Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin Reunite for It’s Okay, It’s Love Overseas Promotions

I’m so over the Kill Me Heal Me vs. Hyde, Jekyll, Me fan wars, which thankfully died down now that one is considered a success while the other a failure after all was said and done. That doesn’t influence how I much I’m personally got some enjoyment out of both dramas, which skews towards liking each for different reasons and to varying degrees. With that said, neither holds a candle to last year’s progenitor of the recent glut of K-dramas with psychologically damaged male leads. It’s Okay, It’s Love really should have gotten more awards and higher ratings, a drama with excellent all-around acting (even the idols!) and a tight script that got better and better as the story progressed.

I’m also missing leads Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung a lot. She’s likely coming back to drama land soon with Producer but he hasn’t picked his next project yet. I thought he would have been ideal for Kim Eun Sook‘s Descendants of the Sun, though the final choice of Song Joong Ki makes me just as happy. IOIL’s Jang Jeo Yeol and Ji Hae Soo ended up being one of my fave OTPs last year, both narratively as their characters supported and healed each other, as well as the crackling adult chemistry between the two leads. KMHM has great chemistry with Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum but the story and characters skew towards comic book while the less is said about Hyun Bin paired with Han Ji Min the better. Enjoy the IOIL leads in new magazine stillsย while promoting the overseas airing of the drama.

I find myself missing It’s Okay, It’s Love more than how much I was addicted to the drama during its airing, probably one of those dramas that will in hindsight get even better with time.


Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin Reunite for It’s Okay, It’s Love Overseas Promotions — 43 Comments

  1. i LOVE this drama too! MISSING it a lot now after reading your post Koala.
    Their chemistry is beyond awesome and i definitely agree that the whole cast are great and perfect!

  2. I Loved this drama so much GHJ and JIS have fantastic chemistry even in photo shoots they look like they enjoy each other. Best drama in a long time.

  3. Am I the only who isn’t blown away by this drama? I still haven’t finished it yet. It’s really a struggle for me to continue after ep 8. Finally at ep 10. At this rate I don’t know how long it’ll take me to finish.

    • Same… I love both leads and the story was not bad but I sort of lost interest somewhere in the middle, I don’t even remember where I left off.. wait, I think I might’ve actually finished it.. or watched the last episode.. JIS’s last drama was more interesting to me than this one despite being melo.

    • I wasn’t super impressed either but I just continued watching cos I like to finish my dramas. It all became worth it in the last few eps.

    • You’re not the only one. As much as I love and adore Gong Hyo Jin, I just couldn’t finish it. Story was too boring for me.

    • Same for me. I was forcing myself to watch because everyone was so loving this and while watching I was like it sure will get better soon but it never got for me ๐Ÿ™ I didnt finish the last eps coz I took a long break because of exams and just didnt come back to it to even check the ending ๐Ÿ™ I do love the leads though

    • I wasn’t blown away either. It was a pleasant eatch but not compelling. I do love JIS’s performance and think his performance is the best aspect of the drama.

  4. Love this drama and I think is one of those that it’s in a different level. So I don’t blame the people that had/have a problem with it.

  5. I liked it. The writing is one of the best last year. But talking about awards, now that Baeksang’s nominations are out, I have to say their chance to add the trophy is slim because they have to face the powerhouses in Misaeng, Punch, HITTG, and KMHM. Seriously, the nominees are no joke. It’ll be hard for both IOIL and JIS to compete if not in writing department (which has Punch. Good luck). I’d like to blame SBS for focusing too much on YFAS, which I liked, but never understood the hype.

      • Thank you dear, you’re funny. song Triplets? I can’t see pinocchio right? I can’t read any Korean. Happy for kmhm, punch and misaeng. How about most popular actor and actress awards?

      • @Scarlet
        Park Shin Hye gets nomination for best actress.
        Maybe dramabeans will post it. But mostly the nominations are from those dramas I’ve mentioned above. For most popular actor/actress I don’t know yet, I think it’s based on votes and the list is too long.

      • @kar Park shin ye get nomination for best actress while gong hyo jin no? Baeksang…… you makes me speechless.

      • In terms of writing, yes. But in terms of directing-writing-acting, I think Misaeng will win big. I predict Punch will get best screenplay while Misaeng will get best drama.
        IOIL only got two nominees in JIS as best actor and NHK in best screenplay. And just fyi, the nominees for best actor are Kim Rae Won, Cho Jae Hyun, Jo In Sung, Lee Sung Min, and Ji Sung. I see no chance for Jo In Sung, therefore I said what I said above.

    • Nah I wouldn’t say JIS is far off behind the others, esp those of his contemporaries in the list, to just cross his name out completely like you said His performance in IOIL was a powerhouse itself imo. Jo Jae Hyun just got his award in the same category last year so i don’t know if he’s as big as a contender this year.

  6. I loved “thank you” the most among all kdrama I’ve watched before iotl, and “master’s sun” is such one of the most overwhelming experience for me of watching kdrama while it’s airing… But then IOTL showed up…

    many people may unimpressed, hardly finish watching it from beginning to end, cant related to it at all, cant understand the main point, cant see the wonderfulness of drama, cant feel the DEPTH of the drama… find that IOTL isnt that great drama at all… which I can fully understand it, but honestly, still makes me sad… because like you said koala, IOTL deserves very much more recognition and even more it’s one of the drama that I think should be watched by more people on this earth specially those who always looks down at mental disorder people..

    For me IOTL is the most perfect kdrama… they done great in all departments! Writing, acting, directing, casting, music, cinematography, the moral lesson, positive massage of life, and the most important, I love it because it’s one of the most realistically written and naturally acted. For IOTL delivered one of best and most complete love story.

    Hope more people CAN SEE and FEEL the AWESOMENESS of IOTL…

    And I really love Writer NOh Hee Kyug, God, her writing skill/talent is NO JOKE! I truly adore the depth and complicatedly in her writing, hope someday she and GHJ would reunite again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Park shin hye nominated for best actress & not Gong hyo jin?
    What has become of k-drama land seriously!

    At least for best drama the nominations are decent especially Punch, Misaeng, IOIL & KMHM.

    • Well I won’t complain with the nomination. Those are great dramas so they really deserve it. I think misaeng has the greatest chance to get more award.
      The nomination for best actor is great but how about the nomination for best actress? Kang so ra?

      • no Kang Sora.
        Best actress nomination is :
        Kim Ok Bin – Yuna’s Street
        Song Yun Ah – Mama
        MoonChunghee – Mama
        Lee Yoo Ri – Jang Bo-ri Is Here
        Park Shin Hye – Pinocchio

        All is well-deserved to be honest

      • Everyone raved about Misaeng. Somehow I felt this drama was very boring and dry. What the heck did I have to watch mundane office life repeat again on screen after long hours of stressful work myself? I don’t feel related watching Misaeng. To the opposite, I got dozed off each time I tried to get into it. This story line just doesn’t work for me. Nevertheless in Misaeng, Kang Sora cleared off her nosy image playing the 2nd female lead in Dr. Stranger.

    • well you might not like her acting but PSH did well for her role and I’m happy that she gets the recognition along with other senior names.
      And the list for best actress and actor are really no joke. So just because your bias wasn’t nominated you don’t have to bash others….
      I don’t think Shinhye has a chance to with but it’s already an honor for her to get nominated

    • And what an OST! I still get goosebumps when I listen to “Hero” or “You’re my best friend”! It’s almost a year and I can’t get over this soundtrack…I’m probably ruined, XD!

  8. I loved this drama so much I finished it in three days. I’ve recently ordered the soundtrack and I’ve been listening to it on a loop while at work. Super underrated when it’s one of the best I’ve seen.

  9. They were my OTP last year and was one of my favorite drama of the year and all time. I think they should have gotten more awards and better ratings to showcase just how great it was. I will always love this drama and the OTP for portraying an adult relationship to the fullest.

  10. I hope Jo In Sung will pick a sageuk for his comeback. He looks fabulous as a sageuk warrior. Hahah….I can’t resist a hot leading guy even his acting is compromised a bit.

    Although I love this OTP of It’s Ok It’s Love, somehow I felt suffocated when I watched the first few eps and quit at ep 4. I guess the drama is too serious and the acting is superb real for me to get relaxed and enjoyed, given I was from a family of psychologist/counselor…… Anyhow, I would shun any drama exploring psychological/psychiatric issues or based upon related material. Kill Me Hill Me is the exception. I watched it out of boredom (Yup! that’s how I started watching K drama actually) and also knowing Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eun had great chemistry in Secret Love. Unexpectedly, KMHM surprised me with hilarious comic humor which gave me an easier ride through the end.

  11. I like both Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung.. The drama is interesting but I can’t finish this for some reason. I managed to reach ep 13 though. Maybe it got to do with the script or chemistry between leads..

  12. We say in our hearts after watching IT’S OKAY IT’S LOVE, we the international viewers are following both of them. Their team up and how they play their role were SUPERB! We all come up to a two thumbs up for them for the job well done. Truly they both are adorable. Congratulations to both of you!

  13. IOIL is one of my best kdrama ever: script, casting, life lesson, best OTP, and OST. IOIL is smart drama. i still cant finish misaeng, KMHM, or Hyde Jekyll because theyre too dry, overacting, and bad script. why peope still compare KMHM and Hyde?? both of them wasnt good i think.

  14. By far my favorite drama of the year. For those who gave up on the I encourage you to finish it due to the other twists in the end and JIS’ amazing acting at the end. Wow!

  15. In IOIL case, the drama is too serious for a rom-com (although it’s deemed as one, I don’t want to label this drama), too unexciting for a melo, and too real for a K-drama in overall, so I get where people are coming from. Personally, I dragged the drama over a month while finishing YWCFTS in only 2 days. However, when I did finish it, I felt enriched and surprised that I would ever get this deep sentiment in the K-land. It’s not the kind that’s supposed to hook you in and feed you entertainment, it’s honest and raw, like watching real life people in real life situations, dull while it’s happening, insightful and beautiful when it’s over. I love when movies and dramas do that to me.
    The OTP is just on another level. I love them for choosing this script. GHJ is graceful as always (how was she not nominated for baeksang? GHJ is extremely underrated when it comes to awards), while JIS, idk but it’s like he’s finally grown up lol. I read somewhere that NHK writing IOIL thinking of JIS, so maybe there’s a reason for such feelings.

  16. One is the best dramas I have ever watched. The script was awesome and unpredictable and I, as a psychology major found the storyline quite interesting. The chemistry between now leads was off the charts. Good job to writers, cast n crew. After watching it I started following both leads.

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