More Details About the Characters in Kill Me Heal Me as Kim Yoo Ri Completes Cast

My interest in Kill Me Heal Me is now completely lopsided in one direction. It isn’t always this way, just because I’m a female viewer doesn’t mean I gravitate only towards the male actors cast in a drama. I just like folks whose acting connect with me whether it’s an actor or actress in question. The ladies in KMHM just happen to be lackluster is all. Kim Yoo Ri is in talks to round out the cast of KMHM, a choice that is likely a lock since the drama is already behind schedule with filming due to the delay in confirming the two leads.

Kim Yoo Ri is a decent perennial second female lead but she always plays the character with the same brittle refined haughtiness whether in Cheongdamdong Alice or The Master’s Sun. My suggestion is to grow out her chic blunt bob and change up her stagnant image. In KMHM, she joins male lead Lee Seung Gi, female lead Lim Ji Yeon, and second male lead Park Seo Joon in a big budget drama about mental illness and healing set against the backdrop of a chaebol family’s conflict and strife. Read on for more descriptions of the leads.

Often the ladies, whether it’s my favorite actresses or even promising supporting female leads, interest me just as much if not more. The gender preference is an easy but false assertion, especially here in the case of KMHM where the two male leads happen to be actors I enjoy while the ladies ended up being actresses that haven’t won me over with any previous performance(s).

Lee Seung Gi plays Cha Do Hyun: A third generation chaebol with 7 different personalities. Due to various attempts on his life resulting in his multiple personality mental illness (woman, child, animal, old man, gay guy, etc.), he’s tormented and tries to find a cure for his disorder. He asks a psychiatry first year medical resident to secretly treat him. The increasing conflict within his chaebol family leads to his 6 non-dominant personalities to start to battle with his dominant main personality.

Lim Ji Yeon is Oh Ri Jin: She’s bipolar and a first year psychiatry resident. A genius who gets perfect scores on tests, with a pretty exterior but a very sassy mouthy attitude that riles people up. Her romance with Do Hyun is described as funny and touching.

Park Seo Joon is Oh Ri Jin’s fraternal twin brother Oh Ri On: A 4D personality mystery writer, with a personality that is either a genius or an idiot. To find out the backstory behind the mentally ill third generational chaebol, he starts to follow Do Hyun as the inspiration for his next novel. Through his research he starts to piece together Do Hyun’s life and unexpectedly develops a friendship with Do Hyun and helps him find his true personality back.


More Details About the Characters in Kill Me Heal Me as Kim Yoo Ri Completes Cast — 22 Comments

  1. Allow me to change Park Seo Joon’s character to: “…he develops a lovelinel with Do Hyun, and helps him find his true personality back.” At least that would give me one pairing I could ship! Who’s with me?!

    • Love it! This casting started out well with Lee and Park and then it fell through with the lackluster ladies. I really would’ve loved Han Hyo Joo or a handful of actresses that were floating around as wish list hopefuls. Oh wells. I will still tune in and hope it surprises us all.

    • I agree. I was not interested in this–even with the addition of Park Seo Joon–until I found out he wasn’t going to play the typical second lead in competition with the male lead. Bromance for the win!!!

    • Those two guys are ones of the manliest men I’ve seen in K-world, but I truly don’t mind a moment of tension or more between the two, this bromance (srach the bro) will be epic.

  2. I really do like Kim Yoo Ri and her acting is okay for me (with potential for development). But I Do fear the comments she will face due to ‘puppy’love fans who may find her being ‘unworthy’ to play alongside LSG. Like the last casting news proofed.
    The whole fan worship gets so easily extremely immature and so unfair to any associated actress.

  3. This drama would have sounded way more interesting if it was mainly about LSG’s and PSJ’s characters (and maybe in a movie format if there were less personalities).

  4. Actually I really love the description so far. It kind of sounds more like the second lead and lead are in the love line more than with the girl. Not that I mind at all… Nice to see the female character be the super genius this time. Cha Do Hyun’s backstory sounds intriguing a well.

    I’m not too worried about the acting at all, but the writer has never impressed me so that’s what worries me.

  5. I like Kim Yoori. i thought she was adorable in Master’s Sun. The plot however is disappointing for me and i am not sure if I will watch this, because as much as I love Seung-gi, I can’t watch a drama which doesn’t have a plot that interests me. I’ve skipped his past two drama projects, which is a pity because I loved Shining Inheritance, MGIAG and King 2 Hearts. I may catch the first episode and decide if I should carry on.

  6. i dont know why.., but between all this 4 main cast..the actors for me who JSW perfectly annouce is Lim Ji Yeon..she is great..the other just unsatisfied!

  7. i’m loving the plot . it’s different and pulls you in. but that’s by what’s on paper. the execution can go anywhere from there.

    and is it legit that seung gi personalities are as mentioned? child , gay , woman etc?? oooohhh i’m so on the bromance ship. but he’s the twin of the leading lady. uckk.

    koala have you seen lim jiyeon’s movie? since i haven’t can’t judge her acting but seeing bits here and there after a while you can’t deny she has an aura about her.

    and kim yoo ri surely must be family. if not might be a step sis or young step mom.

    they are so behind schedule for a heavy budgeted drama.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one super duper excited for it.

      I think a woman or guy are the same (no offence) so they will be one personna. I’d die if one is a pervy man (who likes woman) and the other is guy. The animal part? He’s already a puppy.

  8. Forget about the cast: I want to start a bingo with the description of each character. Tormented chaebol: check. Genius: check. Sassy girl: check. Healing: check. Mystery writer: check.
    > I’m already falling asleep. Makes me want to rewatch Protect The Boss or even WTFParis which at least didn’t pretend to be more than what they were.

  9. I luv this story. Is a very challenging role (roles) for Lee Seung Gi, but I’m positive He is going to pull it off (in an awesome way). I hope that there are many scenes (especially if He is in the woman personality) that would remind us of him in his 1N2D period, that’s gonna be awesome, I can’t wait to see this. This is comming from somebody that grew up watching latin Dramas, “telenovelas” and now is hooked up with KDramas.

  10. To be honest when I first discovered K-dramas, it was my friend who gave me one and since kept on atching’em. So I wasn’t into actors or actresses as long as the plot is intersting and I had a small crush on strong female leads so a drama with a weak clingy girl was a NO.

    Why I like this drama’s plot:
    – I’ll watch all SG’s dramas because I became a fan of him because of dramas (all are intersting -the only I’ve seen all his dramas- and then came his songs and his varieties that made me a huge fan)
    – The female lead is a badas$ and genius (not a birdbrain nor clingy)
    – 7 personnas by one guy, if one of them is really gay and we see some tension with Orion, it’ll be epic, and Do Hyun … PUPPY??? Please I want it. An ahjumma and grandpa are great because women tend to be silent after their ahjummas age, but men grow talkative the more they age
    – If the novel is the drama means Orion narrates what happened but still comes with an enexpected turn then the next episodes he scratches the paper and correct the scene it’ll be a great candid camera on the viewers, adding to the fun.

  11. Kim yoo ri I don’t even like her or her acting at all in master sun she is the worst of all of them serious I am her anti-fan

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