Dramatic New Teaser and Stills for Blood Ratchet Up the Intensity

I’m genuinely not writing about Blood solely to snark about it, the snark comes naturally when I see lulzworthy stills or teasers, but there remains a frisson of genuine interest to see what story the Good Doctor production team has concocted. It would have been better with a more experienced and charismatic male lead than Ahn Jae Hyun, who hasn’t proven my reservations wrong with every still of him in this drama looking like a kid playing dress up doctor, but ultimately if he delivers onscreen then all’s well that end’s well, right? The drama continues a steady stream of promos and this batch contains the first drama poster above with the three leads, or four considering the dramatic splicing of the male lead into his doctor v. vampire sides.

I swear the production heard all the teasing about Ahn Jae Hyun preening like a vampire fashion model than a doctor so told him to just unleash the full Blue Steel for the poster. I do wish Ahn Jae Hyun would get a different hairstyle, he’s been sporting the same mushroom top for three dramas now and one wonders if he’s the one telling the drama stylists not to switch it up otherwise how can the same fugly haircut live and prosper on his head for so long? There are also additional character stills below and my favorite is antagonist second male lead Ji Jin Hee looking woah-momma with all that coiled intensity, plus the first look at actress Park Joo Mi in her cameo role as the vampire mommy of the male lead.

Fifth teaser for Blood:


Dramatic New Teaser and Stills for Blood Ratchet Up the Intensity — 31 Comments

    • I love positive comments / Mary
      This time I agree with koala’s comment on Ahn’s hair
      He should get a different haircut – more masculine or vampirish perhaps? Or is that the standard haircut for doctors?

    • I know right Lol maybe they took the idea from the “Heirs from another star” poster, were it looked like the main guy was going to kiss himself.

  1. Ugh, KBS had such a great lineup from Discovery of Romance to Cantabile Tomorrow to Healer. Such a pity to follow that hat-trick with this. Gonna have to give this a miss because it doesn’t look good at all, and also I am allergic to Gu Hye-Sun. I’m going to miss having something good to watch on Mondays and Tuesdays!

    Him hugging himself on the poster is legitimately creepy though!

  2. Haha, I really don’t want to snark but this drama just calls for it. At this point, I’d have much rather Daniel Henney, his awkward Hangul and his horrible acting over Ahn Jae Hyun. This looks like an absolute disaster.

    But I’ve been proven wrong before. Although with such tough competition against well received currently airing dramas (like Punch and Shine or Go Crazy) or upcoming ones (Grapevine), it’s hard to see this working out. If I can claim to be excited, it would be for ratings-reaction results.

  3. Look – it can’t be worse than HJM right??? The writing that is… so I’m thinking it’s not going to be half bad? I’ll be watching cause JJH is actually one of my ajusshi biases. I don’t have many but he’s one of them. I even watched PCAP with him and GHS… shudder. I hadn’t really connected that they were both in this since I kept thinking AJH and GHS. He was just kinda out there in left field. I’m almost afraid to watch this for fear what happened in EK will happen to him.

    I’m going to be optimistic for now. KHMH looked like a train wreck and it wasn’t, although I did like the writer. So there is hope.

  4. Snark…I don’t see any acting from Anh Jae Hyun. He just looks hilarious…I liked him enough in his past 2 outings but definitely think it’s too soon for him to helm a drama opposite Jin Ji hee too. Epic one sided face off

  5. Can somebody please tell me the reason they cast ahn jae hyun as the main lead in the first place? I mean why??? He’s clearly a newbie in the acting scene & doesn’t have the experience to carry the role. Yes, he doesn’t look his age but come one there has to be a solid reason as to why he was cast other than his pretty face.

  6. Lol. The poster is just weird but it’s the least of this drama’s worries. The funniest thing would be if this drama is actually good and has better ratings than Hyde Jekyll and Me, even if it’s not in the same timeslot.

    And Ji Jin Hee is looking gooooood. Ahjussi power all the way!

  7. OH GOSH the teasers are getting more exciting..i can’t wait for FEB 16,why so slow..FEB 16 PALI PALI
    Looking good DR.PARK and DR.YOO..GOOD JOB


  8. You guys know that teaser was good, admit it already and stop following the crowd, its like everyone copys and paste eachothers comments lol not really but you get my point

    ONE QUESTION.. HOW IS HYDE JEKYL AND ME GOING?? That had the makings of an awesome drama hahahahahahahahahaha..yes i thought so

    • I have to agree about the casting of Ahn Jae Hyun….his acting isn’t there yet and he look like a little school boy, not a doctor…at least Doogie Howser looked intelligent…this pampire model does not

    • Dear, are you comparing AJH with hyun bin? Or just taking a swipe at HJM?
      All things being fair, he is the only saving grace in the drama. I sure hope AJH is of that level *snark*

    • Maybe you should accept the fact that the promos actually suck to everyone who commented saying ‘it sucks’. Don’t be so butthurt, it shows.

      Also, comparing Hyun Bin to AJH is equivalent to embarrassing yourself. Seriously.

  9. How awful the teasers look and The horrible casting of AJH and GHS, i have faith in the writer.
    A drama has to work both ways, HJM is a drama with good actors esp Hyunbin but it’s biggest flaw is the writer.

    But what’s with AjH hugging each other on the poster? It reminds me of the heirs from the stars lmao

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