Sung Joon Joins Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min in Hyde, Jekyll, and I

Thank the drama gods the weekend of drama casting craziness is over with the news Monday morning out of Korea much more promising. Perpetual second lead Sung Joon will be joining Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min in the split personality K-drama Hyde, Jekyll, and I airing on SBS Wed-Thurs following Pinocchio come next January. It’s a bit early for the drama to have started filming but very reassuring to see it lining up the leads in advance rather than scrambling late.

Sung Joon’s character is a thirty-something psychiatrist who specializes in hypnosis therapy. He’s got a great sense of humor and style, using his gentle treatment techniques to hypnotize his patients to draw out their traumatic past. I’m amused that Sung Joon is playing another doctor so soon after playing one mere months ago in the KBS drama Discovery of Love, especially since he looked so young doing it and I highly doubted he’s gained maturity or gravitas since DoL. With that said, this casting still makes me happy because what Sung Joon lacks in visual heft he makes up for in emotional impact with his acting. 

This drama tells of the love triangle between a man’s two different night and day personalities and the woman both personalities love. It’s based on a completed popular webtoon, but like all recent such adaptations I’m expecting substantial deviations from the source material to better fit the drama medium. Hyun Bin’s character is the owner of a popular amusement park while Han Ji Min is a circus performer that fights for her troupe when he tries to kick them out. Directing is the PD behind 49 Days and Queen of Ambition while writing is one of the screenwriters from the ensemble behind Cheongdamdong Alice.


Sung Joon Joins Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min in Hyde, Jekyll, and I — 21 Comments

  1. Thank goodness!! Finally! A casting that doesn’t make me shake my head in disbelief. Looks like of the vampire/mental illness-related dramas coming up, Hyde, Jekyll & I will be the one I’ll be watching. Looking forward to it and hoe it lives up to it’s potential…

  2. He’s a good actor but I wish he’d get cast in roles that he’s visually suited for. I wouldn’t mind seeing him as the vampire lead in Blood, for example.

    And, BTW, looks like Seo Ye Ji is the second female lead. I like both Sung Joon and Seo Ye Ji so much that I hope they aren’t relegated to second lead hell. Cross your fingers!

  3. I wonder when he’ll finally get a lead role. Seriously, that AJH got one before him is kind of baffling. Though being second lead in a Hyun Bin drama sounds more promising than being a lead in Blood at this point.

    • It’s all about the star power. Though tbh I didn’t realise that Ahn Jae Hyun had alot of buzz surrounding him.

      I agree, I think starring in this show will probably work out well for Sung Joon. It’s likely it will be a hit, it’s good exposure for him. He will eventually get a lead role on the big 3, he’s slowly getting there. I guess he has to pay his dues in second lead roles first.

    • He has been the lead before. He was the lead in Shut up flowerboy band, Can we get married & I need Romance 3. They all been cable shows but the first 2 were very very good shows

  4. This boy needs a new agency! I liked him in SUFBB and he was fine in CWGM but the ERIC drama was a huge mistake. He was so miscast as a doctor and looked like a little boy next to Eric. Putting him in a suit did not make him look any older. He was like a kid playing dress up. How can they expect anyone to find him believable as a psychiatrist?

    • Everyone next to Eric will be like a little boy. When I saw their fighting scenes, I thought the Eric guy seems has too tough personality that could eat any other guy next to him…Eric should be casted as mafia boss where Sung Joon as his younger brother because their face kinda similar LOL..

  5. Wow! Really exciting about these news…I am really a fan of Sung Joon…I think he was good in SUFBB, but he really nailed it in White Christmas! anyway, I’m on for this, even he’s gonna be the “kind-of-eternal” second lead…someday his DAY will come… 🙂

  6. And this might be just my opinion, but I don’t think the lacks any of the visuals 🙂 or maybe is just the fangirl talking anyway… fighting Sung Joon!!! (and yes…related to SUFBB….I need some Lee Min KI….now!!! in some drama….please?!?!)

    • i don’t think he lacks in the visuals either. in fact his face appeals the most to me in his group of model friends (even if i’m a bigger woobin fan hahahaha)

  7. Sung Joon is lack of visual? Might be yeah, might be not since it’s too subjective. But for me, If he’s not that tall (187 cm), I don’t think he has really something that could make anyone notice him as the first impression. I realized it when he was on the same screen with Eric in their latest drama. Eric is older than him 11 years old but I must say Eric much more attractive than him. Not sure because of the style, manly looks, the charisma or whatever it is. And as someone stated already, he looks like little boy next to Eric. But I agree, he has so much potential as a good actor.

  8. I do hope that he doesn’t have one sided crush on HJM…. He doent’s stand a chance here…He needs to fight with . HBs

  9. I like Sung Joon, but I think it is hella weird that he almost always plays characters much older than he actually is. He jusy does ‘sell’ doctor to me.

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