Upcoming Hong Sisters Romance Drama Titled Jejudo Gatsby and Set on the Picturesque Island

There’s finally some concrete details about the next Hong Sisters penned K-drama, even if said details remain frustratingly slim. The drama is confirmed to air on MBC come early summer, taking over the Wed-Thurs time slot from spring drama Angry Mom, and will be followed in late summer with the vampire sageuk Scholar Who Walks the Night. It will also reunite the Hong Sisters with their last MBC drama PD who did a decent job directing the frenetic Best Love. There have been rumors that the upcoming drama is a period drama and the latest reveals confirm that the sisters were intending to go down that path.

Originally they were penning the drama to be a time-travel where the lead(s) time-traveled back and forth between present day and one hundred years ago. That idea has been completely revamped and now the sisters are confirming that the working title for their next drama is Jejudo Gatsby. Looks like the Western literature appropriation for K-drama trend isn’t dying down either, what with Pride & Prejudice and The Three Musketeers last year. The drama is described as a romance set on Jeju Island and will have a very swoony moody vibe. That’s the last vibe that comes to mind when I associate a story that is borrowing from The Great Gatsby, whether in theme, set up, or black tragi-comedy origins.

Jeju Island is one of the prettiest places in South Korea and a perennial favorite for K-dramas to location shoots on. I don’t recall a drama completely set on Jeju Island but a few like Tamra the Island was primarily filmed there for the majority of the story. No word yet on who the Hong Sisters will land as the leads but unconfirmed casting rumors say that Kim Woo Bin and Kang Sora are being courted.

Both are red hot these days, him after Heirs and now hit movies like Friends 2 and The Con Artists, and her having one of the biggest dramas last year in Misaeng. If the drama is based on TGG then expect the story to be about a poor boy who loses his vainglorious first love to a rich man and sets off to make boatloads of money before coming back to try and win her back. It does not seem remotely romantic IMO but I’ll give the sisters the benefit of the doubt to transmogrify the story into their typical rom-com offering.


Upcoming Hong Sisters Romance Drama Titled Jejudo Gatsby and Set on the Picturesque Island — 21 Comments

  1. Last time I checked, KSR’s side denied the casting rumour, stating that she has never been offered for the role. Is this a new rumour popping up?

  2. Hatsby is one of my all time favorite novels, but I truly don’t understand the misrepresented fascination with Gatsby in Korea. For, I’ve yet to see an appropriate mention or association, eventhough it is referred to time and time again. Ultimately, it leads me to believe the actual novel has never been read.
    I’m disappointed in the title but I can see the swoony moody vibe even if an authentic Gatsby story wiuld be nothing but, because the Hong sisters love puns.

  3. The Great Gatsby just doesn’t sound like a very Hong sisters style story to me… I hope they’re just having some fun with the male lead’s name or something. Also, re: Kim Woo Bin, I think that’s just his fans spamming forums but it would be nice if it were true. He and Kang Sora would make a great youthful couple.

  4. Romance with swoony moody vibe? What about more experienced actors? I desperately want Eric-Yoon Eun Hye pairing in a drama from long time ago.*Couldn’t move on since XMan days…sighhh…

  5. I can’t wait for this drama !
    I also went to Jeju-do last year, so one more reason for me to be impatient! The island is soooo pretty off the beaten track.

  6. So the Hong sisters want to cast younger leads? They’ve not had 20s leads since Gumiho…..but I thought Kang Sora’s agency denied all rumours of an offer? It would be nice if they cast someone talented like her though. And Gatsby concept is not really romantic and absolutely not comedic AT ALL lol.

  7. Really looking forward of return Sisters Hong , Wow Kim Woo Bin and Kang Sora , I love this matching , they are young increasing actors (Hope this is true)

  8. I love the Hong sisters, their recent work hasn’t been as great as earlier but it’s still been super fun (and with a great cast)
    This sounds that it could be potentially very fun with the sisters twist on things.
    That casting sounds excellent, hopefully possibly it might come true.

  9. Doesn’t sound half bad. I love KWB but I’m only look warm on Kang Sora (or maybe that is still the stink of Dr Stranger which wasn’t quite washed off by Misaeng).

  10. I wouldn’t mind this coupling, but I’d love for Kim Woo Bin and Kim Ji Won! And um, can Kang Sora team up again with Lee Jong Seok and have a proper storyline and love line? I need to wash off the taste of Dr. WTF.

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