Pride and Prejudice Stays on Ratings Top with Angst Shower and Twisty Surprise

Right now the MBC Mon-Tues Pride and Prejudice is my most stalwart drama offering and the steady, though not spectacular, leading ratings in the time slot confirms that the story keeps the existing viewers coming back. The chemistry between leads Choi Jin Hyuk and Baek Jin Hee isn’t as electric as it started off but I’m more into them for the great narrative development that propels their interactions forward on both a professional and personal dual path. The adorable puppy that is Lee Tae Hwan and his Kang Soo continues to be the extra tasty treat on the side of cute with good acting.

I’ll never understand why the Korean legal system has its prosecutors actually investigating cases rather than leaving that to the cops, but as drama fodder it makes all the lawyers in this drama much more active rather than sitting around discussing the law. If folks are still watching then the last week really ratcheted the story up a notch with a welcome major plot twist. I didn’t see this one coming but personally love the possibilities it opens up. Thanks to Kang Soo taking a very angsty hot shower, the story went from past tragedy to ongoing sadness with a possible silver lining. Love it!

The central romance in P&P is progressing at a really lovely clip, with equal parts emotional breakthroughs and professional camaraderie building. It helps that Choi Jin Hyuk perfectly encapsulates Dong Chi’s good natured intelligence coupled with a very measured approach to his job and interacting with Yeol Moo. I’m not bothered by the lack of more OTP centric scenes as the legal cases have been interesting enough so far. Fall is my favorite season so it’s nice that the drama takes advantage of the crisp cold filming backdrop and lets the legal eagles take a stroll that combines s case discussion and spending quality time connecting.

So who likes the possibility that Kang Soo is actually Han Byul, leading lady Han Yeol Moo’s long thought dead younger brother? I really really like it because the twist feels built into the drama from the beginning rather than awkwardly shoehorned in for the shock appeal. It’s not shocking either as all the suffering the Han family endured cannot be wiped away whether Kang Soo is Han Byul or just another boy who was involved in that kidnapping tragedy. If he is Byul it make things all that much better because ultimately the family has been trying to work through the loss, if he isn’t Byul that still makes him a little boy lost.

Drama writing relies on coincidences much more so than real life and many times it comes across as unnecessarily or devoid of the impact with a failed reveal. I’m not a particular fan of coincidences to solve a problem but here it upends what everyone currently believes and does so in a way that isn’t meant to give an easy solution. I also like that Kang Soo was never a contender for Yeol Moo’s affections and his puppy dog crush on her was always a very noona adoration affection that works either way if he’s Byul or just a sweet much younger man. What do other P&P viewers thinks? Does this possible twist work for ya?


Pride and Prejudice Stays on Ratings Top with Angst Shower and Twisty Surprise — 11 Comments

  1. That is what I’m wondering too,why prosecutors drama in korea is not like law & order series, where there are cops doing investigation while the prosecutors also get active role?

  2. I love the twist, but I want to make sure I’m following the story properly. The guy who plays Kang Soo’s father figure used to be a prosecutor and one night he was in what looks to be a hit and run while he was driving. Somehow, the Prosecutor boss knows all this, and is using it against him. Was the little boy in the car that night? Was that Kang Soo? While I think Kang Soo is probably the little brother, Yeol Moo referred to the yellow jumper being popular at that time. Could Kang Soo actually be another little boy? Why doesn’t he recognize Mom? Why doesn’t he recognize his older sister’s name. Was he so traumatized that he forgot everything? So many questions, and I love it! Great show!

  3. I vote for Kang Soo to be Byul and for his “noona crush” to be done with ASAP, so that Jomo can comfort this 19-year-old puppy, following ICOMYM’ rules.

  4. I’m so happy to know that you’re also watching the show. I personally liked the twist that is introduced to the story. It’s like what you said, that it was planned already from the start. From the time Kang Soo stabbed/not stabbed the drug addict suspect to the nightmares he had then to YeolMoo and Dong Chi opening the case once again. I love it. The show is not that spectacular but it’s consistency makes it good to watch. and will make you come back and finish the show. 🙂

  5. I have to say, I think episodes 8 and 9 have been my favorite episodes so far. They bookend each other very well and it finally feels like we have a direction the drama is heading in.

    I’m glad we finally got more co-habitation hi-jinks and bromance between Dong Chi and Kang Soo. The two episodes did a really good job in balancing humor, wit, snark, romance, drama, intrigue, life lessons, etc. Yeol Moo and Dong Chi finally have reached an understanding with each other, even though the romance between the two have been pushed aside, I would rather see them build up mutual trust before jumping into any OTP shenanigans. Though I love how YM subconsciously finds herself talking to DC more (like after she found her mum, she bypasses a worried Kang Soo to talk to DC).

    Chief Moon definitely does not seem to be the bad guy like we’re being led to believe.

    Glad that P&P is ruling it’s ratings slot. Super happy for Choi Jin Hyuk and company. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, P&P’s charm is its cast chemistry. I really liked that episode 8 showed the entire team working together without needing the chief to lead. It was nice to see Dong Chi flex his prowess as a leader. I cracked up over his Chief Moon imitation, as well as Investigator Yoo’s imitation of the Chief.

    I’ve said it before, but regarding Kang Soo, my bet is that he’s the boy Dong Chi tried to save. Not Yeol Moo’s brother. I believe that Yeol Moo’s brother is dead, but was mistakenly killed in place of Kang Soo. Kang Soo’s real mother is probably the lady Lawyer Chang Gi ran over. Either that, or he was the witness. The fall into the water with Panda probably triggered his repressed memories of being drowned before Dong Chi “tried” to save him. At least that’s my theory so far. I haven’t pieced together why either boys were at the factory in the first place.

    • I was wondering too.. Your theory and my theory matched up somehow..
      In episode 9 where Chief Moon meet up with Kang Soo’s guardian – Jung Chang Gi, shown him some adoption papers (where it was said “Kang Soo” December 20, 1999). *Insert Flashback* Boy Kang Soo (with the yellow jacket – Yeol Moo said it was a trend back then and it ain’t weird if YM’s brother and Boy Kang Soo wore the same.) saw a woman – or his mother we don’t know – get hit by a car (drove by Jung Chang Gi with Moon Hee Man), summoned his men (the one whom teen Dong Chi conversed with) to do some dirty job (which is cleaning up Chang Gi’s mess and save their title as prosecutors).
      I remember that man in the factory saying “My Honor” over the phone, while teen Dong Chi eavesdrop, which was by the way an old name for prosecutor.

      In last minutes of episode 8, Dong Chi showed Yeol Moo one shoe of the boy he just saved – or not. Where Yeol Moo said it was not his brothers’. And I’ve been skimming episodes 2 or 3 (where it was shown Dong Chi’s flashback and the episode where I viewed repeatedly the scenes of teen Yeol Moo and Han Byul.) and I found out that the boy who acted as Han Byul isn’t the same boy at the factory that Dong Chi saved but actually the boy who witnessed the car accident flashback in episode 9!

      That means (for me) Han Byul was mistakenly taken as boy Kang Soo (because of the same yellow jacket they both are wearing) and probably Han Byul was the unfortunate one while boy Kang Soo was (crazily) saved somehow by Jung Chang Gi adopted and had his name raised by Grandmother.

      I can explain why Kang Soo was having that nightmares (or daymares) of him drowning. He was drowned when he was a little boy (because of the witnessing incident) and that incident he had with panda triggered his childhood trauma. One way or another I don’t think Kang Soo is Han Byul.

      The Shoe, the child actors, the adoption papers, the car accident, the witnessing, the yellow jacket, screams all possibility he is not Han Byul.

      Anyone thinks the same?

    • Regarding your curiosity on how either boys are at the factory.
      Boy Kang Soo was the one who witnessed the car accident of his mother involving Chief Moon and Jung Chang Gi. He was either:
      (1) Kidnapped and planned to silenced him forever by either of the two prosecutor. Maybe he and his mother are the only living in their family so silencing the boy would not be a problem as no one would ever come and search for them.
      (2) Kidnapped for being such a stubborn boy running away and such.
      Boy Han Byul went missing after teen Yeol Moo went to school and received a message from his father, Han Byul either:
      (1) Lost in path of going home (since they were new in the neighborhood) and ended up in the factory.
      (2) Saw scenes regarding the kidnapping of boy Kang Soo and the curiosity he had so he followed the man with Boy Kang Soo.

  6. I don’t know for sure if Kang Soo is Han Byul, but they have shown him several times laying on his star (byul) sheets. Red herring??

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