Video Preview for Episode 11 of My Lovely Girl

My Lovely Girl is headed towards it’s finale stretch and still the drama delivers only the feeling of “that’s it?” whenever the end of an episode rolls around. Oddly I can’t pinpoint exactly where things are being dulled down, much like a breadmaker would know which of the ingredients was off so the bread didn’t rise. The idol actors in the cast are serviceable, especially Krystal and L and even Hoya with his limited screen time. The veteran actors are all delivering on cue even if Rain¬†alternates overacting (what’s with all the ugly crying, dude?)¬†with¬†underacting.

The Golden Retriever remains the most consistent and satisfying performer, but the story has veered from beyond predictable to checking off the boxes. I think my fondness for it is the really understated vibe, there isn’t a lot of over-the-top conflict and everything plays out rather muted. The two leads also have very sensible and low key personalities, perhaps a bit too mellow but watching them is very relaxing. I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop in episode 11 once adorable Shi Woo finds out Se Na and Hyun Wook are dating and for Jae Young to keep getting a leg up and catching Hyuk Wook unawares with his devious plots.

Preview for episode 11:

Se Na continues to hold her own against Hae Yoon and refuses to tell her what is going on between Se Na and Hyun Wook. Hyun Wook tells Hae Yoon that all he has on his mind is Se Na. Se Na spends time with Shi Woo and Hyun Wook gets a little angsty. Jae Young offers Hae Yoon a job at his new agency, Hae Yoon hands in her resignation to Hyun Wook as a way to resolve her feelings for him. Shi Woo prepares for his solo ballad performance of “Song for You” which he dedicates to mothers of the world. Jae Young pointedly mentions to Se Na that she resembles her older sister Yoon So Eun and Se Na is surprised he knows her unni.


Video Preview for Episode 11 of My Lovely Girl — 15 Comments

  1. The internet has video of Krystal fainting at the SMTOWN Concert In Shanghai. Are Idol Stars NOT protected from abusive conditions? How can the company expect her to do a drama and fly to Shanghi and back to finish the drama?
    Really disappointed in this company. If this is how they operate, all the stars should void their contracts. This company really sucks.

    • Rain actually flew to Shanghai last week for a CF schedule and concert then came back to shoot MLG so I wouldn’t blame it solely on SM. Most companies do that and its unfair but that’s just the life of most Hallyu stars or idols.

      But Krystal fainted? Thats horrible. I hope she got some rest, it must be tough since this is her first lead role. Surely Sica’s issues must be weighing her down too. She should take a long deserved break after MLG ends.

    • F(x) is a 5 member girl group. Sulli went on hiatus in July. So the group has 4 remaining members. The dance formation right now with one member missing is already very huge and with Krystal missing — f(x) cant perform with only 3 members. She has no choice but to perform since f(x) is already 1 person down. I can’t solely blame it on SM. More towards that person who irresponsibly went on hiatus for a “rest”. Imo Krystal is the one who needs rest.

      And also being a large group is more advantageous as Sooyoung of SNSD is able to skip SMTOWN concerts to film her drama.

      • Krystal’s anemic. Any stressful or tiring environment will hit her a lot harder than normal people. SM does know of her condition however. This is the third time she’s fainted visibly out of her years active.

    • His name is Dal Bong and is the best actor so far. Has screen presence, charisma and good looks. And no ugly crying like his supporting co-star. Wait, i think dal bong is a girl..never mind, all of the above still applies.

  2. I feel the same, every time an episode ends, I am also left with the question of “that’s it”?
    With that said, this drama is an easy watch though, but I do hope that this week, at least the plot might pick up a bit when Se Na is finally let in on the big secret.

  3. ugly crying! I totally agree!! hahaha. I am getting a bit irritated at HW not telling SN about her sister. He is becoming a hypocrite, nothing to be admired about once SN finds this out from JY or HY. I rather prefer SW’s openness instead. The Preview looks very boring, and I hope I am wrong. Will await Ms. Koala’s recap. Thank you very much.

  4. Loved HyunWook crying scenes. Seems that I have a soft spot for those actors who are not afraid of showing their ugly faces while crying (inserts the image of Brad Pitt from `Legend of the Fall`) LOL

    Did you guys enjoyed watching the BTS that were released on Sunday? Cause I surely did.

  5. Liveshooting system & a writer who struggles with the script despite using the most overused tropes/situations. I’ll watch it till the end but seriously, what a snooze fest (thanks, FF button). You know that the highlight of every ep is in the preview & the rest is just air. I don’t get how this was greenlighted by SBS & why Rain chose this as his comeback project.

  6. I really hope Se Na stops leading Shi Woo on by episode 11. I say leading on because I still don’t buy that she’s not at least half aware of his feelings. There were so many instances where she could have ended it and saved him from falling further for her, but nothing. I understand Shi Woo’s being light about it and Se Na is going with it to avoid awkwardness, but it can’t be avoided anyway. Eventually it will have to come to light and he’s been VERY clear about him liking her. If she would have rejected him faster he probably wouldn’t end up heartbroken. I hope he isn’t in the end. That his feelings didn’t run that deep and he can jump back up easier. Enough of him being a punching bag. And enough of the PDs baiting viewers with Shi Woo/Se Na. I don’t believe it’s fair when it’s actually pointless and won’t go anywhere. Some second male leads at least have the female lead question who she should be with. In MLG, it’s been Hyun Wook/Se Na since the beginning. I even wonder if they created the second leads just to watch them be pitiful, miserable things.

    Judging by picture stills though he hugs her. Twice.

    At this point, despite guiltily enjoying their chemistry, I’m just left feeling bad for Shi Woo with every moment.

    And it’s dulled down I think cause of the ongoing predictable-ness. I’ve been saying it. There’s no mystery, no unknown surprise to expect, no twist. There’s absolutely nothing and the leads together are a miss. We also know where this is headed. I think people are watching just to watch to be honest.

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