be not far from the truth.

  6. Truly,women are their own worst enemies. I can’t decide who is actually worse: a disgusting womanbeater showing no signs of remorse or thousands of girls who still plan to attend his concert despite knowing about his violent nature.

    • THIS. I know we have our own biases, but there are boundaries that come with being a fangirl. Just because you admire someone so much does not mean that you should look past his shortcomings.

    • Huh? I hate that fans are still going to his concerts, but a woman beater and a fan going to a woman beater’s concert can’t be compared in terms of guilt level. You have keep in mind that most kpop fangirls are kids/teenagers. Yes, they are being stupid, but it doesn’t make sense to judge their actions by rational adult standards.

      • sorry for disagree, but many kpop fans are over 20 and some are over 30. And Ray Rice still has many female fans support him, most of them are well in their 50s.

      • You’re right but I wanted to comment on the fans. I always thought most of his current fans were in the 20-60 age range. Does he even have teen fans anymore? And what’s gross is I’ve seen fans in their 30s and 40s defending him on various sites and vowing to support him no matter what happens, guilty or not.

  7. So glad to read her statement after his bullshit one. Admit it or else basically. Proud of her. He’s trying to make the whole thing seem like a bitter breakup and her feelings being hurt because of that and downplaying the actual abuse as not being the issue. I hope she’s able to stick with it.

    It’s too bad it’s just one concert that is canceled, even if it’s a big one.

  8. I agree. I can’t believe all his concerts weren’t all cancelled. I understand that there are innocent people who will get hurt financially but that’s on KHJ.

  9. My respect for miss A for not being intimidated and giving in. IIRC I read somewhere, that her last statement mentioned, they could give further proof. She seems to be a determined lady. I really hope she is not going to take the money he’ll be throwing at her.

    BTW I think it’s very interesting in this context, that with Blade Man a show just started highlighting violent behavior. I haven’t watched the show’s premiere, but read, that a lot of viewers were turned off by the massive violence LDW’s character used even if such scenes were to be expected from a show with such a plot. Makes me wonder what Korea’s attitude towards physical violence is.

    • Hi @Newbie Off topic

      I’ve watched Blade Man, yes it does have a lot of violence, but funnily enough its quite comical and the whole drama makes you laugh, not because its silly and not worth watching, but because it is worth watching because parts of it is funny,and the violent parts are part of the funny. I’m not one to advocate violence, but also have no problems should a film or drama require it to tell the story. Blade Man needs the initial funny violence for audiences to understand why the character is so. Give it a go.

  10. I think this case is beyond appologies. It’s a crime, so just prosecute, & give out jail time. Offenders offend cuz they have no sympathy, standards, & they are always right/most important. Sorry ain’t going to cut it at this point.

  11. He seemed really immature around women. Justing thinking back about his WGM days with Hwang Bo and there was even an award ceremony on youtube when he appeared really upset with her and could not hide his body language. Probably had an anger management problem even then and was overly possessive and jealous.

    • To think that his displays of jealousy and possessiveness were considered cute and comical back then too…

      Looking back, there were many instances and she was only a reality show wife. He was probably way more possessive of his real-life girlfriend.

  12. You, go, China! I wonder who was at the root of the idea to cancel the Beijing concert despite the financial loss. It had to be someone VERY vocal who wouldn’t shut up.

    I feel some satisfaction that Beijing didn’t want to have their city’s name in photos with smiling fans supporting a smiling performer who has admitted to beating his girlfriend at least one time causing many bruises.

  13. The problem is that KHJ has claimed the physical altercation was mutual. That is a very important and overlooked point in this case. People are quick to jump on the guy in these cases because they are stronger and bigger but that does not mean that is within the confines of law. That would actually be sexist if a person was found guilty because they are a certain gender. If the investigation shows that both parties used physical force then the incident will not fit the legal definition of assault, at least in the United States it won’t. Because KHJ had a contract with these promoters and has not been charged with a crime he may in fact actually have a legal issue that could hold against the promoters. I am not looking at this from the emotional standpoint that many are posting in regards to domestic violence but from a legal side and regardless if people like it or not KHJ has not been formally charged with a crime. If he is charged and convicted of a crime it would be a different story but I’m not sure in contractual law that you can cancel contracts based on an investigation. China Im sure has very different laws but It will be interesting to see how that is handled by his management.

    • Companies can cancel & ban artists if they cause “social disturbances” which are defined & examined from different issues… Since KHJ case obviously cause significant social disturbances, I think the promoters have a strong case. Even in Korea TV broadcasts will/can ban artists on this too, why one would think China can’t do this.

  14. Looks like a pretty face hides a very nasty temper. These ‘stars’ are accustomed to having people fawn over them and believe they are ‘different’ from ‘common people. They believe they are above the law of common people. Just look at his ‘interview’ with the police being scheduled around his tour dates. If that were a regular-guy, like my husband, would the police have let the interview be rescheduled? Plus, his girlfriend wants a public apology; that would be tantamount to an admission. Kim Hyun Joong isn’t going to do that. She wants to make this public to humiliate him and effect his career, which she has certainly accomplished.
    It sounds like a nasty situation all-around. The problem with a pissing-contest is that even the winner gets wet and stinky!

  15. I don’t know all the details, there seems to be A LOT left unsaid on both sides. Two years together and she waits till the break up to say or do anything? Seems a little strange even by celebrity and idol terms. Its also suspicious to me that his side is considering taking legal/settlement action (defamation of character i would think) while he is on this huge tour, where most musicians make their money, and all she’s after is an apology? Not even looking for him to get counseling or something like that?

    Something smells funny I am not 100% who’s side its on but its definitely fishy.

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