Bike Repair Shop Drops Insanely Cute Hug CF with Nam Ji Hyun and Park Hyung Sik

I’m pleased my pimp post for What’s With The Family got some folks to check it out. Hopefully everyone likes this easy-watching weekend family drama enough to continue on with 30 more episodes to go. I’m certainly in it for the long haul, though my interest will obviously wax and wane depending on what the current story line is involving my favorite youngsters Dal Bong played by Park Hyung Sik and Nam Ji Hyun as his adorable lady love Seo Wool. Right now the two are in a tiff over the big reveal that this Dal Bong is not the Dal Bong that promised to marry Seo Wool twelve years ago.

That one is really named Eun Ho, a character that Seo Kang Joon makes easy on the eyes but mostly has a terrible personality that makes me want to smack him around until he grows up. I’m sure my sweetie OTP will make up (and kiss? pretty please PD-nim?) soon but until then there is some new skinship goodies to tide everyone over. The youth brand Bike Repair Shop (under the Beanpole label) smartly snapped up Park Hyung Sik and Nam Ji Hyun as the fall/winter collection spokescouple. The CF stills have been released already but the video commercial was just released called “Hug”. I squealed so loud after watching the subway segment I think I injured my throat.

Calling all romantic couples, let Park Hyung Sik and Nam Ji Hyun show y’all how to hug properly and swan around an ice-skating rink like professionals.

Bike Repair Shop “Hug” CF:

Bike Repair Shop F/W Photoshoot:


Bike Repair Shop Drops Insanely Cute Hug CF with Nam Ji Hyun and Park Hyung Sik — 24 Comments

  1. They’re just so cute together and I just want them to be hugging all the time!

    She has great chemistry with Seo Kang Joon too but Park Hyung Shik and Nam Ji Hyun make the most adorable couple.

    (is there anyone she doesn’t have chemistry with because I saw her with Kang Ha Neul and Kim Soo Hyun and now SKJ and PHS and made me squeal with all of them)

    • Don’t forget Nam Ji Hyun with Yeo Jin Goo in the greatest ever “Giant”… Just LOVED that drama with the kids and adults actors/actresses…

  2. OMG! Cuteness overload! I also admit to checking out the drama after your “pimp post” and I’m loving those two lovebirds to pieces <3 <3 <3

  3. Me too, me too..
    Miss K, becoz of ur post, I hate that it still has 30more episodes to go, but what can I say, I can’t get off of its hook .. Omg.
    Just writing this make me giggle like crazy…
    I like every couple in this drama, every couple…
    O god I’m so invested…

  4. Me! Me! I’m another one that decided to watch the series after your post. I ended up binge-watching it this past weekend and boy am I into these two lovebirds. You’re right, they are definitely up there for OTP of the year. I hope they make up soon so we can get some more sweetness from these two.

  5. Thank you so much koala for recommending this drama. I don’t usually watch family dramas but I love this couple sooo much that 50 ep is worth it. I literally screamed when I saw the first pic too cute<3.

  6. Thank you for promoting WHTMY .. I’m loving it… Those back pocket jacket are going to be a hit.. Man.. I want one too… Just need to find someone to hug with me.. Lol…

    • Really? Holding on to a 12 year marriage promise and finding the wrong guy? For me it’s a cliche that is luckily made better and cuter with these two.

  7. OH MY GOD. Could they be any cuter?!

    Thanks again for the rec of What’s With This Family. I’m loving not just Seo-wool and Dal-bong but Kang-shim and her boss too – they’re so funny.

    I’m with you about Eun-ho though – I can’t stand him. Not only was he a little prick when he was 14 and started this whole mess, he continuously invades Seo-wool’s personal space, puts his hands on her in ways that obviously make her uncomfortable, and grabs her wrist and drags her around often. Whereas Dal-bong NEVER grabs her wrist, but always takes her hand. And she touches DB as much and as naturally as he does her. (Or used to – I miss their cuteness. Poor puppy, I was so sad for him when he went to the hospital and Liar Eun-ho made it seem like he wasn’t needed, them went back to impersonating him. UGH.)

    Here’s hoping for more SW/DB cuteness this weekend! I need them to make up and be all cute again.

  8. Thanks for posting!!! Love this couple. After your post a week ago, I marathoned all the episodes. Haven’t done that in awhile!!! Love them!!

  9. Hyung Shikki, if you read this article or if you read your twitter, I already posted a message for you…please, take care of MOON Leader…he needs you, your love, your cuteness to cheer him up. SE decided to make him on hiatus, please help him.

  10. I used to really like Nam Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun together in Will it Snow for Christmas and interestingly, that was the only KSH drama that I feel invested in (Dream High, You from another star, moon that embraces the sun were so-so, didn’t feel very invested in his characters in his leading dramas). NJH and KSH were paired as the younger parts in that drama but they were so fantastic that they almost stole the spotlight from Go Soo and Han Ye Seul.

    I haven’t got the time to catch up with this drama as I’m also waiting for it to complete airing before marathoning for this eye-candy couple. Park Hyung Sik and Seo Kang Joon are easy on the eyes, I’m happy with whomever she chooses in the end.

  11. I must admit that I am following the drama based on your recommendation …I adore this couple…but that Dr. Brother…hmmmm…and the Executive Sister…hmmmm…I am sooo ready for them to be concern about others!

  12. Yes! I got influenced by your posts on this otp to watch this drama. Glad that I am watching. It’s so niiiiiiiiiice…miss this feeling of falling in love at that age…

  13. Keep watching the drama for them ^^ and lately, the story for kang shim and her boss is also cute. Kang jae’s story is the one that i still can’t like.
    Have you watched their ‘happy together’ episode? Not much air time for them since there are many guests, but still they’re so cute in the show 🙂
    With so many episodes left, i hope that the writer can show dalbong and seowool wedding or maybe even their marriage life ^^ well they practically already admit that they love each other, and seo wool already feel like dal bong’s wife and good daughter in law 🙂

  14. Heee! i’m back to watch the videos; couldn’t watch it earlier because i had to work, but man! i love this couple’s chemistry. i kept smiling like a fool. i too want their jackets and to try what they’re doing with my future bf. ^ v ^

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