Long Preview for Blood Mashes Together Vampire Mystery and Medical Dramatics

Whatever upcoming KBS Mon-Tues drama Blood has up its sleeve, be it hot mess or watchable entertainment, the long 6-minute preview at least kept my interest. It wasn’t always in a good way, but there was enough juicy thumbs up bits to merit my inclination to check it out. I hope the narration is cut or at least kept to a minimum, voice overs are always a tricky device to wield and too easy to overuse. I find the tidbits of scenes from the previous generation the best part: Ji Jin Hee is killing it (pun intended) as the thirsty for power antagonist while the backstory of Ahn Jae Hyun‘s male lead is nicely plotted with his parents dying at the hands of a megalomaniac while putting the vampire virus into their son and “gifting” him with the powers of not aging, super strength, a craving for blood, and a fear of the morning sun. The downside are all the scenes with the two leads and at the hospital, Gu Hye Sun‘s character already grates and the dramatic medical consult and surgery scenes basically give me traumatic flashbacks to Dr. Stranger. Oy vey. I’m going to make sure I’m not drinking any hot liquids when watching the first episode come Monday. 

6-minute long preview for Blood:


Long Preview for Blood Mashes Together Vampire Mystery and Medical Dramatics — 16 Comments

  1. I will watch blood as I love healer. I don’t understand the blood korean preview but I think this role suits GHS. I don’t see any romantic vibe between the OTP yet which I think is a good thing. Let it come naturally…

  2. Ahahahaha…..I couldn’t help LOLing when you mentioned the traumatic flashbacks of Dr. Stranger, Ms. Ockoala! I miss Healer already and do not hold so high expectation over any other dramas for anytime soon. But I’m definitely curious about how Ji Jin Hee will paint an antagonist. I still can’t erase his gentleman images from Dong Yi and Dae Jang Geum. OK, so by your recommendation I’ll check it out.

    BTW off topic of this thread, I really enjoyed the C-drama, My Sunshine, thanks to your recommendation too. I rarely paid attention to C drama, perhaps just very few Taiwanese dramas sometimes. But My Sunshine piques my interest in taking a look at C-drama. Thanks for being so resourceful!

  3. oh please, you want to watch it! LOL

    This looks poorly done tbh, i wonder if i’ll check clips of some episode for the laugh of it

  4. Surprisingly preview looks interesting! May just check this out.
    I didn’t think I will like the pairing of GHS and AJH but the snippets did show some chemistry. I’m can ship them. Just that the surgery scenes do really remind of dr stranger. Grrrr Let’s hope it doesn’t bring back that trauma!

    • @ stardust
      Yes let’s check it out. Both AJH and GHS have baby face. Her long hair makes her more feminine so I think she would look compatible with him.

  5. Well from what I see from the trailer… ji jinhee would be awesome as usual. Ahn jaehyun is okay for now. He’s actually an okay actor from what I see from his previous works. He’s not bad but not great either. But mediocre acting still beats bad acting so he’s fine. Just that now that he’s leading, he will need to step it up abit so that he won’t get overshadowed and be lost in the background. As for goo hyesun….I’m sorry to say this but from what I see here she’s kinda…bad. Which is a surprise for me because I honestly thought she improved in angel eyes but here she just reminds me of geum jandi all over again. I think its the delivery of her lines and the overexaggerated expressions. Hopefully she’ll get better as the story goes by? Oh goodness please do.

    • @ Ss
      Good analysis. I agree with your points. Let’s hope AJH could step up to the leading role. And hopefully, GHS would “step up” to make this role memorable like a few actresses had done lately…

  6. koala, i’m with you about the medical scenes bringing back memories of dr. stranger. that was a nightmare to sit through. if this drama follows that path, this time, i’m running away.

  7. Wow just done watching first episode of drama it was beyond word i mean seriously seems like watching a hollywood movie it stole my heart… to people i must suggest give it a try and watch it rationally i am sure you will find it interesting…

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