Lee Byung Hun Makes an Airport Public Apology to Wife Lee Min Jung Who is Reportedly Moving Back Home

Things appear to be winding down in the public and personal side of the recent K-ent scandal where A-list movie star Lee Byung Hun was blackmail by two young ladies using a recorded racy late night conversation. One of the blackmailers was Dahee of girl group GLAM while the other being a model who claimed she was having an affair with the married Lee Byung Hun who recently passed the one year marital anniversary date with K-actress wife Lee Min Jung. The two ladies were swiftly apprehended after Lee Byung Hun reported them to the police, and even the judiciary is moving fast on this case as the trial started last week.

Since the news broke Lee Min Jung has reportedly been spending time overseas whether for work or to stay away from the media attention, and since returning to Korea she had been staying at her parents house rather than the newlywed home she shares with her husband. Yesterday Lee Byung Hun left Korea reportedly for work commitments in the US and at the airport he made a public statement to the gathered media where he apologized to his wife and family for the pain this situation caused.

After Lee Byung Hun left the country, the media published a news report by an unidentified so-called close acquaintance to the couple claiming that the scandal has only made stronger Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung’s marriage and brought them closer. The acquaintance claimed that Lee Min Jung was living at her parents not to stay away from her husband but merely to avoid the media camped outside their home. She’s now planning to move back to that home and resume her official work activities.

The model continues to assert she had an affair with Lee Byung Hun who just wanted a physical relationship with her, but she turned to blackmailing him when he balked at providing her the financial assistance she wanted in return for the affair. Lee Byung Hun has denied having an affair with the model in the testimony he gave last week during the trial. He claims to have been just casual friends with the two blackmailers in question and hung out together a few times only to break off the connection when he felt they were looking for financial windfall from him.


Lee Byung Hun Makes an Airport Public Apology to Wife Lee Min Jung Who is Reportedly Moving Back Home — 19 Comments

  1. Ok first off I think Lee Byung Hun is an excellent actor. It seems however that he is not a pleasant individual to hang out with in real life. I don’t care. He is not my friend or family. And he has done not anything illegal as far as I can tell. Also another point in his favour is not to give in to blackmail. I think one of the most disgusting things human beings can do is blackmail. Kudos LBH for not enabling blackmailers.

    I wouldn’t want him for a husband or a boyfriend. He had a bit of a reputation as a womaniser no? I seem to remember some scandal about him and a woman of foreign nationality.

    The thing is, I don’t believe this marriage. I don’t know what specifically made me think it but I think this seems more like an arranged agreement rather than two people who have feelings for each other and want to grow old together. It is not my business even if it is an arrangement since I don’t really care for either party but this whole thing seems so designed. Public apology at the airport (we need to give face to the lady no?) seems like PR 101.

    • I see things exactly like you re acting skills & personality of his. We may be wrong of course but for me they are a couple only on paper. The mere fact that they have a career on 2 different continents… Meh, I don’t buy it. Indeed, glad it’s not my life: Too much drama for me.

  2. I think she knew what she was getting into when she married him, apparently there’s been some talk that he was her sponsor before her debut as she got big parts so fast.
    Next step I guess is that they’ll have a baby which would be such a mistake to bring in a child into that situation.
    He’ll cheat again, it’s just a matter of time and maybe he’ll make sure that she’ll stay quiet.

    • She is not one of my k-actresses biases but I don’t think she got big fast. I remember she had a minor role in some drama where she was in a wheelchair. and it was after some time before I saw her again in BoF…

      I am an idealist so I am on the side that she did marry him out of love, but at this point if she really was back at their home and patching things up, I am on the side that thinks it is all got to be papers, agreement and contracts. and also I would be doubting her sanity.
      I know that LBH was right in reporting those blackmailers but after all this issues, his image has turn so dirty it might cloud my thoughts in ever watching his other projects. He is still a good actor but man is he turning so sleazy….

      But I also agree with you, a guy who cheats with not only you but also in past relationship would cheat again. I hope she cuts ties with him, however much hard it can be. save her heart and pride from anymore hurt from this relationship…

    • I agree. The apology sounds like a way to improve his public image. Seriously, this sound the like personal matter between him and his wife. As more information is release, it just sounds like he and the model was engaging in an affair and was stepping out on his wife. I think he’s a slime ball with a history of female conquests. He must be a playboy with his history. I feel bad that his wife would even get involve with him if she was looking for a serious life partner.

  3. Whoever wrote the script for their drama is not a very good one. Everything smells “contrived” even from a mile away.

    I cannot judge LMJ negatively for choosing to stay with that kind of man because I do not know what kind of pressures she is facing. I hope she will find peace of mind and heart in her decision.

  4. I am still confuse that if people think that he is handsome. If he is handsome than the actor name Jo hee. Bong (the one who become a president of agency in you who came from a star) is handsome too and have a chance to be a korean top star because he look a lot like lee byung hun. LOL.

  5. In this story, I don’t really care about Lee Byung Hun or Lee Min Jung (she’s a big girl, she knew him when married him). But I really sad for Dahee. She has a great potential and what she did is so stupid… I really loved her in Monstar and I love her voice.

  6. Please she wasn’t staying with her parents because her marriage was stronger. I don’t judge her for not divorcing him though because it’s a tough situation she’s in. I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone pressured her to stay with him. I hope he behaves himself, at least publicly and doesn’t embarrass her again.

  7. well all I’ve got to say is he’s not good looking at all and I don’t understand what’s so great about him. There are other actors with greater talent and better looks.

  8. She should be with Shin Ha Kyun! Hee,a bit of AAMR biased here~but she seems happy with him in the drama though~hope she finds someone like Lee Gang Hun 🙂

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