Playground Year End Poll Part II: Favorite and Least Favorite 2014 K-drama Couples

More 2014 year end polling fun for everyone! And this one is more up my alley as a K-drama can often be sunk or saved based on OTP chemistry alone. So who are your favorite and least favorite OTPs (one true pairing) of the year? A good story is a rare treat indeed but let’s not delude ourselves into seeing the majority of derivative K-drama romances as anything other than a common canvas to showcase trite but satisfying romance tropes.

What works can often be sold by the chemistry of the leads more than the plausibility or effectiveness of the romantic narrative. Flaws can be overlooked and a delightful kiss can smooth over storytelling blips. A good drama can produce lackluster couplings and truly crapย dramas may be salvaged by a memorable pair of lovers. 2014 remains notable for all the reunion couplings of former costars working together again. Even if none garnered the ratings, more than one couple was a repeat success.

The “I love them so much I want to squish them together forever” poll (pick up to 3):

The “Never act together again PLEASE” poll (pick up to 3):


Playground Year End Poll Part II: Favorite and Least Favorite 2014 K-drama Couples — 40 Comments

    • Whether intentional or not, that was priceless. The implications are especially hilarious within the context of watching Dr. Stranger and the ensuing fandom wars it has wrought.

      So yes! I vote Kang Sora and Jin Se Yeon.

    • Since I avoided the mess that was Dr. Stranger, when I saw that, O_O I actually questioned whether it was a mistake or not. These comments cleared it up for me, haha.

  1. “Hotel King” was a messy drama but the OTP was amazing. Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook really had sizzling chemistry (once again).

    But my #1 favorite OTP this year was Yeon Woo Jin and Han Groo in “Marriage not Dating”. Nemo couple! <3

  2. Oh, my, I guess that YFAS junkies haven’t hit this poll in mass…yet.

    Why in the world would you even consider the female lead and male second lead in High School Love On as a potential favorite couple? It’s completely one-sided, and he’s been a jerk for 3/4 of the show.

  3. My fav two OTP of this year was Han Groo &YWJ from MND and Seo in Guk & Lee Ha Na. I voted for High School king OTP since they were in the more consistently better rom-com drama. Just shows how much better TVN has been this year in fav rom coms. High School King, Marriage Not Dating, I Need Romance 3.

  4. Call me biased but definitely Kam Woo Sung and Sooyoung. Despite the uproar from Inetz and Knetz and the 20 years of age difference, those two nailed their chemistry.
    For real, even I was baffled by how good they were with each other. They really need to film another project together. A movie where there would be more skinship and kisses, haha.

    And Yeon Woo Jin and Han Groo too. Marriage Not Dating was amazing because of those two. Well, the drama is pretty good but the leads really slayed everything. Not just their performances but their chemistry was on point ! It would be such a waste if they aren’t casted in another KDrama or KMovie. I miss them so much (gotta watch some episodes again lol)

    • @CutiieAmgiie yes i agree with you! The OTP of My Spring Days was one of the best OTP this year, in my opinion!

      I cant choose only 3 ๐Ÿ™‚ There is the OTP: CP&CPss from TTM, there is KSH and JJH from My love from the Stars, the “babies’ WH and KSR from Hi School Love on, LDW&LDH from King Hotel.
      So yes i have lots of fav OTP this year! A lot of actresses and actors grew up very well in acting this year and it is nice seeing that!

  5. Yeon Woo Jin & Han Groo. Beyond everything else, sizzling chemistry I should say (plus, they were cute today at MAMA too ๐Ÿ˜€ ).

  6. Quite sad that one of my favourite dramas “The Three Muskateers” isn’t getting much love here on the polls or on the ones on dramabeans! I guess I should check out ” You from Another Star”….

    • I feel the same- I thought more people would have included it in their top three with all the rave reviews on dramabeans and other blogs.
      It’s the only drama where I did a rewatch without fast forwarding anything, it’s that addicting ๐Ÿ™‚
      I adore my crown couple (Lee Jin Wook & Seo Hyun Jin) in this drama.
      Gun and his snail (totally due to the amazing chemistry generated by the reunion of Jang Hyuk & Jang Nara) comes in a close second, and the 3rd couple that I love- Yeon Woo Jin & Han Groo is #1 for favorite couple- Yay!

      As for least favorite couple- I am not surprised Rain & Krystal got the top spot. My Lovable Girl was a mess that I was glad to have dropped early on.

  7. I was really rooting for Lee Yeol Eum and Lee Soo Hyuk in High School King. I thought the writer would pair them up. Rice Cake Ahjussi and RBC Girl. Maybe in another project.

  8. Favorite K-drama couples:

    Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ae (Secret Love Affair)
    Eric and Jung Yumi (Discovery of Love)
    Lee Dong Wook and Lee Dae Hae (Hotel King)

    I want to say Han Groo and Yeon woo jin too, but I just didn’t see how they see each other. They were more like friends, but not friends.

  9. I voted Jang Nara and JangHyuk (FTLY) – It’s hard to deny their chemistry. I also voted Jo Insung and Gong HyoJin (IOIL). But the one that left me still speechless is Kam Woosung and Sooyoung (MSD).

    Worst one is definitely Krystal and Rain. Sigh.

  10. My favourite couple Yeon Woo Jin & Han Groo in Marriage Not Dating! ! Yay^_*:)) Love love their chemistry n they are AWESOME!!

  11. I like seeing the favorite OTP results pre-YFAS fanatics invasion. Some great OTPs up there. Because I love damaged people, I have to go IOIL, but this is a year when it’s hard to choose. Lots of awesome couples didn’t make it into the top five. The hot mess that was My Lovable Girl stood out in part because we had a lot of good couples whose stories didn’t rely on dumb contrivances.

    What do you think makes an awesome OTP? I think my equation is high chemistry + low Noble Idiocy Score. (Noble behavior itself is okay when the plot somehow makes it plausible. It’s Idiocy when the sound of viewers smacking their foreheads resounds around the globe.)

  12. I just don’t understand how Lee Bum Soo/Yoona is second place in the worst OTPs. Did any of you actually watch the show? Because their chemistry was amazing. Beyond amazing, actually.

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