Seo Hyun Jin and Yoon Doo Joon Bicker Adorably in New Teaser for Let’s Eat 2

I don’t write about Yoon Doo Joon much but he’s actually one of my fave idol-turned-actors. Whatever sauce went into picking the members of BEAST, so far the three I’ve seen act have all delivered, which includes Yoon Do Joon, Lee Ki Kwang, and Yong Jun Hyung. I skipped Do Joon’s last drama Let’s Eat but he held his own in the stupider than rocks IRIS 2, but what I love the most about his acting is the spot on comedic timing that contrasts with his ridiculously good looking image.

Let’s Eat 2 arrives the first week of April, taking over the spot from Ho Goo’s Love on Mon-Tues, keeping that time slot light and breezy (I’m assuming HGL is light and breezy, yes?). This time Yoon Do Joon’s food connoisseur meets his match in fellow food connoisseur played by Seo Hyun Jin, except they butt heads with their opposing views of the ideal way to eat certain foods. I love the bickering due to different points of view, better than the rich-poor usual shtick. Check out the latest preview as they put on an arguing show for an entire captivated restaurant.

How to eat properly teaser from Let’s Eat 2:


Seo Hyun Jin and Yoon Doo Joon Bicker Adorably in New Teaser for Let’s Eat 2 — 10 Comments

  1. yeah Beast definitely has some of the better actors in the idol actor crowd. Three out of six is not bad at all, and that’s the only three who tried acting.

    I don’t think Yong Junhyung is too interested in acting after Monstar (he seems to like to concentrate on musical activities) but he was good in that drama. Same with Lee Kikwang and Yoon Doojoon, it’s nice to see idols who do not use being ridiculously good looking as an excuse to be incompetent at acting.

    • BEAST are amazingly talented (it’s such a pity they’re popularity isn’t all that high outside Korea). The three that have acted are the only ones who can, i saw they’re mini movie/song and Yoseob was passable while i’d rather not talk about Dongwoon and Hyunseung.
      Doojoon has so much charisma and he pulls off his role effortlessly. He picks good projects and good characters. But aren’t BEAST promoting in Japan? Poor guy, Yoon Doojoon fighting!! Let’s Eat 2 fighting!1! BEAST fighting!!

  2. Sadly, your assumption that Ho Gu’s Love is bright and breezy is incorrect, unless your personal definition of bright and breezy includes rape babies.

  3. HGL is more emotional than you would expect.. I was pretty shocked on how serious it got.. Though they do throw in some quirks and hilarious scenes! I wouldn’t put the genre as rom com more like heartwarming story in my book.

  4. koala, I’m so excited for LE2! XD Thanks for updating news on this quickly!

    I left a comment in the previous LE post about giving season1 a chance despite having Lee Sookyung as a leading lady. I really hope you can do it… I also didn’t like her and skipped shows that had her, but somehow the whole gang made season1 work.

    If you love Do-joon, try checking LE out. Or maybe hold off until after LE2, because it’s a bit sad to fall in love with a cast of characters only to have Do-joon’s char be transported to a different set of neighbors. :'( Still, I’m gonna watch this, because Gu Dae-yong!

  5. Interesting! I’m an avid Kpop fan and Beast is among my favorite groups. But I don’t know they’ve got other members than Junhyun who can act. I’m not the one for any idol dramas or dramas with idols in the main cast. I’m a hard-core fan of Infinite, CNBlue, and Beast. But Junhyun’s Monstar is the only drama I will give positive feedback about the acting. For other series other idols were cast, such as Heartstrings, High School Love On, My Lovely Girl, etc…I just dozed off at the midway… Even it’s said that Dojoon can act, I still don’t find it interesting enough to watch this drama. But wish him the best in any upcoming acting projects because eventually these idols will retire from their idol career very soon except that they have versatile music talent like Junhyung who composes/writes/produces music and songs.

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