Blood’s Vampire Doctor Ahn Jae Hyun Makes His Debut Appearance

Will Blood be able to draw out the feels from the viewers the way currently airing KBS drama Healer has been doing? Healer isn’t leaving big shoes for Blood to fill come mid-February because of high ratings since it’s just doing okay, but in terms of fan fervor and audience appeal then Blood definitely needs to sell the vampire doctor hook as well as Healer has been delivering on the broken Healer who needs healing arc. Blood has been filming since last December starting with an overseas shoot in Romania with the two leads Ahn Jae Hyun and Gu Hye Sun and now we get a first look.

The full cast is now deep into production and the first stills are out of never-aging vampiric doctor played by Ahn Jae Hyun, as well as the cast attending the script reading. I’ve been mulling over the problem with Ahn Jae Hyun being a leading man already and it really boils down to onscreen charisma and leading man gravitas. He’s not a terrible actor and plenty worse have headlined shows, he just comes off as so forgettable and whispy, like when there are other better male actors in the same scene as him then he just disappears into the sidelines. That’s not a resounding vote for him to carry a show, that’s for sure.

Blood will luckily not be going up against the surging Punch as that drama will also end in mid-February, leaving the vampire medical drama to duke it out against Shine or Go Crazy and Heard it Through the Grapevine.


Blood’s Vampire Doctor Ahn Jae Hyun Makes His Debut Appearance — 18 Comments

  1. It KILLS me that Ji Jin Hee is playing second fiddle to this anemic waif. Why not make JJH the lead and have him really be 75??? Kdramas really make me shake my head sometimes (ok, a lot of the time).

  2. the picture above looks like a graveyard(no offence).everyone is just frowning.looks like there are’nt gonna be any comedy in the show.btw,what’s with goo hye sun’s hair and face.i thought she wasnt going to be a vampire,but how come they make her look like one…

  3. I’d not make any judgement too early. Lee Jung Suk wasn’t impressed at all until IHYV. Also good writing and directing would definitely make actors impressive.

    Side note: Speaking of Healer, I don’t know much of the taste of Korean drama viewers. This drama is definitely a hit among international fans just reading comments on many Kdrama airing sites raving about Healer. It’s definitely surpass my original expectation. Many ppl compared Healer with City Hunter. But imo, Healer is better than CH in terms of script writing, directing, and chemistry among actors. Ji Chang Wook is also a better actor than Lee Min Ho, imo. It’s been a while since a K drama lured me to watch second time. Healer is the one now.

    • Personally I think that City Hunter is leaps and bounds better than Healer. The most interesting thing about Healer and what people are crazy about is the OTP. City Hunter was more about the father-son relationship and the cat-mouse game with justice. Park Min Young is better and better utilized in Healer, but City Hunter was a meatier story that hurts so good. Both Lee and Ji are good in their respective roles though, so no need to compare.

    • LJS maybe didn’t impress you until IHYV, but he surely got positive reviews from critics about his acting skill since school 2013 and now he is so popular as a good actor, even he got best actor of grimae as youngest actor ever. While this jaehyun kiddo? I don’t understand KBS decision at all, it’s just like choose random people for the main lead. But yeah, let’s see…maybe this kid will amaze me,,
      and about healer, you haven’t watched punch, right? Many people said that Punch is totally a freaking good drama.

      • LJS has been one of my favorite K actors. But I’d not say he impressed me a lot in School 2013. I think good story line and directing together does make a great hero. School 2013 is not really successful in convincing me in that regard.

        Mehhhhh! Not Punch! It’s not my cup of tea. I couldn’t get past ep 1 without dozing off much time at the midway. For me, Punch is just a modern version of endless dark court/political strife..I’ve had enough of that from historical dramas. Drama land is nothing different from other lines of business markets. It’s all about consumer choice and service. It happens Healer serves me well to my satisfaction and Punch turned me off at my first trial.

        I used to like City Hunter a lot. But it’s my personal judgement that JCW is more capable of communicating subtle nuance of emotion than Lee Min Ho. JCW is more sophisticate and detail oriented than LMH in terms of acting. Healer’s renowned action director also raved about JCW’s talent compared with other action actor. Again, just my personal taste.

  4. If I watch, it’s for Ji Jin Hee and Jin Kyung. They’re amazing and I kind of hope for a romance between them, even if he’s the antagonist. And it’s pretty obvious that their scenes will outshine the leads.

  5. I Only Read D Recaps Of Healer And I Love Korea Viewers Are Funny Punch getting a high rating dan healer well u can’t blame I tink Blood vampire will be a good drama

  6. Why couldnt someone like Kim Jae Wook be the lead? I dont understand why Kim Jae Wook isnt acting in drama’s. I mean come on he is a true gem, but why WHY doesnt he do drama’s?

  7. Is it Cho In Ha’s mom in second pic? Wow…..doesn’t she need break for a while? Her face reminds me of Pinocchio again….still can’t move on

    • isn’t she amazing? from the caring doctor/confidante in it’s ok it’s love to the coldhearted newscaster mom in pinnochio, back-to-backā€¦ she truly delivers!

  8. That’s the nicest doctor’s coat I’ve even seen.

    Somehow I get 400-yr old alien KSH vibes, maybe it’s the hair. In any case, hope the drama works out.

    BTW, AJH and GHS are REALLY fair – like ghostly white.

  9. We will be watching this because of JJH & GHS! We also think that this will be another good Korean drama to watch for, it maybe or perhaps the same plot with an American movie TWILIGHT? Just a thought of.

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