Wallace Chung and Tang Yan Looking Beautiful in Romance C-drama You Are My Sunshine

Time to check back in on the wrapped filming C-drama You Are My Sunshine starring phenomenally popular actors du jour Wallace Chung and Tang Yan. I like them both well enough but it’s the combination of their appeal with a pretty darn decent romance novel story plot that has me keen on watching this sucker. It’s sane and sweet with enough sizzle to warm the cockles. I powered through the hit C-novel He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo (何以笙箫默 also known as Silent Separation) after the drama casting was announced and was thoroughly pleased with its light fluffy fuzzies and a male lead written to get all the lady readers to go ga-ga over his hot physical perfection coupled with persistent one-track love for the female lead. In many ways it’s a redux for Wallace to play the role of male lead He Yi Chen who comes across as simply the carbon copy version of Wallace’s character Lu Li Cheng in Best Time, the drama adaptation of writer Tong Hua‘s modern novel Secrets Hidden in Time. Check out all the official and BTS peeks at the drama.

The only consolation from the hot mess that was Best Love is that Wallace’s character totally gets the girl this time and the whole novel is basically one big ode to the fated romance between the OTP. The separation and misunderstanding wasn’t terribly stupid and the angst didn’t drag out too long. The story is just one pair of gorgeous college lovers who separate due to some major but not insurmountable issues but years later meet up again and this time actually try to make it work when they realize that they still love each other.

There’s a liveliness to the writing by author Gu Man and the college era romance had a nice gender twist whereby the female lead adorably and shamelessly pursues the male lead and actually wins his heart. The drama has elected not to have Wallace and Tang Yan play the college-era leads and has landed on two pretty young things to add to the eye candy quotient, young actor Luo Yun Xi plays young Yi Chen while Wu Qian is the impetuous college version of Mo Sheng.


Wallace Chung and Tang Yan Looking Beautiful in Romance C-drama You Are My Sunshine — 13 Comments

  1. Looks really pretty! But I’ll probably pass on it.. Modern C-dramas just doesn’t work out for me I always check out the first few episodes than stop watching.. Only historical dramas work for me!

  2. I thought eventually they had to reshoot all the college scenes because the people thought it was unrealistic that their looks changed so much.

    • They did? I didn’t hear about that, but either way it’s a stretch. Having 39 year old Wallace play a college sophomore is pretty unrealistic as well. 😀 I’m just here for the pretty and straight forward romance story.

  3. I’ve seen Wallace Chung in a few dramas but he always struck me as rather stiff and unable to properly emote in scenes that require him to emote. Maybe it’s just me.

  4. The only drama I’ve seen him in was best time because it’s the only one I’ve found subbed really wish there was more he is sooo pretty

  5. I’m kind of excite to this this one especially with Wallace and Tang Yang collaboration. Can’t wait!!!!

    Hopefully the official poster and trailer are more creative.

    FYI: Ms. Koalas you forgot the second male lead’s profile still.

  6. ah finally you posted about this.. thank you!
    the trailer was good.. very good.. sorry kinda bias but since i love the novel and WC, i cant help but saying good things 😀

  7. The novel is quite decent and it is the same author who wrote ‘Shan shan coming to eat’ which is another surprisingly good chinese tv drama. I am so checking this one out!

  8. I’ll be waiting for this. WC is such an eye candy. Thanks to Ms. Koala’s write-up on Best Time, I watched it subbed. Good to know he will finally get the girl this time. 🙂

  9. Lu Li Cheng shipper in Best Time but sadly disappointed with the ending. If not for the 2nd version ending, I will be going crazy with hate hangover. Looking forward to this drama, I just hope hope hope he’ll get the girl this time. I don’t want another hate hangover part two.

    • I too hated the ending of Best Time. Why Janine Chang couldn’t recognize what she could have had in Lu Li Cheng, I just don’t understand.

  10. I can’t take my eyes off the drama though I know what’ll happen next. It is a very common drama but the two leads play their roles so beautifully that I can’t stop myself waiting for the next episodes. Must see drama. I am not a Cdrama’s fan but this one totally kills me off. Well done, Tang Yan and Zhong Han Liang. I love you both and wish you two the best.

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