Written and Video Preview for Episode 12 of My Lovely Girl

I’m tempted to send a trans-Pacific holler to the screenwriter for My Lovely Girl and ask the lady if she’s gone mad? Sure she’s written some middle-of-the-road fare like Can We Love, Dr. Champ, and Scent of a Woman, but so far all she has to show for MLG is how utterly ordinary and placid it is. Kind of like a dim-witted but pleasant tempered cow munching cud in the field. The washed out tone of MLG alone wouldn’t give me the urge to ping her, but the written and video previews for episode 12 are giving me a raging case of the jumped shark.

Those watching know what I’m talking about, the implied action on Hyun Wook’s part to run away with Se Na from the truth coming out. Da fuq? I gave him plenty of episodes to come clean and not only is he not coming clean, he’s actively keeping the truth from Se Na now in a way that’s negating all my earlier goodwill for their relationship. If a relationship is based on one fundamental lie that would torpedo it should it come out, then that relationship is unhealthy and wrong. Period. At this point if Se Na doesn’t like Shi Woo back, I’m all for her going off and adopting a dog like Dal Bong and having a non truth-concealing puppy to raise as company.

Preview for episode 12:

Written preview for episode 12:

Jae Young offers to contract with independent songwriter Se Na but gets her uninterested dismissal in return. Jae Young claims to have been close with So Eun in the past and tells Se Na to go to a pub where So Eun used to work. Because Jae Young met with Se Na, Hyun Wook grows anxious and decides to leave and take Se Na abroad to study…..


Written and Video Preview for Episode 12 of My Lovely Girl — 15 Comments

  1. Sigh! I was sticking with precisely because it was so soporifically stale. If it’s shifting into actively awful, I wonder if that’s a result of an extension? I’m assuming the usual insane fetish for symmetrical schedules is going to see an episode either cut or added, and the development you describe makes me think they might be padding the “story” (for want of a more accurate word) to fill up another 60 minutes.

  2. Clear case of script written on a restaurant napkin. Pitch: “Will she forgive when she will know?” 16 eps with cute fillers before we get our answer… (Hugs galore! Not hard to write or film since no dialogues).
    Zzzzz. I will finish this, I can do it!

  3. Hello, I want to ask a question. I don’t understand what you mean by “Sure she’s written some middle-of-the-road fare Can We Love (…)” I checked it the writer of MLG and CWL are different people. I also don’t get what you meant with the middle series issue, I thought CWL was great from beginning to end. I’d be glad if you explained it to me. Thanks in advance.

  4. I wonder if there is an extension, if there is then the story will probably drag a lot more. At this point I really hoped the Secret’s out this week, if not I’m really going to roll my eyes. Also, I miss the Sena I saw in the beginning and I started to dislike the Sena I see right now. I hope at least she argues with Hyunwook and don’t let him drag her around. I think it’s almost impossible for Sena to like Siwoo back, she’s so unresponsive to him. I’m not even hoping to get surprised (although it will be nice).

    Well, have some Siwoo everyone~ http://topstarnews.net/detail.php?number=79645 (the cake looks delicious)

  5. Is it really hopeless to dream that in the end Se Na will realize she was in love with Si Woo? And was only infatuated with Daddy Long Legs Hyun Wook?!

    • Such a hopeful dream, such a fruitless, hopeful dream. Sigh. A lot of people will agree with you.

      It’s just not happening. The drama has been about Hyun Wook/Se Na getting together since the beginning.

      The second leads are just there to have pitiful, one sided loves.

  6. The writer IS actually writing this drama in a restaurant napkin. The reason why this drama is live shooting I heard is due to the scriptwriter being fickle. Keeps changing it, delays it, the staff at some point can’t film without the script and I believe the cast haven’t received the scripts for episodes 13-14. The drama is suffering for it at any rate.

    I’m hoping for an episode cut. This drama, giving no other chances for a different result and route and making this whole story so invested on the leads (which means that viewers have to like them or they will be unable to enjoy it, unless the other characters…the second leads, are keeping them there) has no room to make changes. They have driven themselves into that hole. There can’t be no other ending but Hyun Wook/Se Na because they set it up that way.

    There’s a few things that can happen next episode:

    – Hyun Wook doesn’t go through with the ridiculous idea of this trip in the end and spills the beans. The most ideal for the ones who actually love Hyun Wook/Se Na.
    – Hyun Wook doesn’t go through with the ridiculous idea of this trip but still can’t find himself to spill the beans
    – Hyun Wook actually does go through with the ridiculous idea of the trip but realistically they have to go back and doesn’t spill the beans.
    – Hyun Wook does go through with ridiculous idea of the trip and spills the beans at one point when they are relaxed and alone. It does trap Se Na from leaving on her own. Then they go back when she will inevitably be cool with the truth.
    – Hyun Wook just doesn’t spill the beans in general yet

    As an audience, I find it so amusing there’s this unnecessary melodrama to suffer through when we know Se Na will be fine with it, lol.

    This drama can be done in Ep. 14 or 15.

    Like I said, they screwed up any other options.

    Weren’t people before touting how this relationship was healthy? I never agreed due to my own perceptions of the leads individually as characters as well as their continuous regression the more episodes pass by, which I expressed in my comments on the episode recaps, but.

    • *LOL*…The big reveal is going to be after Se Na is the last to know, and at this point she may just go “Whatevers” and pet the dog. So much for melodrama.

  7. HW is insecure, immature, possessive, who digs his head in the ground hoping to bury the truth from SN. If SN is smart enough, she should be able to search online or other social medias some old pics of JY, HW with SE. How long can the writer drag this boring fact for? I want more screen time of DB instead Zzzzzzz

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