Netizens Collectively Headdesking as Fukushi Sota Gets Cast as Fuji TV’s Next Getsuku Leading Man

Those of you who followed along with my recaps for Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu know how much I adore Fukushi Sota, but at the same time acknowledge that he’s mostly a terrible actor. So earnest but oh so bad at emoting, hovering between blank slate and constipated when trying to squeeze out some intense feeling. He’s basically my Yamapi 2.0 (minus the hilarious idol side), how could I not love this harmless beautiful boy. He hasn’t ruined a drama or movie yet, always managing to get with better actors to hoist him or the bad acting doesn’t really stand out in story that’s riveting enough.

That’s what makes this breaking casting news so chock full of potential for insane levels of hilarity – my little Sota just got himself the leading man role in Fuji TV‘s next Getsuku (Monday 9), the famed time slot for so many classic blockbuster J-doramas of yore. Don’t believe me, check out the list and marvel. It’s going to be a renzoku (yay) in true love triangle fashion, with Sota playing a hapless dude who sucks at love meeting his high school crush years later and daring to pursue her now. Getting the lead in a Getsuku means an actor or actress has made it, so of course it’s a big step forward for this 21 year old actor. Sadly the response from both the J- and C-netizens have been sooooooo brutal and hilarious and I can’t get enough of it. And I agree with them all, this is going to be a recipe for laugh watching.

The response to Sota’s Getsuku leading role have been understandably brutal, ranging from “what level has Getsuku fallen to?” all the way to hilarious descriptions of Sota’s terrible acting to come of the variety I’ve described above. This dorama looks to be even more craptastic with the likely addition of two equally terrible leading ladies. The female lead is reportedly Honda Tsubasa, who was the female lead in the J-movie version of Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride), an actress I find terribly uncharismatic onscreen. Yet she’s so inexplicably popular right now, but honestly I would take other equally popular young actresses like Goriki Ayame over her any day. With Wings (her name Tsubasa means wing) as the female lead, poor Sota is basically hosed. Add in singer-actress Ohara Sakurako who has already been cast as a supporting female lead, this Getsuku is worth watching just to see the collective bad acting explosion.


Netizens Collectively Headdesking as Fukushi Sota Gets Cast as Fuji TV’s Next Getsuku Leading Man — 29 Comments

  1. Getsuku slot value has fallen over the years, now they don’t manage to bring decent ratings unless the drama is good, yet Fuji still hanging on it’s legendary days. As a marketing thing, maybe?
    I heard the one which is airing now isn’t doing very well?

    It’s strange that in a matter of few years Korean dramas have been getting less rating than Jdorama? I remember I was confused why do Korean drama manage to get rating as high as 20~40 while Japanese drama always around the 10 mark!
    Now I feel like less and less Korean people are watching KD on TV more than Japanese people.

    Anyway I like Ohara!
    I loved her on the movie Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru with sato takeru.
    I just remembered library wars new movie and felt excited!

  2. Fukushi is a terrible actor and shouldn’t be getting roles of any significance. He’s horribly bland and sucks all the energy out of every scene he’s in. He even renders his co-stars nearly unwatchable – I had to steer clear of Ayase for a bit after the crap that was Kaisha.

    • The sad part is there is a batch of talented actors his generation and he keeps getting lead roles over them. Those powerful agencies should get their priorities right! 1 thing i disagree woth this article is about Goriki. She’s overpopulated already so no thank you.

      • So so true. Take Bakuman – he’s the lead, Kamiki Ryunosuke is a supporting character when he could carry a drama on his shoulders when he was already like 12….

        Agree also about Goriki. Both her and Tsubasa are not particularly good, just serviceable at best. They are the next Takei Emi’s I guess… The only thing to do is ignore their dramas, and watch either films or the few dramas that have the good actors/actresses in them. Like Nikaido Fumi, Hirose Suzu (I’m not surprised she scored a role in a Koreeda movie after Gakko no Kaidan!)…

      • @alua huh?? are you sure. as far as I know Sato Takeru is the lead in Bakuman. And have you watched the anime or ever read the manga. It’s a story about 2 guys as lead. So no worries about wasting the talent of the-ever-excellent Kamiki Ryunosuke as the supporting 2nd lead because that won’t happen. Him and Satoh in one movie is a sure-watch for me.

      • @Hannasj…. oops, yes, you’re right! Got confused (not sure why). Except that I find Takeru Sato pretty bland as well (not as bland as Fukushi Sota, but nearly).

      • @alua

        Compared to Kamiki, yuuya yagira, sometani, hayashi kento, Sato Takeru might appear a bit bland but he is growing nicely. His new drama shows a lot of promises for him in the future. & yes i’ll be content with those talents’ movies 😉

        What annoys me about gouriki is that she scores leading roles with very respected actors that i really want to watch their shows.

    • i think he’s a good one because i have watched (as the god’s will) and its preety amazing. i want to watch him paired again with beautiful hirona yamazaki in the next movie. Maybe love story!?

  3. I don’t care if he sucks at acting ill watch him in anything and probably love it just because all his pretty. I guess I’m pretty swallow that way haha

  4. I agree with you all guys. He is just an eye candy for me.
    They should change the better casts.
    Dear Koala, please update the casting news of this if the casts will change.

  5. Fukushi Sota is totally adorably/hot when he bites his lip, and I loved KWKY up until episode 8 when it sank faster than the Titanic. Sota cannot act, no disputing that. However, I’m in. The guy just has something me so very likey!

  6. Such a shame but I was actually pleased once I saw who his co-stars were. Couldn’t stick around for KwKY but it was mostly the story and its trajectory. I just didn’t buy it. No denying he should have more minimal, supporting adorable roles like Clinic on the Sea.
    Can only hope it’s a learning experience for all and the cast enjoys themselves. Plus someone somewhere will think he’s great and the drama was stellar. They always do. *sigh*

  7. Haven’t been following this season’s Japanese dramas, so it’s nice to read some Jdrama news to see what’s happening there. Little shocked at the cast for the next Fuji Drama. Wondering how Fukushi Sota got such a huge role… Does he have that much star power in Japan now? Even the female lead, Tsubasa Honda. I thought she was okay in “Piece”, but always thought her acting was rather average.

    • I love Piece quite a lot, but I think its strength lie in the counter-conventional plot, not the acting of the two leads – who were cute but no more than decent.

      My current fave jdrama is Fuben na Benriya, zero plot but oh-so-hilarious. And Okada Masaki is well suited to comedy (he doesn’t always hit the right note, but he’s mightily fine in this drama). Ishitachi no Renai Jijou isn’t bad either, though the plot isn’t particularly original.

  8. Blah. This cast looks like one from those manga adapted teenybopper movies. I really loved the last 2 getsu9 Nobunaga (that ‘ending’ though..) and Date though. Still undecided about Wagaya, it’s different but not very engaging.

    Fukushi is best utilised like how he was in Kaisha. Pure eyecandy.

  9. He was okay in the cute dorama with Hirosue Ryoko but he’s not leading man material. Which agency does he belong to as they must really have the power to promote him and get him these roles.
    Tsubasa is okay, she’s a hit or miss. Apparently movie wise she’s better.

  10. blegh~~ this casting report is meh through and through. I cringe at the very thought of Fukushi Sota as the getsuku9 lead. How could the producer of the drama could ever think that he could level up to Oguri shun MatsuJun or even Matsuda Shota? I’m maybe exxagerating but he failed miserably in the emotion department in each character he had to play. the only watchable acting gig he’d ever done is Starman. Come on, if they really want a young actor to grab the spot they could do so much better with Yamazaki Kento Kamiki Ryunosuke and many other excellent young talent witth look if I must say. And Tsubasa Honda….she was bland but I like her so much that I failed to contempt why so. hahha. Sakurako Ohara…this is the only casting thet I find pleasant to watch. I like her in KanoUso and Suikyuu Yankees. With that said, I’ll pass this drama sorry. Can’t bear to skimp thru every nook and crany just trying fond a good quality acting coming in the form of Fukushi Sota.

  11. I blame popularity rankings, there must be a problem with how they make them in japan because most of the time they don’t make sense, don’t reflect reality and very talented actors get forgotten because of those rankings. I don’t find Sota attractive personally but I wouldn’t mind if he could act, it’s sad because I’ve been waiting for a japanese drama like rich man poor woman and they keep casting terrible actors in those so I can never watch yet there are so many talented, brilliant actors and actresses in this new generation.

  12. Ohara Sakurako is a better actress than Honda and Ayame and I can’t believe that you actually Ayame. She’s terrible. However, if this drama wishes to go down the drain, then Ayame would be a better choice since she and Sota re both “GOri-oshis”.

  13. i think he’s a good one, because i’ve watched (as the god’s will) and i love it. i want to watch him again in a next movie together with beautiful hirona yamazaki. Maybe love story!??

  14. Thanks God it’s not only me who thinks Fukushi Shota acting is really bad. I thinks his face play a big role on him getting a lot of main roles.
    I want to like him for his looks and Language ability which is cool for me. But every time I saw his bad acting it just broke my heart.

    Also I agree about Honda Tsubasa. She is really terrible at acting nor do I think she is pretty. I have no clue why she is popular. Probably she is more like Acchan (maeda atsuko) type of star? Not good at anything, not especially pretty but people just want to support her? (I quite enjoy Acchan on some drama though)

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