SETTV Features Aim High Male Leads Lego Lee and Chris Wang in Bed for Spop Magazine

SETTV is really pulling at straws to try and sell the half-baked Friday night idol drama Aim High. It’s nowhere near the ratings of Pleasantly Surprised or the critical buzz of In a Good Way. I tried the first episode and hated it from beginning to end. It’s such a shame because I love Lego Lee and like¬†Chris Wang very much. I thought there was no way I would miss a Lego drama as long as it’s not rock bottom stupid, but AM is frankly rock bottom dull. The problem is with the female leads, both the characters played and the actresses playing said characters.

Summer Meng is that insipid modern Candy who adopts mantras to work hard and gets screwed over.¬†Yao Yao (Guo Shu Yao) may gave won acting awards these past few years but the ability to act does not overcome the hump of her performances always feeling like a squeaky chipmunk. She’s basically a live-action Brittney of the Chippettes. I hate to rag on the ladies because there’s always the imprimatur of women giving other women a hard time, but in this particular drama the two leading ladies are just so irritating I can’t continue. The network is also shifting the promotional focus to the two male leads with Lego and Chris gracing the pages of S Pop magazine in a hilarious bed spread. This is too LOL not to share.


SETTV Features Aim High Male Leads Lego Lee and Chris Wang in Bed for Spop Magazine — 4 Comments

  1. I love Lego and really wanted to support Chris, but I agree with every word about the lead actresses. These are great pictures though. They know what to bank on since the women aren’t anywhere in site. Think how differently the press was for In a Good Way, Pleasantly Surprised, and even the god awful (but the beauty that was Aaron showcase) Fall in Love with Me got all sorts of couple covers every where. The only spark, unfortunately, in this show is between Lego and Chris. Hmm. Now that is a show I would watch.

  2. When I read the title, my first thought was, ‘together?’. Then I saw the pics and wondered why they were wearing shoes in bed…

  3. Maybe it’s because I’ve been binge watching Queer as Folk but they sort of look like a couple. OK I’ve actually thought that for quite awhile now. Whether they are or not, they look good. I’ve always liked their style.

  4. I honestly tried very hard to give Aim High a chance. I watched quite a few episodes and then started using the FF button. The drama is dull as anything. There is just NO spark in it at all. I don’t know if its the girls or their characters or the boys characters or what? It’s all off for me. It doesn’t work at all for me. I am guessing that the ratings are showing that too.

    Keep grasping at straws SETTV or put together another rocking pairing!!! Or something! At least when the story was out of wack, we could rely on the OTP, but we don’t even have that.

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