Ji Soo Drops New Pictorial with Every Shot a Visual Knockout

I don’t foresee ever getting bored doing periodic checks on the rising young acting talent + major hottie that is Ji Soo. He’s not anywhere near popular enough to be covered by the K-media on a regular basis, nor has he cracked open his name and face recognition to the point of doing periodic major pictorials. That doesn’t mean he’s not delivering goodies, only that it requires more digging.

There are new pics of Ji Soo circulating on Kakao that are insanely, ridiculously, unholy amounts of mesmerizing. I actually had problems picking which picture to top this post and that’s almost always a no brainer choice whenever I come across fave star pictorials as one or at most two stand out. Here it’s a smorgasboard of all perfect Ji Soo shots, ranging from sexy dapper, broody suited, and sulky rebel. I’ll take one of each, please!


Ji Soo Drops New Pictorial with Every Shot a Visual Knockout — 12 Comments

  1. I love how 2015 is already building a list of new breakout stars – Ji Soo tops the list of course, but Yook Sungjae is a nice followup. They’ve earned a lot of love from their dramas.

  2. I personally like Nam Joo Hyuk. He put in a nice effort in School 2015 and is completely mesmerizing the reality show from JTBC called Let’s go to school. I think a little bit more polishing, he will be LJS No.2

    • I personally think Nam Joo Hyuk is super flat.And looks super flat beside Kim So Hyun and Yook Sungjae. Yook Sukjae looked like a pro beside him. I can’t even know wether he’s acting sad or angry. He’s just flat. He better practices before becoming the next LJS. Because before LJS’s break out, he was also flat. So I hope he will develop better.

    • I was wondering whether you would have your say . You did . He is attractive , not yet having definite features , as for me .

  3. lol koala fangirling hard on Jisoo..but who wouldn’t. i mean this boy has a very serious charms that u cant resist. I saw somebody post jisoo pic for Elle in soompi forum. For Jisoo lovers, you guys definitely need to check it out..swooning ><

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