Taiwanese Member of Twice Tzuyu Forced to Apologize for Holding Taiwanese Flag

I was hoping this debacle wouldn’t have grown as big as it now has and I wouldn’t have to write about it, because this whole thing is insane for how something so not wrong and inconsequential turned into a political affair. New JYP girl group TWICE member Tzuyu (Chou Tzu Yu) was forced to issue a videotaped apology where she emphasized that there is only one China and that she is Chinese. This comes after Mainland Chinese netizens went on a rampage against her after a singer accused Tzuyu of being pro Taiwanese independence, with the proof being her holding a Taiwanese flag during a broadcast segment on Korean TV.

The fact that Tzuyu is Taiwanese so her holding the flag of her birth country seems devoid of any controversy, but since JYP is trying to market TWICE in China, this kerfluffle caused the group’s CFs and activities to get cancelled. On the flip side, the Taiwanese are flipping mad that Tzuyu was forced the apologize, calling the apology video as awful as one of the ISIS hostage videos where the hostage reads from a piece of paper and claims that ISIS is great. All I know is that 16 year old Tzuyu is insanely pretty, appears to have quite a go-getter and cheerful personality from what I’ve seen of her idol activities, and has done nothing wrong in being Taiwanese, calling herself Taiwanese, and holding a Taiwanese flag. Continue reading