Nam Ji Hyun Gets Some Park Hyung Sik Oppa Affection in New Couples Pictorial

After 17-episodes my heart is won and the Dal Bong-Seo Wool ship in What’s With the Family is one of my favorite drama pairings of the year. They are so age-appropriately darling it makes my heart hurt when either or both so much as sniffle. Park Hyung Sik is 22 year old while Nam Ji Hyun is 19 years old, making them as perfectly cast to play romantic costars as when Operation Proposal cast 19 year old Yoo Seung Ho with 20 year old Park Eun Bin. No more age gaps the size of the Grand Canyon, let us bask in close age chemistry and the youthful right to act inexperienced and clueless sometimes.

There was actually some promotional material featuring the two leads prior to WWTF aired and looking the stills from High Cut magazine makes me all swoony and giggly because they are just that cute together. The picture above where Nam Ji Hyun has her legs wrapped around Park Hyung Sik is so perfectly shot to eliminate the overtly sexy raunch and simply showcase an undeniable close comfort. Another picture from High Cut has the two of them just staring into each others eyes and that one makes me feel like a voyeur who needs to step aside and give the young lovebirds some privacy.

Did that gifs above make your toes tingle, cuz I was a puddle on the floor myself. After checking out all the ridiculously pretty pics above, cap it off by watching a recent KBS World interview with the two young actors below. WWTF really needs to start releasing BTS videos of the two filming just to keep feeding the beast in me clamoring for more goodies.

KBS World interview with Park Hyung Sik and Nam Ji Hyun (English subbed):


Nam Ji Hyun Gets Some Park Hyung Sik Oppa Affection in New Couples Pictorial — 27 Comments

    • Omg!The photos of them just screams chemistry and the GIF, made me smile. Once again, THANK YOU so much I’m really enjoying their drama and most of the time find myself laughing out loud.

  1. Honestly I like the TEAMWORK of this couple, they have CHARISMA, easily attract viewers because of natural acting ability. They a fun to look at in their early teens. So adorable I should say. Keep it up guys!

  2. He reminds me of Ji Sung. It is like the exact young version of Ji Sung actually. Some shots of Nam kind of resembles Han Hye Joo. She’s not a stunning beauty but her gentle beauty is very easy on the eyes. It fits her character perfectly.

  3. I have been watching this drama from day one. I can’t recommend this enough. Every story line is so well done and I adore Dal Bong’s father he is so wonderful. Seo Wool is adorable and her smile lights the screen up.

  4. *DEAD*

    That was insanely cute! And now I feel like watching their drama…

    On a side note, it’s actually sad that age-appropriate pairings are in the minority.

  5. I watched this show primarily for kim hyun joo and got sidetracked by this otp. Their story especially their chemistry is soo good and as you wrote age-appropriate.
    so other than the first sis and her otp, dalbong-seowool and their father scene, i just press fastforward…
    oh and i just want to say i want to slap that second brother so much ><

  6. Not too fond of the love triangle story. I still prefer this couple in the first few eps. I find their interactions cute, especially when SW teased DB by touching his hair.

    I would love to see SW/DB tie the knot in the drama. Please give us a grand wedding and not be like KJ’s one. Perhaps the eldest sister and youngest brother can get married on the same day.

    My only issue with this couple is Hyungsik has a smaller face than Ji hyun. I remembered the cast of Heirs complained about Min-hyuk and Hyungsik because they have very small face. I did not notice his face is small in Heirs, but after watching this drama, I must say he really has a very small face. And it doesn’t help that he is a lot thinner in this drama too.

  7. The last gif is indeed precious.

    I suppose this will have to tide me over until these two manage to rekindle their relationship/love in the series.

  8. I like the drama and the pairings. The countryside Candy girl is sometimes annoying in her naiveté and overacting, but they do work well together.

  9. Am SO sure that only the first gif was there when I had checked in earlier. I’m silently squeezing!!

    Thank you Ms. Koala for the rec since I marathoned the 17 epi and omigahhhhhhh!! These two are just love!! While KSJ is super gorgeous…. I can’t take my eyes off of HYung Sik.

  10. ahhh, this two!!! THANKS Ms K for the gifs…they are both so adorable and their chemistry is soooooo good…hoping that they both can land lead roles together in romcom, melo, action or whatever…want to see more of them.

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