Warm and Cozy Holds Drama Press Conference and Releases 6-minute Long Preview

I can’t say the leads of Warm and Cozy are already warm and cozy around each other, but they certainly are color coordinated and cheerful. If Yoo Yeon Seok can please remove his distracting lipstick then the whole look is dapper and fun,¬†while Kang Sora‘s dress just avoids looking like a gingnam curtain wrapped around her by the waist ribbon save, and the fact that she’s got a glorious figure to distract from the less than chic frock. The leads sartorial complementing look aside, the whole cast was nicely decked out at the press conference with plenty of Martha’s Vineyard’s ensembles to go around.

The highlight of all press conferences, aside from the fashion successes and failures, is the chance to catch the long drama preview at the end. Warm and Cozy dropped a 6-minute long preview that provides the first full look at the story – Seoul girl goes to Jeju and hijinks ensue with rich wastrel boy who lazes away his life on the island, or something like that. The upside is that the long preview didn’t suck, and there are plenty of drama long previews that make me run away screaming in and of itself. The downside is that the long preview imparts the same mealy impression as the bland and uninspiring drama posters. Check it you for yourself and see if it tickles your fancy.

Enjoy your own takeaway from the long preview but it continues to be underwhelming for me. I hated the opening voiceover that was so blatant a Jeju Island tourism spiel of the “If you’re tired of the busy life, come to warm and cozy Jeju!” type. After that the whole thing just comes across so pleasant and bland, there is no hook anywhere with any of the characters, be it beaten down but assertive Kang Sora or smiles too much and isn’t well liked Yoo Yeon Seok. For the first time in a Hong sisters drama, they actually created lead characters that don’t have distinctive personalities. With that said, the weirdest bit is that I don’t understand what the whole story is about, or maybe I should say the whole sequence of events seems so randomly strung together just to everyone to Jeju. At the end of watching it, I have to tell myself to keep my mind open and watch the first two episodes next we

Long 6-minute preview for Warm and Cozy:


Warm and Cozy Holds Drama Press Conference and Releases 6-minute Long Preview — 40 Comments

  1. yoon yeon suk and kang soras chemistry during the press conference was amazing, i loved it. i also loved the highlight it was great, and when i watched it with the Eng sub it was eve more amazing, i can tell im going to love this drama. i always love drama that focus on more than the usual four characters in a story, those types of dramas tend to do well. i hope they use that poster they had in press conference as the main poster, it seems to carry the theme very well and i love the two leads derpy faces, anyway that trailer left me wanting more and i cant wait for wednesday. also i love the casting, did you guys see go kyun pyo as kang soras brother, its perfect they really look alike , heck her and yoon yeon suk and go kyung pyo look like they all could be siblings. anyway cant wait

  2. I never watch long previews because they kill the enjoyment of watching the episode itself.

    Can’t wait for this show!

  3. It doesn’t interest me at all so I guess I will pass. It looks cute and funny but there is nothing which really stands out for me so yeah’.

  4. I think I’ll welcome this! After so many dramas about split personalities, vampires, I think this will be nice. Sure, it won’t be winning any awards, but it’ll be relaxing to just focus on the characters.

    • Agree!! But i still have a feeling that we are not being told everything!! If im wrong though, i will welcome a simple love story between two different people, as simple as that sounds cause i have missed a simple true rom com this couple of years..

    • I don’t like being presumptuous but I’m going to be just this once. The OTP has even worse vibes than Big, imho. I’m saying it now before the drama’s premiere since I hate to be the prophet of doom and gloom. If I’m wrong I will very humbly beg for forgiveness from the drama gods and if I’m right I will be so extremely miserable. I prefer to ask for redemption on my knees than being rectified. I don’t want to be a hateful Cassandra and I really really find quite distasteful comments like mine. I wish this was not a Hong sisters’ drama but that very fact was the prime reason for a post this awful! SORRYYYY!!!!

  5. Hmm it somehow lacked soul so it didn’t manage to grab me. I think I will still check it out and maybe only read the recaps (if you plan on recapping it). Currently I feel the same way about ‘Sensory Couple’

  6. You know what is the problem? they look alike!
    Is that only me or do they really look similar to each other?

  7. I really want to like Sora’s gingham dress, I do… but I’ve never been one for wonky hemlines, it’s just not working for me.

  8. Looking pretty bland.
    The male lead seriously has no leading man aura with his limited range. *sighs*. I can completely see KIM WOO BIN in that character and totally nails it. too bad just too bad he turned this down. NEXT!

    • Wow..never in my life i would believe that i would see the phrase limited range and yoo yeon seok together. That’s like blasphemy, he is such an experienced and seasoned actor, with so many movies on his back and finally gets his Chance for a leading role. Even the director said he was casted based on his acting. You may not like him, or yes prefer someone else but please dont degrade him as an actor

      • I’m so so so sorry for this… but just one word: Big! And just one name: Gong Yoo. Was he not casted based solely on his acting? It was not even his first leading role. You probably don’t want to remember the rest and nor do I! So the bottom line is that nothing is assured in life…not even succsess in a Hong sisters drama! Let’s not get carried away with comments on something we have yet to watch. And this comes from a huge fan of the sisters!

  9. yoo yeon seok is an actor with incredible range. i’m not even a fan but even i can acknowledge that. it is his first leading role in a prime time drama series so i can understand where the apprehension is coming from, plus before r1994 he was seen more as a character actor rather than leading man material. i really hope he can prove the skeptics wrong with this role. idk how i feel about his pairing with kang sora (i know how delulu and unlikely this was but i had like half a hope that him and go ara would be paired up for this after their pairing in r1994 didn’t get a chance to flourish) but i’ll keep my fingers crossed and expectations low for the first two weeks and save my judging for after.

  10. What?! Yoo Yun Suk has limited range?! This man is like a chameleon – he can nail any role may it be a goofy, romantic guy or a sinister character. He’s an amazing actor. Maybe what he lacks is the leading man charisma for him not to get far even after a long career. At least his acting is now getting recognized by producers and directors. I agree with Koala that their poster is so generic… Well for me coz I fail to see the uniqueness and vibrancy of colors but the trailers are interesting and I know acting wise KSR and YYS can deliver.

  11. YYS and Kang Sora seems doesn’t have chemistry togthter when he is easily has sizzling chemistry whomever he works with in dramas and movies and even variety show (Youth Over Flowers). I dislike he lose his weight and chubby cheeks. He has more chemistry with Im Soo Jung in their recent movies together. However I can easily see his chemistry if he ever paired with Han Groo or Lee Yeon Hee. But will watch the first ep first to see how its coming together but I can’t see the restaurant focus theme so much. Just random things happen in the preview.

  12. I actually like Kang Sora’s dress, gingham is just my style and it suits her body beautifully (thank god for the waist ribbon though). I can even ignore the weird way the neckline looks like boob patchwork since the ribbon is there to distract. It looks all prim and prissy but there was a shot where she was walking and it turns out it has a slit almost up to THERE lol. Unexpected!

    The long preview doesn’t give a lot away, but it has me interested enough to find out what the story is about. And the leads don’t feel flat together, which should be a good sign.

  13. I love everything in these drama :)….kkkk…. I like sora dress, especially before her stylish change the neck line….maybe they change it to make her comfortable(cover her bo***)…asia style :).
    There news before that it will be a romantic comedy and a healing drama…..a healing for a lazy grasshopper & an angry ant….& a healing for us (at least me) too…take the lesson from what i watch/see.
    The teaser looks so funny & fun!.. hope my expectation not to high….cant wait!…counting the day!.. Its d-3 now ^^
    Hope we will enjoy, likes, & loves it more !!!

  14. This is the first Hong sisters drama that hasn’t peaked my interest. I’ve seen the leads in other dramas and they’re great actors. I don’t know about the chemistry just yet, but that can improve as the drama progresses. But what exactly is the plot of this drama and what is so special about the lead characters?

  15. ummm i really can’t warm up to kang sora..why oh why..what’s wrong with me..maybe in this drama it will change?i hope so..

  16. You’re so interesting in that you down talk many a drama before they premiere, so that when they actually are successful, you can swoop in and say they totally swept you off your feet, you’re in love and the drama’s #1 fan. Awks. Whatevs.

  17. so many negative comments. i did like the long preview and willing to give the drama a chance. if i’m looking for a serious drama i can always watch OCN drama or melodrama from the big 3. i do hope it will be a light and fun drama. from the preview it looks like the two leads already knew each other/ has some connection. is KS YYS’s character first love?

      • Oh really? well that explains..tho in the preview it looks like they have the same parents? lol
        i guess i need to watch the preview again or wait to Wednesday.

  18. I don’t think this drama is for you Ockoala. You have already developed some negative vibe about it since the first day you read YYS was casted

  19. ah…Jinyoung~ I totally forgot he was casted in this drama. Now another reason to watch this one. 2 eyecandies Yoo Yeon Suk and Jinyoung in one drama is a must watch for me at least. Although like miss Koala here, I was skeptical with Hong sister’s drama. I was really excited seeing that they had made My Girl, Chunhyang, Gumiho and King2heart which I loved to pieces till this day. I really do! But when I remember the disaster coming from them in the form of BIG. I’m genuinely worried for the 2 lead. Anyway. still gonna check out the drama.

  20. I would love if this can bring a light-heart or warm feeling like watching slice of life anime
    it just sometimes drama content becomes too heavy for my heart at the moment or tried to do something dumb plot to distract viewer

  21. Hi koala, I would appreciate if you stop hating on this drama or kang sora and yys. Your words doesn’t sound nice. I just have to leave a comment as you are promoting hate for the cast and the drama, if you didn’t realize that. I’d advice you to just not watch it and blog about it if you don’t like it. If you’d still watch anyway, try keeping your negative opinions to yourself, and add more positiveness to your post. That would be more pleasant for readers to read, don’t you think?

    • it’s her blog and she can write whatever she wants. We like her because of her honest opinions even I don’t agree with them oftem
      You don’t have to read it

      • Yes it is her blog. I’m not forcing her. It’s just an “advice”. My point is that writing positives are better instead of bringing people down and promoting her dislike for this drama to her readers. And don’t worry this is only my second time visiting here, and never again.

  22. I like them both and I am actually happy to see them both in leading roles. I think both of the leads have so much potential. Also, they have proven that they can have chemistry with whoever. Heck, Kang Sora made it even so believable in WGM with a Kpop idol. Plus, it’s from Hong Sisters! I am quite excited!

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