Pinocchio Unveils Second Teaser and More Lee Jong Seok Stills

Contrary to how the public sees the fictional character of Pinocchio, the K-drama version has been quite the tease with a veritable lockdown on stills and spoilers until the floodgates opened last weekend. I think it’s going to end up helping rather than hurting the drama if the final product is actually good. The undeniable fact is that a good quality drama will gloss over all pre-airing quibbles, the same way that a piece of crap drama erases any great promotional fanfare.

There are new Lee Jong Seok characters still out that remain firmly showing us the before era, not exactly a standard childhood sequence since both Lee Jong Seok and Park Shin Hye are playing their characters as high school students. Since his mop of a hairstyle is only during that period of time, and apparently is purposely done because his character is pretending to be an idiot with a low IQ, I’m fine with it. In the second video teaser there is a very stirring swirling vibe, all sunsets and piggyback rides and hair blowing in the wind. I like it even if it doesn’t tell me much.

After watching the second teaser, who else thinks Park Shin Hye gives off the vibe that she wandered off the set of Heirs and dropped into Pinocchio? The similar hair, aura, and school uniform seriously gives me a raging case of the deja vu.

Second teaser for Pinocchio:


Pinocchio Unveils Second Teaser and More Lee Jong Seok Stills — 17 Comments

  1. where’s the professional suit?!

    Well, i assume she will only be sporting that uniform for as long as jong suk wears the wig, for the younger days.

  2. This preview was Heirs meets Doctor Stranger with her in the school uniform and him on a bicycle. I’m strangely curious to see this drama and their chemistry. Hope it’s good!

  3. It does totally reminds me of their previous dramas. The whole bike scene/child hood love for him and she looks straight out of Heirs. Half expect Kim Tan to show up and wrist grab her away from the weird guy with the ugly hair. The promos for this aren’t really doing much for me. I guess they are relying on the popularity of the two more than the story.

  4. It’s going to be a rite of passage /liberation for both actors: They will shed their old highschool skin in the early eps & never look back. This drama will give them new work opportunities, especially to PSH who badly needed to change her image. Can’t wait for the double makeover and basically can’t wait for this drama.

  5. I have faith in this writer even if PSH in uniform looks like Heirs. Hope it’s better than my lovely girl at least…and anyway park hae ryun drama don’t have much wrist grabbing or force kissing.

  6. i think this is only temporary.cos early this month,shin hye posted on her twitter about her first day of filming and all excited.she was wearing a suit and was sitting in an office.5days agoo,they released posters of her wearing a,i think this is only Flashback during there high school days.

    • I liked Sam Dong’s hair (I totally think he didn’t need the make-over). But I think Sam Dong’s hair wasn’t such a blatant wig, it looked natural (I think it was?). LJS would look alright with longer, messy hair, if it wasn’t so obviously a badly-made wig.

  7. PSH looks absolutely great in that suit and LJS too. I really want and look forward to seeing a different side of PSH in this drama. I also adore LJS, I think he has potential. I will be watching this drama….

  8. Someone please throw away the wig D:

    Anywaay I’m excited about the drama, I have always loved the writer’s works so I hope this one will be satisfying too~

  9. I am seeing so much of the leading male in the teasers, what about the leading female???? Are they not a couple???? I want Park Shin Hye to appear just much as Lee Jong Suk bcos they are a couple. A great drama to watch….

  10. I was disappointed when the casting is confirmed and now trailers.Unlike everyone here, I am skipping this drama because of LSJ. I dislike him LOL.
    Catch you another time PSH!

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