Besties Lee Jong Seok and Kim Woo Bin Coincidentally Hit with Respective Supremely Awkward New CF Campaigns

Have you ever taken one look at a picture and the immediate visceral reaction is “Uhmmmmm, no.” Maybe not as intense as a “hells no”, but definitely eliciting the reaction of wanting to send the whole thing back to sender to re-conceptualize it all. It’s rather cute that good friends Lee Jong Seok and Kim Woo Bin recently got stuck in similar uncomfortable CF pictorials, what better way to suffer¬†ignominious stills than to be able to laugh about it with each other down the line.

Lee Jong Seok and Suzy have been a CF couple for the BBQ chicken brand, with their first winter CF rather cute but the latest summer foray is as bad as it gets. In their together shot Lee Jong Seok is leaning away from Suzy like she has MERS, while his solo shot is the incredibly age-inappropriate pose where Lee Jong Seok is told to act like a cute 6 year old except he’s all of 25 in real life. Over in even more awkward land, Dominoes Pizza Korea decided to pair up also 25 year old Kim Woo Bin with just turned 16 year old teen actress Kim So Hyun as their latest spokescouple. The result is like a¬†velociraptor about to eat its prey.

With actors I love like Lee Jong Seok and Kim Woo Bin, I feel especially free with both my props and criticism whenever applicable because there’s less chance of being labeled a hater or a blinders on stan. In this case, both my boys are being so misused it’s not even funny. Set them free!


Besties Lee Jong Seok and Kim Woo Bin Coincidentally Hit with Respective Supremely Awkward New CF Campaigns — 37 Comments

  1. LJS looks hella awkward with Suzy which is odd considering they aren’t that far apart in age. But KWB and KSH looks fine as siblings. There’s obviously nothing romantic with their pics but I didn’t get any weird ‘No’ thoughts. I could see them being oppa-lil sister and it would just as adorable even with the heart shapes and stuff. Reminds me of SJK and NJH from WISFC where they were also cutesty but very adorable and believable as siblings.

    • Really? It was the opposite reaction for me. Woo bin and the 16 year old look so awkward to me. LJS and Suzy are a little less awkward but the solo flower boy shot looks awkward for sure.

    • yeah the first Woobin/Sohyun pic looks a bit awkward in the first pic but the second straight up looks like they are siblings. It’s quite cute.

      LJS/Suzy though….that was really awkward.

      • Stop complaining about his nose, can you?
        It’s his right to do anything to all his body parts, can we just appreciate his hardwork in acting to satisfy us as readers?

      • Can I? Most probably. Will I? That’s hard to say.

        Anyway, I just find it uncomfortable to look at. Isn’t that normal? Pretty sure a lot of ppl said the same thing before. It’s not like I can control how I feel about his nose. And for the record, I don’t recall saying anything similar before.

    • That’s why plastic surgery is still stigmatize because there are people who are not open minded about it. If it will change the life of that person for correcting what they think a mistake or part that they are not satisfied with their faces then be it. Fans always whine that they look beautiful before but the fact that you call someone ugly one time in your life means that you acknowledge that plastic surgery is just a way of life. Being addicted to P.S. is a different argument.

    • But why does it need to be pointed out in every post as if it’s brand new information? Is there a quota you need to fill by saying it? ‘His nose is fake! Now I feel better about myself today by putting someone else’s looks down.’

  2. They should have just kept go ara and kim woo bin for the dominoes promotions when the commercial came out they were so cute together!

  3. To me, Kim Woo Bin and Kim So Hyun look like siblings, not romantic partners. Lee Jong Seok and Suzy, though… yeah, that’s just awkward.

  4. 1) From what I can see, it seems like the Lee Jong Seok and Suzy were photographed separately then photoshopped together that’s why it looks awkward and stiff.

    2) I would think that if the one with Kim Woo Bin, on the other hand, and the common knowledge that Kim So Hyun is a teenager, the ad agency could have handled the ad as more like brother-sister set-up. It also looks a little bit awkward even without knowing the age of both. It shows, man.

    • wow I hope the CF doesn’t promote any kind of love line between Kim So Hyun and Kim Woo Bin, I thought the ad agency would at least be sensitive to not pairing up a 15 year old girl with a man ten years older, THAT way!

      Looking at the pictures I thought they had a sibling-like feel, like a much older oppa with his kid sister.

  5. “Lee Jong Seok is leaning away from Suzy like she has MERS”

    HA! Oh my God it does look like that! So weird, but so funny. I agree that they look photoshopped into the same picture. Who thought this looked good?

    Why not just make the boys be in CF’s together? We all know they look great together and there will be no awkwardness.

    • I literally lmao while reading Ms. Koala’s hilarious comments. Woo bin and So hyun look like siblings, so I find them cute together. LOL @ “velociraptor about to eat its prey.”

  6. Can Lee Jong Suk stop doing all that “aegyo “stuff it’s very awkward to look at …more annoying then heyris aegyo

  7. Lmaoooo,,,many pictures of jongsuk and suzy aside from those photos you posted which are comfortable to look at, lolll
    and this kind of post, I know this is hilarious but sometimes it will invite haters,,lololol

  8. That forced smile of KWB’s in the first pic is screaming ‘drunk uncle that came to the wrong niece’s party and is trying to play it cool’.

  9. lmao these are SO awkward

    but the second picture of Kim Woo Bin and Kim So Hyun actually looks quite cute, in an oppa-dongsaeng way. They look like siblings who got told to pose nicely for a picture by their mother or something.

    The other pics though….still awkward.

  10. I like KSB & KWB together. They look like close siblings.

    To the other pair…well…it looks like they were taken separat and put together via Photoshop. Whoever did that pics really needs some lessoons done.

  11. If you are referringreferring to those photos above, you should have at least research some other photos before concluding of awkwardness, pedo or mers.

    1. Kwb and ksh I see brotherly vibes, I mean nothing wrong with it. Kids ear pizza too.

    2. Ljs and Suzy I know that you know that it’s clearly Photoshop and that what fans want to see them act cutely. BBQ is a fastfood restaurant in Asia, of course they want to used what others want to see them like. If they suddenly change it and make them more manly and feminine than being cute and cuddly then that would be more awkward looking at the photos around you while eating with serious face. When did you see a fast food restaurant with endorser acting like a serious people.

    This post will only attract haters especially now that one of this actors is seriously in shipping controversy. Be logical

  12. they thought it would be cute with Ki woo bin and Kim so hyun because they saw chemistry between kim soo hyun and kim yoo jung in last domino pizza cf. They are so darn cute! But it different this time as Kim yoo jung look lively compared to kim so hyun who is more quiet type…

  13. KWB and KSH could’ve easily done a more bro-sis vibe, instead of the awkward boring poses.. may be they were unaware of the concept.

    But the other pictorial has no excuse with those poses.. Haha I love him but it looks like someone forced him for the last pic.

  14. Oh my both Sukkie and Woob in awkward CFs!

    More on Woob, i just can’t get the concept with him and KSH. it’s like they were just passing by and got pulled to stand in and shoot a CF together. i agree that it could have been a sibling concept but it did not turn out that way, i can’t even describe what they are trying to project.

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