Jolin Tsai Marries Ruby Lin in Heartfelt New MV Supporting Equal Marriage

What an unexpected and lovely MV as the year winds down and people start reminiscing, maybe more willing to seek and give more warmth and affection. Taiwan’s top female pop star Jolin Tsai, basically the Hamasaki Ayumi of Mandopop for the last twelve years and going strong, released a new album this month and in her second single she once again pushes the envelope in a positive way. Jolin brought in her wellknown face twin that is Taiwan A-list actress Ruby Lin as well as veteran Gui Ya Lei (soon to play the grandma in the C-version of Miss Granny) to tearfully portray a woman who is about to lose her same sex partner to illness and still isn’t given any recognition by the world. “We’re All Different, Yet the Same” hits the best of both worlds – the song is fantastic (and I rarely like Jolin songs) and the story told hits sincerely in the gut without preaching. It’s just about love and the courage to love. Such a wonderful four minutes to share in bringing something positive in this world.

Jolin Tsai “We’re All Different, Yet the Same” featuring Ruby Lin and Gui Ya Lei:


Jolin Tsai Marries Ruby Lin in Heartfelt New MV Supporting Equal Marriage — 15 Comments

  1. That’s a great message! Despite the years passing, I still love Jolin and respect her work, this girl is really unstoppable! I still remember when she first debuted, everyone were comparing her to Ruby Lin, so now it’s great to see them together. They are both so pretty and Ruby looks so young!
    I can’t wait to get off work to check out the MV!

  2. What a lovely video. I have absolutely no contact with Taiwan and its entertainment, but when entertainers push the limits to achieve something positive and spread a message worth spreading, they deserve so much respect. I don’t know the lady, but good on her for this.

  3. Those 2 win the Internet today for me. If that can help teaching people acceptance of other’s feelings, they have my entire support.

  4. This mv is so cool. Jolin succeeded in delivering the message from the mv that everybody has the same right in choosing partner. Im actuay not that open yet to accept his kind of things, but i appreciate both of them in portraying a really good character. <3

  5. You are right miss Koala! It’s a heartwarming, heartbreaking story without any finger pointing, preachy morals involved. I hope this message will come across to everyone ^^. I’ve been a long-time fan of all the ladies in this mv, but this made me an even bigger fan of them all ^^

  6. I’ve always find Jolin’s voice very annoying and lacking. I never understood the hype of her. But kudos to her for creating a powerful and strong message.

  7. I love how they told this story – you know she is losing someone important that she loves. This touches me immediately and I cry. This is the most important idea.
    The fact that it is her wife ends up making it more touching, but doesn’t distract from your sympathy since you already care so much about them.
    Both women are gorgeous.
    Nicely done.
    Thanks for sharing, Koala. I doubt if I would have ever seen this.

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