Healer Keeps Up the Great Momentum with Third New Teaser

This year has seen plenty of flame out K-dramas of the Go Big or Go Home variety that unfortunately went down the slink home in shame style. Big name stars with big budgets and/or big expectations such as My Lovely Girl or Tomorrow’s Cantabile or You’re All Surrounded, dramas that never lived up to the hype either in ratings or quality. The upcoming Healer on KBS is doing the reverse and delivering wave after wave of promising promotional materials with little fanfare. Leads Yoo Ji Tae, Ji Chang Wook, and Park Min Young all look soooooo good it’s like all three have been painted with the magic filter of awesome.

The first two teaser videos were fast paced and fascinating and the just released third teaser keeps the positive momentum going. Even better is learning new cool details about Ji Chang Wook’s Healer character who turns out is merely the technical brawn of the operation while perpetual gruff mom Kim Mi Kyung is the totally out-of-left-field pick as the computer whiz hacker that advises Ji Chang Wook’s character during all his operations. It’s going to be so awesome to watch a frizzy-haired ahjumma manning computer terminals while barking orders to the kickass Healer. Check out the English subbed third teaser below.

Third preview for Healer (English subbed):


Healer Keeps Up the Great Momentum with Third New Teaser — 15 Comments

  1. Tomorrow’s Cantabile is actually really good, well at least for me. I mean, really, what’s up with the low ratings? It’s Joo Won and Shim Eun Kyung! Anyway, I’m also anticipating for Healer. Looks like it will be great

    • I agree! I’m a fan of Nodame Cantabile, but I also like Tomorrow’s Cantabile. I’ve watched it (till the end) and I think it’s really different from usual K-Drama. And like NC, I do love some classical pieces used in TC so I can get more classical songs to my list.
      Err, it’s a little bit funny that I love a drama which got the low ratings, haha. They’re so brave to produce a kind of drama like this. So proud!

    • I am amazed and astonished to see an older woman dealing with technology; as a woman who has been working in high tech for nearly 30 years (and it shows), I thought I would never see such a normal fact acknowledged in a Kdrama. I need to watch this just to cheer on Kim Mi Kyung.

  2. Even though YAAS didn’t live up to the initial expectations of the people, it’s almost a crime to put it on a par with My Lovely girl, which, not only had far lower ratings, but also was an epitome of ridiculous, absurd, crazy storyline and inept,incompetent acting performance.
    And I also don’t understand why you omitted to mention Joseon Gunman which, not only had similar ratings as YAAS, but also was a bigger disappointment than YAAS considering the hype starting from its amazing promo materials and re-united lead cast….at least for me.

  3. I think Cantabile Tomorrow is actually a well written, well performed drama. I don’t think it can be categorized with “My Lovely Girl” which was really bad even though it could have become a cute, light drama.

  4. I am so glad I had known nothing of Tomorrow’s Cantabile before this version. I can enjoy it thoroughly, as I am. Even my husband is watching. Yes, to clump it with the, what can I even say?, ‘drama’, My Lovely Girl, is even to the point cruel. I tried, I really tried to watch Rain. I really like him but what was he thinking? I am going to hope good things from Healer. I hope it is exciting and fun and what more can I ask?

  5. On ep 4 already! Now I’m hooked. Love all the three lead actors. And adjumma the IT whiz is Ace!!!! Love every moment of her on screen. Her depiction of the role is actually not too far from the image of some high tech geeks I know in real life. LOL….The writer/PD/stylist are so brilliant to bring these characters to life. Healer is very promising to become my all time favorite. Just my personal taste. I’ve been so done with lollipop school romance and sentimental melodrama recently. Need some excitement from action packed plots. Healer comes at the right time.

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