Hello Monster Looks to Snag Lee Sang Yoon as the Male Lead

There’s no clearer sign that Lee Jin Wook has passed on Hello Monster than to hear that another leading man is being offered the gig. Is it considered trading up or down that the role is moving from Lee Jin Wook to Lee Sang Yoon? Maybe just trading sideways, considering both were well-received leading men in a tvN cable drama last year, Lee Jin Wook with Three Musketeers and Lee Sang Yoon with Liar Game. KBS has offered the criminal profile leading man role in upcoming Mon-Tues drama Hello Monster to Lee Sang Yoon, but with the drama still months out from airing there might not be a confirmation anytime soon.

Still in talks to round out the cast are Jang Nara as the leading lady, Lee Chun Hee as the second male lead, Park Bo Geum and Choi Won Young in supporting roles, and D.O. of EXO in a guest-starring turn for the first two episodes. I’m fine with Lee Sang Yoon taking this role, wasn’t even all that sad that Lee Jin Wook passed, but the only thing I ask is that Lee Sang Yoon be styled dark, scruffy, and wear guyliner. Who knew the clean cut Lee Sang Yoon could actually be sexy in Liar Game, and when I mean sexy I mean “ho momma give me some air here” level sexy. If he’s a sexy criminal profiler then I won’t even care that it’s not professionally realistic, I’ll be too busy fanning myself to think clearly.

Take a good look at the potential drama cast above. Looking good, if KBS can make it happen as the final deal. I don’t think this drama is having casting problems much like what’s plaguing other recent dramas. Only Lee Jin Wook passed and it’s reportedly to throw his hat in the ring of the SBS weekend drama remake of In Time With You costarring Ha Ji Won, which is understandable. It’s a shame KBS delayed this drama for Who Are You: School 2015 as Hello Monster is so much more my cup of tea, not to mention the currently MBC Wed-Thurs drama Angry Mom is already giving me my dose of school yard conflicts up the wazoo.


Hello Monster Looks to Snag Lee Sang Yoon as the Male Lead — 19 Comments

      • Liar Game is a must watch drama,.. you’ll be surprised in every episode,.. and all the actor is casted well, especially Lee sang yoon (where he show his genius and cold side). all the fans are waiting for Liar Game 2 right now.

      • It’s one of the best remake. My tip: don’t pay too much attention to the game rule, you’ll understand eventually. Other than the complicated rules, it’s great. It’s only 12 episodes so there’s no much cr*p and Shin Sung Rok is 100x a better (and hotter) villain in this than in YWCFTS.

  1. I would love this to happen. I’ve always had a soft spot for him and new he had a dark side from being the only fan of Heading to the Ground.

  2. YES!!! I’m excitedly waiting for this. I have seen all his dramas and his running man appearances and I want more. I don’t know how anyone could be that handsome and on top of that so smart and intelligent. Love everything LSY.

  3. Yeah, Lee Sang Yoon will get more fans if he accept this role and act with styled dark, scruffy, and wear guyliner hohoho,..
    If he confirm to join this drama, i’d like to see him act with hot-dark-smart-and-cool guy style ^_^

  4. Both leading men (Lee Jin Wook or Lee Sang Yoon) are hot! And either one would have cinched the deal for me.

    So please sign on! I honestly can’t wait for this. Fingers crossed. I’m so excited.

  5. *squeals* Love, love, love LSY, so hopefully he confirms this. He’s slowly been rising higher with an international audience after Angel Eyes and Liar Game (though the former drove me mad after episode 13) so hopefully he chooses dark projects like this which suit him so well!

  6. Yeah, I think it all depends on how he’s styled. Just didn’t like him in Angel Eyes ( I think the actors who play their younger selves ) stole the show…but I really thought he was great in Liar Game. Although I loved the Liar Games, really it’s a re-make so I can’t give it too much credit since the 1st is the original. But I did enjoy it nonetheless and they did a really good job with putting in cliffhangers at the ends of the show that you really had to watch the next one.

  7. It took me a loooong time to get over LSY after liar game ended. I really wish he signs this one, as I doubt they’ll really remake liar game due to the rating (good but not great). I also rather see him in an original drama anyway. Please come back!!!!!

  8. I can totally see LSY in this role. Actually I prefer him than LJW especially after his excellent performance in Liar Game. He seems fit for the intense, brooding, intellectual character type. Looking forward to this one!

  9. Am I the only one who likes clean cut LSY more? I mean, come on, brooding and intense is great and all. But that means there’ll be no dimples. Haha. But he’ll rock this one. And now that I’m imagining it, he could totally play a guy with DID.

  10. Damn,,. i’m really sad.. the lead of hello monster already confirmed, Jang Na Ra and Seo In Guk,..
    I really miss Lee Sang Yoon, i need him back to dramaland..

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