Hu Ge Confirms Dating Rumors with Drama Costar Newbie C-actress Maggie Jiang

This post is a few days late but the last celebrity dating news of 2014 arrived courtesy of C-ent and one of my soft spot fave C-actors. After a week of intense media scrutiny and totally contradictory weibo updates, C-actor Hu Ge┬áconfirmed right before the end of the year that he’s dating newbie C-actress Maggie Jiang. They met on the set of their upcoming modern sports C-drama Youth Soccer which filmed this past summer. That drama was the reason Hu Ge grew that smoking hot goatee. Recently they were spotted at an airport by the public and seen feeding each other morsels during a meal together.

Hu Ge’s response cycle went from not true to dated but broken up to finally coming clean that the recent drama costars were indeed a couple.┬áHis agency Tangren has come out in support of his going public with Maggie despite the public not feeling this relationship between an established star and a very new-face young actress whose only big role was as the second female lead in the movie So Young. I’m happy for Hu Ge to date whomever he wants but feel wistful at the end of an era now that both Liu Shi Shi and Hu Ge are publicly dating. My fave of the three Yuan Hong needs to find himself a special someone lest he’s all without buddies to hang out with.

I have no impression of Maggie Jiang whatsoever despite watching So Young. Lookswise she is a cross between Nam Sang Mi and Guo Zhen Ni, but she is very warm and sweet onscreen when she acts. Check out the preview for the C-drama that brought this couple together.

Preview for Youth Soccer:


Hu Ge Confirms Dating Rumors with Drama Costar Newbie C-actress Maggie Jiang — 12 Comments

  1. Now that Hu Ge has found someone, my dreams of ShiGe ever happening is utterly crushed. :'( Nevertheless, I’m still happy for Hu Ge. Wishing him happiness with Maggie. Although, I’m still hoping for my ShiGe ship to come true in a C-drama or C-movie.

  2. As much as I like Hu Ge, I do not appreciate how he (and his agency) responded to the dating rumors. He should have acknowledged this relationship from the get-go instead of twitting about it in a very ambiguous manner (to the point of confusing his fans and causing a backlash). His fans theoretically would give him their blessings, given that he is over 30 and his career is stable enough for him to have a public relationship.

  3. Lol she kinda looks like Ariel lin to me in the pic, and I remember Hu Ge saying Ariel was the only costar that he had feelings for or something on Happy Camp.

  4. Due to my love for Hu Ge (still love him), I’m going to ignore his strange on and off respond to the rumor and wish him happy…

  5. Still don’t think HuGe is manly enough to stand up in this relationship. He should have communicate with his company first and make a final decision instead of tango back and forth on the issue until people don’t really care and then he finally confirm is still one. Oh well, at least is confirm so his fans can be happy for him.

    LSS is very happy with Nicky since I saw news of them recently at the Anhui 2014 awards and they just spend New Year’s in Japan. These two are utterly precious.

    Yuan Hong have been going around to ask for a match up since all of his ladies costar are already dating or even married so he’s blaming the director for it..hahaha

  6. Lately all dating rumors are from everywhere except Korea.
    LOL I start to believe that K-celebrities are not dating anymore.Or the weather is too cold for Dispatch to follow them

  7. good for him. atlease he look good with her. was hoping he/liu shishi would hook up but guess she more into old man in his 40s.

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