Kim So Eun and Lee Soo Hyuk in Talks to Join Scholar Who Walks the Night

When the casting news first broke Wednesday morning about Kim So Eun joining the upcoming MBC vampire fantasy sageuk Scholar Who Walks the Night, the details were unclear as to whether she was up for the leading lady role or a leading lady role. That’s a huge distinction since the former means she’s the heroine of the tale and the latter she will be the second female lead. I’m glad I held off on posting about her casting until all the confusing and conflicting news reports have shaken out.

Kim So Eun is in talks as one of the female leads of Scholar, alongside still unconfirmed leading lady Jin Se Yeon. That makes sense because MBC hasn’t said Jin Se Yeon declined or refuted the reports last week about her being in talks for the female lead. When The Girl Who Sees Smells was going through reported leading ladies from Suzy to Kim Ji Won to Jin Se Yeon before ending with Shin Se Kyung, all the previous casting reports were concluded by SBS saying the actress declined or wasn’t ever in talks. If both actresses accept their roles in Scholar, they will both have romantic feelings for leading man Lee Jun Ki. Lucky girls.

In addition to Kim So Eun potentially joining the drama, Lee Soo Hyuk is also in talks to play an antagonist character in Scholar. The manhwa is quite bloated with characters and my gut feeling says some of the characters might be eliminated or even combined together for plot purposes. I’m not sure which antagonist character Lee Soo Hyuk will be playing, maybe the super evil vampire that lives in the royal palace and has it out for Lee Jun Ki’s vampire scholar. If he does play that character, then his character will have a lot of scenes later on with Kim So Eun’s character.

Kim So Eun’s second female lead is an orphaned girl adopted by Lee Jun Ki and she grows up to become the top gisaeng in Hanyang, She has idolized and loved the vampire scholar all her life and grows vengeful and jealous when he never returns her romantic feelings and instead falls for Jin Se Yeon’s fallen noblewoman cross-dressing as a male bookseller. Currently only Lee Jun Ki has been confirmed as the titular scholar who walks the night while Changmin of DBSK is up for the role of the crown prince. I hope this drama confirms the entire main cast soon and explains the different roles clearly so I can start really picturing everyone in their parts.


Kim So Eun and Lee Soo Hyuk in Talks to Join Scholar Who Walks the Night — 36 Comments

  1. KSE and her agency should not be that stupid to play a second female lead along with an actress like JSY. Because she already did the lead roles in dramas. I really like LJK, LSH and KSE. Both JSY and CM are annoying. KSE is much better in acting and more famous than JSY. KSE should be female lead.

  2. This is just so wrong….Kim So Eun should be the lead, or at the very least should not have to play second lead to someone like Jin Se Yeon. She’s the better actress and better liked/more public recogition in Korea too despite her WGM scandals.

  3. I think MBC hz gn crazy, Kim s un as second lead over jin se yn ,feel lyk dying plz don let me see DAT girls face in ljk drama plz she is gn ruin it.plz god help doz crazy sponsors

  4. Can they not cast Jin Se Yeon? I cannot understand why they keep on casting her when people obviously don’t like her.. She’s neither a ratings magnet or good in acting. I just don’t get it…

  5. It will be really painful to watch if Kim So Eun has to be the second female lead to Jin Se Yeon, even Lee jun Ki’s presence wouldn’t be able to smooth the hurt :/

  6. I want Kim So Eun to reject! It’s stupid for her to go from the female lead in Liar Game to being second to Jin Se Yeon who can’t emote!

    • Objectively speaking and acting skills aside, KSE was lead in a drama that was aired on a cable channel. On the other hand, JSY already headlined dramas in major networks (e.g. Gaksital, Doctor Stranger). I believe this is a factor that is heavily considered.

  7. This doesn`t make sense.Kim So Eun is not only much better actress but arguably much more popular right now than Jin Se Yeon. Why would they cast her as a second lead? Only explanation is that KSE willingly wanted to play second lead, as it looks like it`s more challenging role than the lead. In that case i can`t wait for her to steel all the spotlight form JSY.

    • That’s essentailly my take on the issue, too: from what I’ve read of the manhwa, the second lead requires a much more nuanced performance. As far as I understood she was parrly raised by vampyboy, so she would have t portray real _love_ (romantic and the kind you would have for your real oppa?) and not just some kind of youthful infatuation. And when she turns, she becomes all that plus crazy monster, right? So, a very conflicted lady. The lead, by comparison, doesn’t do much: I mean, she’s mostly cute and hapless and get’s saved by vampscholar from pink dude and other evil vamps. She seemed a bit… cliché? (But I haven’t read that far, so maybe that changes?) *hm* It’s essentially Rie and MokDan all over again. 😛

  8. i know kim soeun have more fans because Wgm than jinseyeon, the director know more about acting than us. Even you said jinseyeon’s acting is bad, but the director didn’t think like that, that’,s way they choose jinseyeon. jinseyeon always become a target harsh comments in every her drama, the second female lead fans jealous because their idol not the female lead (be honest!!) then spread the hate towards jinseyeon. Even people who don’t know jinseyeon will be affected by the negative comments and then think, “ah, jinseyeon acting is bad” (without watch every her drama) . You have negative thinking about her, even you watch her acting you will say she is bad (your thought take all of your view, you become subjective). poor jinseyeon.
    i think both jinseyeon and kimsoeun is good. all we have to do » support for the success of drama. hope we will watch a good drama.

  9. I hope kse is the lead because she has sageuk expérience and is in my opinion more suited for thé rôle. I am not à jsy fan and though I dont think she is the worst I do not think she will do well in a sageuk.

  10. Am I the only one who thinks that Kim So Eun is becoming overrated on this comment section? I’ve watched quite a few of her dramas and as far as I know she’s not that much more versatile than Jin Se Yeon, if at all. I’d prefer JSY over KSE any day. Honestly, WGM didn’t really raise my opinion of KSE, and it’s not because what she said about the impossibility with SJR.

    • Not just this comment section. To be honest, people are just beyond praising KSE just because most of those people are jumping at the chance to diss JSY and say they want her off the show. That’s why people are exaggerating KSE’s ability. I also agree that I don’t think KSE’s acting is as great as people are saying =_= I’ve watched her dramas and I really liked her in BOF, but in regards to ACTING, it’s not anything special either. Liar Game was a big hit because of the plot, but her acting in particular wasn’t that outstanding or anything, nor was her character really that challenging.

      • I wholly agree. I loved her with Kim Bum in BOF but she has yet to impress me. Liar Game didn’t even garner stellar ratings, although I admit it was a success among international viewers. But if anything, it was because of the two actors – Lee Sang Yoon and Shin Sung Rok – in my opinion. Yes, she’s better than JSY, but she still has a lot to work on.

    • Amen to you!!! I’ve seen Kim So Eun in a couple of dramas, and like you stated, she’s no better than Jin Se Yeon. I would rather have them both booted out and cast someone else.

      • I would hope for a better actress to be working with Lee Jun Ki. He is such a good and charming actor.

  11. I love Kim So Eun, but to be honest, I can see why the casting is like this. Though KSE has had SOME leading roles, but really not major ones… To be honest her acting in Liar Game wasn’t THAT good, its a bit overrated the way people are saying it. It was mainly the story of Liar Game that was good (for those who didn’t watch the JP version). Otherwise, I don’t think KSE has really had much significant experience yet. I DO hope she gets a chance at a lead role in the primetime series soon though, but like I said, disgregarding acting ability (since that’s really never the factor on how people are cast), I can see why they cast her as second lead. When I read it, it really didn’t come off as WHAT? to me, compared to if it was someone like Park Min Young being second lead, THEN I’d agree it makes no sense at all.

    • Love Kim So Eun too. And i agree that she wasn’t as stellar in Liar Game as others make it. She’s good with subtle emoting and can hold her own ground with more experience actors but never enough to dominate them. Hopefully this time around, she could show some mind-blowing acting chops whether as second lead or leading lady. I wasn’t going to watch this, but i guess i will if KSE accepts.

      Oh, and the gisaeng character sounds interesting. KSE has always gone for the goody twoshoes part. If she takes this, its going to be a real challenge. And game changer for her if she does well. i hope they won’t make the gisaeng fullblown crazy. I think Honey Lee did a great job with her character in Shine or Go Crazy. Wishing the same for KSE.

    • I agree mainly because her characterization didn’t really give her much to work with in Liar Game. (the drama wasn’t as heroine-centric as the manga, which is something I was more disappointed in than her character kinda sorta getting shafted) I think she did the most she can with what she got

  12. It reminds me that they had movie together back in 2006 titled “Fly Daddy fly”, anyone??and KSE was just suporting actress in that movie..but i hope she’ll be the female lead to this drama!!

  13. I’m a huge fan of her but for some reason i’m not really that upset that she’s not main lead yet again because her role sounds more interesting than the main lead to be honest and I think she doesn’t have quite the name yet to become main lead (sadly). This will be more of a challenge for her and will help her improve so I wouldn’t say that I’m too disappointed.

  14. Lim joo eun anyone give that acted the lead role she is looooong over due, also Jin se yeon has rejected the role so the next person they come up with its that person that’s getting the role, cuz remember jin se yeon was also the las candidate for girl who sees smells before shin se ging picked it up. I have a feeling lim joo eun is gonna get the role cuz my predictions and hoping a for drama castings have been coming through so far

    • I’ve heard lots of good things about Im Joo Eun but she may not be suitable for a sageuk yet cos she was terrible in Empress Ki and stuck out like a sore thumb among the other actors who are veterans in sageuk.

  15. I wish Kim So Eun would be the lead as well because I think she is a better actress than Jin Se Yeon and specially because I want to see her getting together with Lee Jun Ki in the end.
    However, I can see why they would choose Jin Se Yeon.
    Although Kim So Eun may be a better actress and has been acting for a very long time, she has mainly acted as supporting characters. She has the beauty and the talent to play a main lead, but she seems to have missed the opportunity of becoming lead actress material after her success in Boys Over Flowers.
    And it’s probably her own fault. Instead of grasping any opportunities like Jin Se Yeon does, I think Kim So Eun has been too picky.
    Right now Jin Se Yeon is more famous and required among directors than Kim So Eun. It’s true she’s a bad actress, but she grasped the right opportunities. It’s possible that she has a sponsor, while it’s obvious that Kim So Eun never had one.
    The point is KSE has been lead in a cable tv drama and JSY with her short career already has been lead many times in primetime dramas from KBS, MBC and SBS.
    It saddens me that maybe I will never be able to watch Kim So Eun acting as a lead in a primetime drama, but at least she is being casted in one! Can anyone name another big drama has made after Boys Over Flowers? And even if you can, can you name a big drama in which she played the lead? And no, that ridiculous 15 minute After School Lucky Or Not doesn’t count. Liar Game doesn’t count either because it’s from tvN (cable tv).
    Mesnwhile, Jin Se Yeon has been the lead in Bridal Mask, Doctor Stranger and who knows what else. For some reason, directors like her. But fear not! She is always casted as one-dimensional characters that don’t require a good actress.
    From what I’ve read, this lead from this manhwa is not near as complex as the character Kim So Eun will be playing. Think of it as an opportunity for KSE to prove her potential by finally playing a complex character and not the main girl’s friend…Until now she has not played complex characters. Maybe this drama will finally open doors for her.
    I prefer KSE, but let’s face it. Right now it’s impossible to offer KSE the lead and JSY the 2nd lead. JSY and her company would find it outrageous, while KSE isn’t powerful in this industry yet. Actually she has been in the shadows for a while and only recently it seems she is finally fighting hard for her career and a chance in the spotlight(with Liar Game, We Got Married, her movie with Kang Ha Neul).
    The audience doesn’t like JSY but somehow she managed to turn into a special actress for directors.

  16. Out of all model turned actor, IMO Lee Soo Hyuk is the most talent. God, that sincerity, that i’ve rarely seen from Model turned actor in general. He seems to wake up since SHark (2013) days. It’s sad he is still in the 2nd lead teritory. Watching horror stories 2 makes me aww, and thinking, “this is the same guy I watched in TWDR and vampire idol? (Yes because he was so bad in those drama i can’t even). he is just should develop more of his dramatic acting skills, and he will go far in terms of acting. Scholar who walks the night would be lucky to have him. SO glad he seems gets recognized he deserved, that he won an award of his acting career.

    • I mean : Out of all model turned actor at his generation, IMO Lee Soo Hyuk is the most talent. God, that sincerity, that i’ve rarely seen from Model turned actor in general at his ages.

  17. I think they will all fit well in their respective roles as time goes. Except for unfavorable twists in the story line, let’s believe in the producing and directing teams.

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