Real Life Best Friends Huang Xiaoming and Zhao Wei Finally Get Their Kiss on For C-movie Hollywood Adventures

Usually a fan goes from reel to real, watching a drama or movie OTP and wishing they would get together in real life. This might be the first case of real to reel, watching a real life set of maybe soul mates and definite best friends finally cross that line solely onscreen but delivering plenty of catharsis for a twenty plus year platonic relationship. A-list actor Huang Xiaoming and A-list actress Zhao Wei finally get their chance to act together after meeting as fresh-faced 18 year olds in their first year at the Beijing Film Academy over 20 years ago.

Theirs is a story of candor and sweetness, with Huang Xiaoming always owning up to falling for Zhao Wei at first sight and never succeeding in winning her heart except as her best friend. They’ve since gone on to enviable acting successes and marriages to different people, but through it all their friendship has become legendary in the C-ent world. He even makes it to her variety show interview on a gimpy foot, that’s how much he cares. Their first movie together Hollywood Adventures opened this month and all everyone can talk about is the passionate kiss scene at the end. This is one movie I bet the majority of viewers are watching just o get their Xiaoming-Zhao Wei hookup fix LOL.

Huang Xiaoming and Zhao Wei’s costar in Hollywood Adventures, C-actor Tong Dawei, clearly must feel like the biggest third wheel on the planet yet is a good enough sport to continue cheerily fanning the flames. He revealed that the kiss scene involved so many takes that people were starting to wonder if the director was secretly a Zhao Wei-Huang Xiaoming shipper. He also revealed that Xiaoming went for some tongue, to which point Zhao Wei sassed back that Angelababy would mind since it was all for art. LOLOLOLOL.


Real Life Best Friends Huang Xiaoming and Zhao Wei Finally Get Their Kiss on For C-movie Hollywood Adventures — 17 Comments

  1. I’ve been waiting for them to play a movie together for a decade lol… they look really good together.. and that sweet kiss XD

  2. LOL! I totally ship them and will definitely watch this movie for my Xiaoming-Zhao Wei hookup fix XD Thanks for the interesting tidbits regarding the kiss scene!

  3. Zhao Wei is my female C actress crush. Like Huang Xiaoming I fell in love with her at first sight. I think I watch all her movies and dramas. Definitely going to watch this one.

  4. 🙂 aww… This is a shipper’s dream come true. Thanks for this nice mushy news to start my week. Sounds like it was fun to film for everyone.

  5. Finally ^_^ By the way what happen with chen kun and zhaowei? arent they used to be best friend too? are their relationship really become bad now?

  6. My absolute two favorite actors. I ship them like crazy. I would watch it just for them alone. I don’t know how much chemistry they have together onscreen, but they certainly look like they have plenty in the pic. If I was Angelababy, I would be jealous like crazy!

  7. This is so cute!! I can’t even ship them because their friendship is just too precious. At the same time, it makes me sad for Chen Kun and Zhao Wei. I wonder what went wrong. It’s always sad when friendship just went stale like that.

    • yup, he admitted that he fell for her in college . don’t remember when but everybody knew about his one sided crush

  8. Yesyesyes! So excited- I feel kinda guilty shipping them so hard since they’re both married now, but seriously, can you be any cuter than these two?

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