Blood Leads Finally Kiss: Heck Yeah Awesome or Hell No So Awkward?

The best part of K-drama kiss scenes, aside from granting the viewer the thrill of seeing the leads get all up close and personal, is that a good kiss scene forms bite sized satisfaction regardless of how good the drama is overall. One thing that kept me sane recapping craptastic Hyde, Jekyll, Me was the unanimous feedback from everyone else watching that the drama was terribly written. I don’t have to feel like there are those who can’t or won’t see the obvious. It also had one super hot and well-done kiss scene towards the end of the drama that maybe gives it some reason to exist.

Blood has been a drama I found as horrible as Hyde, yet the ardent viewers who stuck with it professed it the best thing ever which is an impasse I’ll never be able to understand but accept that different strokes for different folks. I heard there was finally a kiss scene between the leads this week so went back to check it out (I bailed on the drama after episode 6) to see if Blood at least had a kiss scene worth watching. Everyone can make their own determination of the scene (cut below) but I found Ahn Jae Hyun soooooo uncomfortably awkward in every way. I actually feel bad for Gu Hye Sun to be kissed by him. I hope he gets demoted down to second lead/supporting for the foreseeable future after this drama. Leading man he is not.

Blood Episode 16 Kiss Scene Cut:


Blood Leads Finally Kiss: Heck Yeah Awesome or Hell No So Awkward? — 45 Comments

  1. It didn’t seem too awkward considering how bad some drama kisses have been, though I wonder why the slo-mo was needed.
    Was it so fast in real time that we would have blinked and missed it?

    • I felt the same way!!! They need to slo-mo it to dramatize the effect? Maybe it was worst for me, as I watched the clip without soundtrack (mute) ……..-_-;;;;;;;;;;

    • I read it took them THREE hours to film that! On the lead in, his eyes look totally lifeless and uninterested…more like a zombie than a vampire. After all, ins’t the appeal of vampires is that they are supposed to be amoral and filled with untapped sexual energy?All that time to zero in, and he still ends up off the mark. They both swallow, and it’s over. To me, this is symbolic of the entire show: all pale bluster, no bite.

  2. I’m not watching this, but that kiss was pretty meh
    And is this the first kdrama kiss where the girl’s moving her mouth more than the guy? never thought I’d see the day lol

  3. Its Beyond believe that nobody have sued this sick individual blogger for repeatedly trying to destroy young peoples careers..

    For these of you who come here plzz think about the wounds and the bad words she writes about other actors she personally dislikes..

    • I know its hard to believe that there’s something in life called…”personal opinion”. Apparently for you is harder than most.

    • “Its Beyond believe that nobody have sued this sick individual blogger for repeatedly trying to destroy young peoples careers..”

      I am sorry but are you f*ckin’ serious ? Do you really believe that Go Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun will go on this particular site to read what is said about them ? LOL.
      Seriously, I don’t get people like you. When someone does something bad and in this case, when actors don’t do their job meaning give poor performances, should we congratulate them ? Cheer them up until they are delusionned enough to believe that nope, they aren’t bad at all ? If you don’t like what you are reading then PLEASE, stop going here. Enjoy your life with whatever you are doing and don’t spend your “precious” time in some sites that you despise, gosh’ !

    • what!!… if you don’t like something and expressing your dislikes, then what happen to the freedom of speech. This is her blog she can talk anything she want but you on the other hand @wisd, has the option NOT to read or to visit this site. gezz…

    • Its her personal blog so by freedom of speech she can express her opinion. Its not like she has gone to the actors personal twitter/SNS accounts to insult them, go criticise that people.

      As for my opinion on the kiss, I guess it was supposed to be awkward as he is a vampire with no experience in romance (so this was supposedly his first kiss ever); in my opinion simply the actors have zero chemistry so the kiss feels flat. Then again I quit this drama at episode 3 or 4…

    • Watching the show the kiss was a bit awkward bit the whole show is in my opinion.

      But seriously wisd you need to remember this is her blog giving us her opinion. You need to get off your world of cray cray seriously.

      • wow, not everyone has to think the drama and the actors in the drama are good. it’s called having a difference of opinion.

    • Mz Koala must see this comment as the best compliment ever – @Wisd actually thinks you are so powerful that you can “wound” actors and “destroy” their career using your personal opinions. Wow, you are given so much credits!

      • LOL hard…But if it’s you, I REALLY REALLY beg you to take some acting lessons before the next project! Please AJH…no offense but any amateur actor could have probably pulled it way better than you!Don’t take it personal bcz you’re still so young and a totally inexperienced…well,let’s call you some “artist”! Convey that to those who pushed you up for leading man tooooo hard tooooo soon! Boosting is not always profitable, ladies and gents….Looking NOT so forward to seeing you,(absolutely NOT!)yours sincerely…MYSELF!!

  4. Even that Twilight kind of a kiss doesn’t entice me to watch it. Although I do have to say the kissing scenes have gotten a tad more risque. lol

  5. LOL!! THIS took 3 whole hours to film?! Hahahahaha!!! Was it because she kept laughing at him in the middle of the kiss? Or did he start giggling in the middle? I really liked Ahn Jae Hyun before but this was not a hot kiss scene that should take 3 hrs to film.

    • Woah it took 3 hours? Now I wanna see the bts of this kiss! All the other takes must’ve been really bad for them to choose this awkward scene over everything else LOL!

  6. This took 3 hours to film? Wow! And I agree with @mimi- it looked like GHS was more into the kiss than AJH. He looked really uncomfortable and awkward.
    But agree with Ms. Koala- the kiss scene in episode 18 of Hyde, Jekyll & Me was one of the most sizzling hot & passionate kiss out of the recent kdramas. I still rewatch it just to get my HB & HJM fix 🙂

    • omg that kiss was just awesome!!! i can always count on binnie to do some good kiss scenes lol. if only they had more kisses like that one in the show arghh! i guess i’m still not over the disappointment of HJM.

    • It’s probably like :
      GHS : “shit, this already waste my time. I’ll lead this so it’ll end quickly” xD

  7. Hmm… maybe Blood is going for the Hyde way of doing things is the first present a SUPER awkward kiss (puppet kiss #1) that has everyone up in arms about whether or not they like it or not… leaning more towards utter dislike and then at the end, they give us the good stuff. 🙂 Need to watch that awesomely hot kiss scene again from HJM. So I will also look forward to a nice kiss next time from Blood.

    Although, I really am watching solely cause JJH is in it. So technically it doesn’t really matter to me one way or another.

  8. My opinion this is a good drama.maybe this kiss look a bit awkward and it should look like that because he is vampire.
    It doesn’t matter what the blogger said and it based on their opinion…as the reader we just give our comment whether we like its or not…

  9. Honestly it wasn’t bad at all; there was movement and no eyes were blankly open. The HJM ‘hot’ kiss actually felt awkward to me and I didn’t see any spark btwn the leads. The only kisses that left a lasting impression on me were the CP kisses and IOIL kisses.

  10. This drama is a complete mess, but I’m hooked. I can’t explain it. Also, the HJM kiss to me looked overly-rehearsed. But that’s just my opinion.

  11. Looks awkward but I like to know how’s the drama doing? I stopped at ep3 and wonder if it did improve coz it seriously sucked at that point. (My personal opinion so sue me)

    HJM kiss? What kiss? What HJM?
    I have complete amnesia on that drama, it’s totally eradicated from my memory
    I’m waiting for Binnie’s comeback. Yes the real one.

    • This drama is quiet good.the storyline is excellent for me and the pace of romance is natural not overly romantic (I don’t like the romance drama that not logic….sorry but it my opinion)

  12. i donot find his acting that much repelling …I dont get why all the hatred towards him :S…I actually liked him in Blood…rather the leading actress sees dull and does not have much expression

  13. Lmao this is hilarous. I wonder at what those crazy fans who made this drama as the most wonderful thing ever existed… And their claimed of oscar worthy acting leads. Even the online streaming and tv ratings for this drama did super

    • oscar worth actors?? LOL FAR FROM IT!!! i’m sensing Gu hye sun’s fans will attack me now for saying this! it seems like no one can even objectively criticize her ACTING without her fans going crazyyy….

  14. I have been watching Blood and I think the storyline is interesting and have gotten used to the acting. However in all my years of watching dramas, this is the first time I could do without the romance storyline. I actually like the face off between AJH and JJH. It’s more exciting. The scenes between GHS and AJH are slow.

  15. Omo, that was awkward. I had doubts about AJH as first lead when they cast this, but I hoped it would go well for him. I could only watch the first couple episodes of this series, because I can’t handle surgery scenes. But this scene…don’t they look stiff and uncomfortable? It’s a failure on the director’s part as much as the actors. The slow-mo, the camera angle, the strange editing–it all takes away from any emotion.

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