Lego Lee Goes Silver Fox and Sheds his In a Good Way Style

I’m always sad to move on from a favorite drama, character, or pairing. The nostalgic sadness is hammered home when the actor or actress sheds the look of the character from the drama. It’s been a nearly a year since TW-drama In a Good Way ended but I don’t think the drama will ever seem less than the perfect viewing experience memory for me. It was exactly what I needed, delivered almost perfectly with only the ending being less than ideal for the romantic in me. I know leads Lego Lee and Kristen Jen‘s characters will (must, have to, whatever) end up together but not seeing it onscreen really sucked the happy out of me.

I feel even worse that Lego got saddled with a crap followup drama in Aim High but luckily Kristen is making kissy wonderfully with Kingone Wang in Someone Like You, one out of two ain’t bad. I recently came across a picture of Lego with his Honey and Clover costar Ito Chiaki – she was in Taipei for a concert and Lego went to support her, the two snapped a picture backstage that showed off Lego’s new grey/silver locks. Only he can pull it off but sadly Liu Chuan is really gone for good now. Come back with a better drama soon, okay Lego? I’m waiting for you!


Lego Lee Goes Silver Fox and Sheds his In a Good Way Style — 8 Comments

    • From what I know, the supposed movie was announced during the early episodes (drama still with a rabid fanbase and high ratings), but even with the steep decline in ratings, I remember reading that they were still considering the movie, hence the drama’s open ending. I think a movie might be far-fetched, but a drama (10 years after) might just work. I’m hoping for that, Liu Chuan and Jia En needs to end up together!!!!!!!!

      • Still bitterly disappointed in the open ending…
        I’ll take anything even if it’s just one episode of closure bc ChuanEn deserve a happy ending.

        Isn’t Lego’s hair back to black now? I thought I remembered seeing an IG pic last? week of him filming or shooting something with Puff Guo..

  1. I think I would have enjoyed In A Good Way more if they had stopped in episode 20 or so instead of extending it. Liu Chuan and Jia En deserved a better ending. As for Aim High I’m glad Rong Rong didn’t take on that drama (if she was offered a role there) as I think Someone Like You is a better drama and allowed her to grow more as an actress. The drama also created another good on-screen couple Rong Rong x Kingone who have so much chemistry on- as well as off-screen.

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