Lee Min Ho Celebrates 28th Birthday and Releases New Track “Thank You” for Fans

June 22nd is current Hallyu superstar Lee Min Ho‘s birthday, with the young man turning all of 28 years old in Western years and 29 in Korean age counting schema. That means he’s basically going to be enlisting in the military within the year, delaying it any longer and he’ll start incurring the wrath of Korean netizens who are sticklers for their young men willingly, energetically, and seemingly happy to head off to military service.I feel like Lee Min Ho has been around forever but a quick glance reminds me that his breakout role in Boys Before Flowers was merely six years ago.

The addicting hot mess that was BoF was when I, and likely most of his fans, encountered him for the first time and still remains a pleasant nostalgic memory for me. Oh how time flies. I’ll miss him when he’s off to the military but it’ll also be with a fond heart to see him go because I think he can benefit from the cool down in his rabid fandom and the chance to return manlier with a new vigor for developing his acting career. As a present for his fans on his own birthday, Lee Min Ho released a new track called “Thank You” which is as nondescript and easy-listening as all his musical forays have been.

Lee Min Ho “Thank You”:


Lee Min Ho Celebrates 28th Birthday and Releases New Track “Thank You” for Fans — 21 Comments

  1. The lyrics of this song are also written by him. The main reason why he is so popular even after many years- his relationship with fans.

  2. what? he will enlist within the year? you serious? there is no way his enlisting within the year, and we are already half way 2015, and his starting shooting his film about 6-7 weeks. I believe another project will follow his blockbuster film and late 2016 which is still unlikely so 2017 is the most realistic date even tho its going to be tough for him to get that extension but 2016 september is realistic date.

  3. His a good guy all around, and deserves the success is been getting and even thou I’m not a fan. I believe he deserved his success witht he shows he produced and how huge they were. Bof has 7 anniversary in december this year about 5 months from now.

    Aside from that Lmao.. I don’t think his fans appreciate him and military being mentioned in the same article and it seems they are sensitive about that subject because they just don’t want to let Lee Min Ho go and its an obession.

  4. I have never seen a bigger celebrity BD celebrations its a global birthday where parites were thrown for him all over the world and not even Hollywood celebrities get that kinda of birthdays parites where love keep pouring around the world. This birthday was unique in many different ways and media will not pick up this case. but the work the fans put in was incredable and deserved that song ”Thank You”

    • Well, the celebration is kinda norm anyway for any Korean celebrities that got big international fandoms. But then, his fans could not make it on twitter for trending topic. Any popular idols BD can easily get trending.

      • there is no way Idols individual or groups who can get that kinda of International Recognition with only music. they need screen time to reach that. Twitter is not that much populated and half mio fandom spamming hashtags can get trendy on twitter. it proofs nothing! but 51mio+ fans with all types of international backgrounds and on very border is the deal.

      • 80% of his fans are on facebook and even thou he has a large fanbase on twitter they didn’t take the trending thing serious. but however they throw some large parties around the world.. Ain’t no Idol having these parites globally and not even close to it realistically speaking.

      • I agree with this being possible bigger then Hollywood celebrity BD if looking at how it happened. Idols? come on man! they celebrate 1 mio followers like its huge and there just not there as some might believe on behind closed doors in allkpop. spamming hashtags has no fruits whatsoever, since the fandom numbers will stand the same.

  5. Why LMH fans so butthurt. I mean, I only see what I saw on twitter and all other news reported about his new single. If his birthday celebration is big on FB why no English news sites mentioned about his birthday celebration initiate by fans. I gguess only fans bothered about it since non-ans like me know nothing at all.

    • butthurt? who? where? all i can read is you writes all ur sarcasm “But then, his fans could not make it on twitter for trending topic. Any popular idols BD can easily get trending”. Who cares??? LMH fans is not srsly try to make his bday trending topic worldwide. We are just wanna have fun on sns. No one butthurt-ing you, but myb you are the only one who start butthurt-ing us. Whatever, happy birthday Lee Min Ho!! Yeayyy xoxo

  6. Hi koala.. A bit off topic.. Can you post about lee jung hee article? I think the case must be exposed to a lot of people

  7. Not just him though, a whole bunch of fan favs are going this coming year including seung ki, joo won, Jung il woo … Jang geun suk really needs to go so he can comeback and do an image makeover

  8. People of the world?nobody is perfect!he loves to sing,his songs are not for commercial why the stress?know and note this,in the course of his passion for singing he will surprise the world with a heat!just appreciate what God is doing in his life,wish him happy birthday.lee min ho is Divinely Blessed!if you will agree with me,he’s not the best actor,but people Really love him,young,old,male and female!may this anointing remain on him and fresh anointing regularly Amen.

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