Lee Jun Ki Posts First Pictures From the Set as the Titular Scholar Who Walks the Night

It’s so relaxing watching Lee Jun Ki goof off and act all serious on the set of currently filming MBC drama Scholar Who Walks the Night. The casting problems with this drama are widely known, casting a spectre of concern over the entire proceedings, as if the casting roulette is a sign of the drama’s lack of quality. It may or may not, and there is also the worry about the suitability and chemistry of the eventual actors and actresses chosen for their roles, but for now I choose to remain happily optimistic.

It’s a nice reversal of roles for Lee Jun Ki compared to when he played the straight and human character in Arang and the Magistrate. This time he’s the supernatural character, a 150 year old vampire scholar, while Lee Yoo Bi is the cheerful cross-dressing yanban daughter eking out a living as a bookseller before catching the vampire scholar’s eyes. Lee Jun Ki is rocking the pale complexion and copious guyliner as perfectly as one imagined when he was cast, but a drama does not one good actor make so hopefully the rest of the cast will be unveiled soon and bring a measure of relief that the casting hullabaloo was all for naught.


Lee Jun Ki Posts First Pictures From the Set as the Titular Scholar Who Walks the Night — 14 Comments

  1. LJK is my most favorite K actor. I wait for his dramas every year ever since I first saw him in AATM; so, I’m so watching this! Also, KSE and LYB are my favorites too!
    Btw, LJK looks SO CUTE/HANDSOME in the pictures!!

  2. I love seeing set pictures from sageuks, it’s cool to see the actors all I traditional clothes but with smartphones or wearing Adidas jackets while hanging out bts.

    I don’t think that the acting from the leads will be a problem, Lee Jun Ki is so good in fusion sageuk. Lee Yubi is also a rookie but was better in her first sageuk than LJK’s last leading lady was. And I think Kim So Eun will be really good too.

    the only real worry in the casting imo is Changmin. Otherwise as long as this drama has a decent script it should be ok.

  3. LJG is my favorite actor and one of the best actors I ever see. I have watched LYB’s previous drama and she is a pretty good actress. I’m eagerly waiting for this drama,can’t wait one month more!

  4. Definitely watching this cos Lee Jun-ki is always great in fusion sageuks (sighs loved him soooo much in Arang). I’m also fond of Lee Yu-bi and Kim So-eun so that helps a lot! Can’t wait for this too!

  5. Thanks for the pictures, they’re really nice. Especially like the tone & mood of the 2nd picture. Looks like we’re in for a visual treat this summer. <3

  6. I wish that yu bi and joon gi work hard together to show a great chemistry in this. I dont even mind if they’ll end as a real couple.. (I’m not yubi fan but seems like she’ll suits him well ..keke..). Anyway, whatever the story would become..I’ll watch it indeed.

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