SBS Sageuk Six Dragons Flying Courting Kim Myung Min to Play Jeong Do Jeon

In less than 24-hours, SBS has declared a serious intention to make a sageuk statement this year. The network has started preparing for upcoming 50-episode long sageuk Six Dragons Flying by first making waves with the casting. The first named attached to the drama is young actor Yoo Ah In, who is considering the offer to star in what may become his final drama prior to enlisting for military service. Since the drama references six dragons, there are still five more leads to cast and today dropped the second big name in the mix.

Kim Myung Min has received the offer to join the cast of Six Dragons Flying to play famed historical figure Jeong Do Jeon. Six Dragons Flying centers around the court of King Taejong (Yi Bang Won), whose father King Taejo was an early monarch of the Joseon dynasty and was assisted by political Jeong Do Jeon who is credited with creating the Joseon political framework. If Kim Myung Min accepts this drama, it will be his first sageuk in ten years since he headlined the 104 episode KBS weekend drama Immortal Admiral Yi Soon Shin back in 2005.


SBS Sageuk Six Dragons Flying Courting Kim Myung Min to Play Jeong Do Jeon — 9 Comments

    • come on? stop kidding around.. LMAO! are you seriously planning on watching this 50 episode saguek that would run for almost 6months

      • I do plan on watching it if both of them accept. I love them both, Kim Myung Min more.
        50 episode dramas are not that bad. If they are currently airing, it’s watching two episodes per week just like any other drama. I tend to shy away from dramas that are more than 100 episodes and/or if I couldn’t start it before many episodes aired.

      • I survived watching Empress Ki (51 eps) and currently watching Hwajung. If both sign on and I like the casts, of course I will watch it..

  1. I still don’t think this will run for 50 episodes. SBS will not cast someone who’s gonna enlist soon like Yoo Ah In to headline a 50 episodes sageuk.

  2. I hope they both accept. SBS make this happen! I usually shy away from dramas that are this long but there are always exceptions to the rule.

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