Moon Geun Young Slays with Cute Competitiveness in Girlfriends Episode of 1N2D

It’s been years since I watched KBS variety show 1N2D, which has been buzzed about a lot in the last two months thanks to being the meta platform in the same network drama Producer. I was eager to watch last week’s “Girlfriends” themed episode, where the male cast members each invited a female friend, thanks to the unexpected participation of Moon Geun Young as actor Kim Joo Hyuk‘s friend for the day. It’s been nearly two years since I saw Moon Geun Young onscreen, and even then it was a hate-watch experience with the risible pottery sageuk Goddess of Fire.

The only good thing to come out of that turd was Moon Geun Young and second male lead Kim Bum‘s real life relationship, which unfortunately didn’t even last a year. She returned to her normal low key life outside of acting projects so it’s such a treat to see her bright and charming presence onscreen again in 1N2D, getting all the male cast members excited and bringing her competitive A-game to the proceedings. It also felt like a double treat when Cha Tae Hyun brought Park Bo Young as his female friend guest, allowing the two talented acting gems brighten the show with their beaming smiles.

The men lose their minds over the arrival of Moon Geun Young and Park Bo Young:

Moon Geun Young slays in musical chairs:


Moon Geun Young Slays with Cute Competitiveness in Girlfriends Episode of 1N2D — 16 Comments

  1. Never watched a 1n2d show before but I caught the last 2 episodes for Moonie. She was totally adorable on the show and I almost die from laughing when our sweet MGY kept nudging her competitors off the chairs during musical chair. I hope she decides to return soon on screen with a good project.

  2. It was really great to see her onscreen being her simple, easygoing, competetive, kind, bright personality. She really is very2 charming. Not even trying hard to look good, just bursting out with childlike curiosity and playfulness. I wish she would appear in a good drama soon.

  3. Love Moon Geun Young to bits , It will also mark my first viewing of 1N2D because of her !She’s so easygoing and adorable, how not to love ?? We see that she does not care for his title “sister nation” haha, love it ^^

  4. Moon Geun Young is so adorable and charming. All the female guests are really good. These episodes of 1N2D are real fun 🙂

  5. I’m speechless, too much kindness that girl ,i laughed so much that other girls are concerned for beauty retouching on their face , only MGY not concerned she prefers visiting the places Lol

    • LOL Anyone worried about makeup (see the girlsin the show) not miss Moon …After watching 1N2D she does not care her image as nation sister unlike MGY wtf with image XD
      Female best friend special is so fun! MoonGeunYoung is hilarious and so cute. Can’t wait for eng sub

  6. I always become a fan of this reality show….this ep has alot fun with the girlfriend…moon geung young and park bo young look very cute.I like the cast also and how they entertaining their guest.

  7. The best!! She loves to win. She is so evil but in a cute way. Made me laugh the whole time!!! Love mgy!!!!

    Ps:I wish also that she shares with us his fountain of youth !!!

  8. Awesome episodes of 2d1n. Really enjoyed the two episodes and can’t wait for the duets. MGY has such a flirty style of speaking. I wasn’t a fan but she is adorable.

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