Sung Joon Offered the Male Lead in SBS Drama Chaebol’s Daughter

The prospects are starting to look up again for upcoming SBS drama Chaebol’s Daughter (True Romance). After offering the leads to Moon Geun Young and Park Seo Joon but not landing either of them, the production is starting from scratch again to find the titular chaebol’s daughter and her poor plucky true love. I’d say the disappointment of not getting a promising young actor like Park Seo Joon is cushioned now that another promising young actor Sung Joon is in talks for the male lead.

When I heard Sung Joon is considering Chaebol’s Daughter, part of me wonders if SBS is rewarding him for the thankless role he did the best he could as the second male lead antagonist in Hyde, Jekyll, Me. I have no problem with Sung Joon finally stepping up to a prime time drama male lead, the key with him is playing a character that suits his aura. He’s young, has the rebellious intense streak, and his last two drama roles playing doctors in Discovery of Love and Hyde were both wrong for him. If he takes this role of a cynical self-made man from a poor background, it sounds like a step in the right direction.

I find it ironic that a drama called Chaebol’s Daughter is close to landing both male leads first before finding the female lead. Park Hyung Sik has already signed on as the other male lead, a male version of the chaebol’s daughter in that he’s rich and always gets his way, while Sung Joon’s character is the other end of the spectrum in growing up with all the indignities of a poor background. Chaebol’s Daughter still has some time to complete the casting as it doesn’t premiere until June after Heard it Through the Grapevine.


Sung Joon Offered the Male Lead in SBS Drama Chaebol’s Daughter — 40 Comments

    • Amen for this!
      Jung So Min and Sung Jun had a great chemistry in Can We get Married. And Their height difference just makes them as the the cutest couple eveeerr!

      • YES YES YES!!! OMG, that drama can be frustrating sometimes but those two are super duper adorable. I love both of them. SBS please make it true

  1. Not a fan of Sung Joon’s acting, not sure i will watch it now since Park Seo Joon has opted out from this. I don’t think Sung joon is ready for male lead yet, his supporting roles don’t stand out like Park HaeJin or Park Seo Joon who have proven themselves as good actors. It’s just my opinion.

    • I find his acting has always been good. But he was just not lucky enough because he was in the dramas either with low rating or messed script. And I think, he was the only good thing (well, besides Hyun Bin) in Hyde Jekyll Me.
      hoping this time he’ll get the spotlight!

    • @Whitediamond,

      I guess you have not been following him for a long time.

      Sung Joon has been a male lead in 3 dramas since 2012 and he carried them very well.

      He did 2 dramas with TVN: Shut Up Flower Boy Band (SUFBB) and the last installment of “I need romance 3” with Kim So Yeon and they had great chemistry.

      He was also a lead in JTBC’s “Can We Get Married” with Jung So Min and they were the cutest thing ever.

      Maybe you only watch the big 3’s dramas where indeed he’s only had 2nd male leads roles.

      This is his 1st offer for a lead for a big network, but he’s certainly not a rookie for lead roles.

      And he can definitely deliver as a lead in the right role.

      I suggest you watch SUFBB, he was quite a sensation in there.

    • He’s charming/cute as the male lead in Flower Boy Band and I need Romance 3. He’s ready way before this upcoming drama.

  2. Sung Joon is love. I’m happy he’s finally stepping into main lead territory. I found him the only good thing next to Hyun Bin that came out of HJM. I felt the drama was best when it was about them, their tangled past, and reluctant eventual friendship. I really want Han Groo for this, I think they’ll look adorable together.

  3. Yeah, Good luck for him. He is an unlucky actor. He always did his best. I know he can act. My votes for female lead are
    1. Jung so min
    2. Han Groo
    3. Baek jin hee
    4. Lee yu bi
    5. Park se young

      • Moon Ga Young is the first one SBS wanted not Han Groo. I think u got confused with Lee Jun Ki drama from MBC ‘Scholar who walks the night’ MBC first wanted Han Groo, but they rescinded the offer to her and now Kim So Eun is the lead.

      • @whitediamond – Moon Ga Young?! Isn’t. that the girl in that Exo web drama, isn’t she way too young for this role? And not enough experience…yn

    • OMO, this! I absolutely one hundred percent am on board with your list. But in my list at the top, the order is different, I’m switching 1 and 3 and Baek Jin Hee is at the top with Jung So Min in the third place.

    • Park Hyungsik’s role is second male lead. Sung joong’s role is male lead. I think this drama will be love triangle, and second female lead role is like a supporting role.

  4. Happy for him. He’s young talented actor. I hope he accept this drama. I felt bad fell for Eric instead of him in Discovery of Love since Sung Joon was actually my first reason watching DoL. And HJM’s messy script can’t make me continue watching him till the end. Can we have Park Shi Hye collaborate with him? They must look good together. Please, no noona romance this time. And please let him play role in his age too. I’m sick to see him act as older person.

    • Park shin hye? I don’t think so. He is not that level yet to be a her leading man. Her leading men are the insanely popular guys like LJS and LMH. But you can dream in the future, not now.

      • But I saw the pictures of Sung Joon and Park Shin Hye photoshoots somewhere. Anyway, whoever the leading girl, I hope she’s good at acting like him.

      • I find it ridiculous when people say that some actors are not at the level of others to act opposite them.

        Who’s Park Shin Hye?

        She acted opposite Jung Hyun Hwa in Heartstrings…big deal

        She acted opposite Yoon Shi Yoon in “Flower boy next door”, he’s certainly not a powerhouse, but I don’t think PSH had an issue with that.

        Kim So Eun is acting opposite the powerhouse that is Lee Jung Ki, and she’s certainly not at his “level” but who cares?

        Lee Jong Suk only started to become “insanely” popular after acting with the “insanely” popular and powerhouse Lee Bo Young, who did not mind that he was not at her “level” at the time.

        What is a level?

        I have a feeling that actors, producers and such don’t even look at all these stupid level characteristics, except fans to create controversies.

        What should matter is if an actor suits a role or not, and that’s the exciting part of dramas when you have a mix of actors from different backgrounds.

        And that’s what makes a drama like “I can hear your voice” exciting.

      • Wow PSH must be at the highest level actress in Korea, at the very highest, so the other actor under his level can’t act with her. Amazing

      • If we are going to only pair up actors based on them having the same level of popularity, you are choosing from a very small pool and you are going to end up with the same, repetitive boring pairings. We will miss out on potentially great pairings. Having said that, I am actually all for a Sung Joon – Park Shin Hye pairing, she is so naturally sympathetic and likable and he does rough around the edges very well.

      • Well said. Preach! sogazelle! Two insanely power house stars Lee Min Ho and Park Shin hye led insanely popular drama “Heirs” which is the lousiest drama I’ve ever watched. Suck!

    • PSH isn’t doing any project this year so I don’t think it’s possible. They were kinda awkward at the KBS award drama in 2013 so I don’t know… But Shinhye has a record of doing drama w her cf costars (LJS, LMH, JGS) so SJ, YYS, YSH and KHN are some of the actors that we might see her with in the future. I’m rooting for YYS and YSH because they are both adorable and cute offcam πŸ™‚

      Talking about level, it does matter most case actually… but if the role and script are great, I’m sure she doesn’t mind πŸ™‚



    Phew. Sorry for being too incoherent. Please accept it Sung Joon! <3 <3

  6. Did they offer the role to Han Groo at some point? Or is it just me who’s confused with another drama. I would be SO ON BOARD if these two were to pair up for this show! AH πŸ˜€

  7. Unrelated…

    Now there’s another shocker!

    Lee Yoo Bi just confirmed to be the crossdressing FEMALE Lead in “the Scholar Who Walks The Night” with Lee Jun Ki and Kim So Eun is not even playing the Ginsaeng role but a another 2nd lead role.

    This drama is sure is…

  8. From Park Seo Joon to this guy? Talk about a downgrade! And pls don’t bother replying to me with titles of his work. I’ve seen them and he sucks!

  9. I hope he accepts! He’s so talented and did really well in all the dramas where he was lead on cable, he’ll make a great leading man.

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