Lee Min Ho Tweets Supremely Awkward Topless Selfie to Fans and Maybe Suzy


I happened to be on Twitter last night mere moments after Lee Min Ho posted one of his infrequent tweets. I almost didn’t glance at it since celebrity tweets are usually bland anodyne life or project updates, but I’m soooooo glad I paused to take a look because I fairly spit out the drink I just took a sip from. My eyes bulged wondering if this was an accidental tweet and meant as a DM for a personal someone, or was absolutely intentional and then I wondered what his message was?

The tweet was an update from Min Ho-ssshi posted from LA where he’s currently at, working on something I assume, and he wrote that it was really hot there. The eye popping part came from the accompanying picture which showed him snapping a topless selfie of himself sitting on a sofa. He’s making two different facial expressions, neither of which are attractive or all that appropriate to be tweeting to his fans. I can’t decide whether he is going for a come hither pout or looking mildly constipated. I love the boy but this is one majorly fail SNS moment, so I’d rather believe this was a private “I miss you, honey!” picture meant for his Suzy.

Let it be said that I fully assume my reaction may be in the minority, especially among Lee Min Ho’s legions of fans who may be slurping up this picture and asking for more. I don’t necessarily have a problem with the topless selfie itself since nothing inappropriate is showing, but his two facial expressions are really cringeworthy and that’s what tips the scale from innocuous fanservice to somewhat unpalatable. Oh wells, let those who love it eat their Min Ho ice-cream happily, even if I’m wishing he didn’t quite send me chortling late into the night thinking back to this selfie.


Lee Min Ho Tweets Supremely Awkward Topless Selfie to Fans and Maybe Suzy — 90 Comments

      • I think the real issue is that he is just not the sharpest pencil in the drawer.
        Anyone with brain cells working knows that everything you post on the net is there, somewhere, forever, eminently hackable and fodder for relentless criticism. So even if he made a mistake and pushed the public button instead of the private one, fact remains he should be keeping his clothes on no matter what. I’m just glad the shot doesn’t go any lower than his elbow.

  1. Hahahaha! I was reading your post while waiting for the pics to appear and thought, “I’m sure I’m gonna love it and Koala’s just being picky!”…then the pics appeared and ermigard! Lee Min-ho-sshi! WTF? Dude, I love you, even your singing and dancing, but that’s just not something I’d want to see.

    I hate selfies in general, add the fact that it’s topless selfie with indescribable facial expressions (what the heck were you doing???)… javabeans might like it though, LOL!

    I’m imagining Choi Siwon doing the same thing, and I think it’d come across as more hilarious and meant for the public rather than uncomfortable because it looked like it shouldn’t be posted on SNS.

  2. Right now i am thinking that koala just post all about controversy article to make her blog hit but she didn’t post anything about #leejunghee case.. There’s no more about drama recap.. The sad truth..

    • Stop pushing this campaign into sites where it doesn’t belong. Lee Jun Hee has become a celebrity because the people who support her see her as one to the point of desiring to see her in sites where the focus has nothing to do with her cause.

      Go ask American celebrities sites to talk about it. South Koreans love when their issues appear in them.

  3. Was it even that hot (or humid) in LA yesterday? It didn’t felt like it where I was (coming from a person whose home doesn’t have central air conditioning or had their fan turned on). Now, last week Thursday was definitely hot in LA.

    • The last couple of days it’s been even a bit cloudy in LA, and the temperature hasn’t gone higher than 83F. I’m sure it was done for Suzy. You know, when a guy and a girl are infatuated with each other they behave a little strange.

  4. I’m in Los Angeles and it’s actually been cold the last couple of days no need to even run the fan let alone the actual so it’s weird he said it’s hot out …. that being said those pics are not flattering at all and I’m a huge huge fan of his

  5. LOL i know i’m in the minority but I find him kind of hot here and don’t normally find him attractive. He doesn’t seem like the type that likes to post thirst trap pics on social media so maybe this was intended for Suzy or someone else he’s sleeping with.

    The amount of attention and scrutiny this pic is receiving is a bit much though, it’s not like he posted a picture of his bare ass.

    • I know what you mean. Personally, I am not a fan of Koala’s articles but I like to visit once in a while to keep myself entertained by seeing how her sasaeng delulu fans are allowing themselves to be led with her stoking the fire. I formed this conclusion when I was reading her articles against Kim Hyun Joong and the commentators were like beserk, writing hate towards him. Some were praising her for her “professional lawyer’s view”.

    • NOPE! I am the president of the “Lee Min Ho is overrated” anti-fan club. (That’s a joke, but you get my point.)

  6. Good grief. For people like me who already think Lee Min Ho is about the most overrated thing on the planet, this is just so hilariously awful hilarious – if that makes sense! It’s like he posted a pic of himself as I see him rather than how his rabid fan base sees him. HA! Although, I’m sure the LMH sheeple will love it to death. YUCK!

  7. This just goes to proof that koala is nothing but a sasaeng, but I feel sorry for here in the same time xuxu..

    First of all His fans absolutely loved this and he increased in fandom with this selfie teens love this and his fanbase is mostly teens so they were the target.. You can’t hate a man for feeding his fans.

    while In other news he has several prestigious awards but nothing was reported by Koala.. Cough’ cough’ Sasaeng detected. But whatever take care of your blog as you wish

      • lily 20 now that you mention it LMH have been selected for the Producer’s Choice award at the upcoming 19th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BiFan).The receiver of the Producers’ Choice award is chosen from BiFan and Korea Film Writers Association.

      • With him the other actress that receives the same award is Moon Chae Won

      • Tf you talking about ? You know the person who runs this website is also a human being that has a life outside of social media? And I’m pretty sure if not positive that the teens you’re talking about are either preteens (12 year old to 15.)
        because he has ZERO sex appeal and this just comes off desperate, go to neiztenbuzz,half the people there are teens and find it unattractive,take your bias self somewhere else ,that you can’t even take a DAMN joke .

      • It was nothing to do with sex appeal its called love or passion. some ppl just become loved without explaination for it..

        not all teens into kpop are his fans, while some are obviously haters and its given to have antis when you have large fan following btw netizensbuzz banned all minoz groups posting and deleting most of there posts couldn’t handle the pressure and proving them wrong

  8. Koala is one little sad conspiracy theorist, just like how these people believe in that the world trade center was an inside job. His fans absolutely loved it but shit like this is garbage. taking a page out of the trolling article who stole few bad comments from naver and left out the positive once. RIP for journalism and this blogger is thirst for something.. Booooo to Hoooooo

    • Omg the lee min ho fans are creepy, scary and crazy as hell. Why the hell is the World Trade Center being brought up when a k-drama blogger merely said an opinion on her own blog that she didn’t like the selfies? She’s getting attacked on her own blog for needing a man, being a conspiracy theorist. She’s getting called a bitch and worse. The lee min ho fans need to return to their dark underworld cave where they reside and stay there.

      • My comment “You’ve got it right!” is meant for Shinee. I replied to her but somehow it ended up under an anti LMH’s comment.

  9. Lmfao.. Bitch please this koala is pressed as fuck. go get some air and get away from the laptop. I think she needs a man in her life to help with the aggression

    • Mate I think you’re pressed.

      She’s not being aggressive, she’s only giving out an opinion. Not everyone are fans of your Lee Minho oppa. You need to stop overreacting.

  10. This is epic fail in many different ways.. but whatever I ain’t got time for sasaengs on blogs see ya later alligator

  11. Post something about #HelpJungHee also. Rather than these useless fanwar inducing posts.
    BTW, in more relevant LMH news, Lee Minho and Moon Chaewon won highest PD award at Bucheon Film Festival.

      • I’ve never been a fan and whilst looks are subjective, I really don’t get the “hotness”. I might change my mind…who knows?

        Several of the comments read like they have been written by the same people or a group of friends…

  12. Post like this are meant to be posted on allkpop instead of here.I kept checking this blog just to see if there is any drama update,but instead,u post this!??

    • Am I reading this comment right? Hahaha. It’s her freakin’ blog people! SHE CAN POST WHATEVER SHE WANTS. She talks about dramas if she wants to, remember the tagline?

  13. Does he have a black eye? Or some kind of eye thing going on? I don’t know that bragging on Lee Min Ho having mostly teen fans is a huge plus for him. If you don’t like this blog why are you here making a comment? Most people who don’t like their bias having any kind of unlove stated go find like minded people to gush about how their bias walks on clouds and is a god to them.. I too agree he does not look his best here. But then I am open to have lots of bias’ and they do have bad picture days, why lookie that he is human after all.

  14. What in the world did I just read?? beyond horrible journalism and poor piece of writting. defamation attempt and pressed individual at its best. Can’t believe this is written by a blogger

  15. I liked that picture on his SNS. I welcome these kind of selfies from him in the future and would love to see more of it

  16. I always thought that Korean celebrities who are always tweeted or posted their picture on SNS …. (are those who are afraid of losing their reputation) or who do not want us to forget them !
    Some big names in Korea did not SNS account but their agencies give their news to fans, some who have accounts but only updates their fans as news to promote their movie/drama or thank for their support !I am part of the minority (I think) who loves celebrities which keep their privacy (low profile),and the fans and people do not forget them (they’re the best) and this is just my opinion,Word to the wise !!!

  17. OMG! just went to check on this picture on his facebook. and it has 500.000 likes what the!! Half mio likes thats sane

    • Insane it’s rare to hit these kind of likes only the likes of C.ronaldo and shakira can do it within a day

  18. Lmaoooo, lee min ho… just read k’netz comments…so funny, haha…yes, in this pic he is such a tryhard and not hot at all,,even many k-netz said it’s embarrassing, lol

  19. Oh my. First he looks high, second im thinking he tweeted on the wrong platform hahahaha should be on his private account or something
    nonetheless he’s still a Gem. Guy looks great and have good acting chops. Just avoid bad high school scripts (heirs yikes) and go for more serious stuff bro. He needs a drama soon IMO

  20. It’s not a tasteful picture for sure. What was he thinking?!? Maybe he is trying to get people talking so he feels important. Sad but probably true.

  21. Eeeek! Before coming here I was checking my facebook and coincidentally read a post about selfies that says “Never take a man who takes alot of selfies seriously. Either he is gay, thirsty, arrogant, or needs attention like a female.”..oooh lala! Seeing this and thinking about that just makes me cringe and cringe more.. but nevertheless I still love LMH enough to love him even at his less lovable times haha!

  22. Those peeved that I don’t love this particular selfie must be tripping, or else subscribe to the belief system that one must love everything that is extruded from one’s favorite star. I adore Lee Min Ho but have no obligation to like every single thing he puts out, and being selective is actually a perfectly sane and legit position to have. To love everything must require I find his shit and farts sweet smelling too because he’s human and must having bodily functions like we all do. And no, I have no desire to kiss his ass, ergo I can keep on liking him only when he does cute, funny, smexy stuff that’s worth liking. This selfie does not fit any one of the above categories, as many other commenters here have the same opinion of. It’s uncomfortable unless directed at his girlfriend in a private setting, anything else is flat out cringe.

    • I yearn for the day you could write a negative post about exo just to see the drama it will bring. I actually agree with a lot of things you say so keep it up!

      Kris has a new film with Liu Yi Fei I believe. Hint hint

      • Oh god no! Lee Min Ho fans might have gotten a bit upset and some even crossed the line by insulting koala, but when you mess with EXO fans you get bomb threats. Hell you might get them even if you breathe in EXO’s direction. Scary stuff I tell ya!

  23. I’m not his fan nor his hater. I’m speaking this objectively. The pictures are no no. Just saying.

  24. He probably posted it to the wrong SNS, this must have been intended for a private sns he has for Suzy. No way something that cringeworthy was purposely posted to the public. ..

  25. Oh my gawd! LOL…I love Lee Min Ho and most of his dramas…but not this selfie…Please Mr. supposedly-charming! Don’t make such a mistake again.

  26. I adore Lee Min Ho and his airport fashion and his acting. However somehow his selfies are very awkward and these topless pix are wierder. Topless is ok but those expressions ? What are they? To all the haters of this author’s blog, everybody has their own opinion. If u dont like, dont read. I aint gonna read the comments coming this way regarding my comment.

    • LMH digging your own carrier grave. 3 years old.
      Low low low low. Giving you the benefit of doubt, please take it down.
      Not a good way to compete with LEE JONG Suk, his Hawaii pics have class.
      And plus, LJS still beating you for integrity, honesty, courage, not misleading fans, and a good role model, and the ice on the cake Darling couple rocks, you can tell His co-star really appreciate him.
      You already have your consolation price Miss A. JUST enjoy it, otherwise she will run away too. You do not need that man.
      by the way, your arms look to thin, need to work out more. BELIEVE ME that Is NOT the way to rebel… Just come to CA, Hollywood will welcome you. IAM NOT A HEATER. JUST CONCERN, MAYBE (FAN?).

  27. LMH digging your own carrier grave. 3 years old.
    Low low low low. Giving you the benefit of doubt, please take it down.
    Not a good way to compete with LEE JONG Suk, his Hawaii pics have class.
    And plus, LJS still beating you for integrity, honesty, courage, not misleading fans, and a good role model, and the ice on the cake Darling couple rocks, you can tell His co-star really appreciate him.
    You already have your consolation price Miss A. JUST enjoy it, otherwise she will run away too. You do not need that man.
    by the way, your arms look to thin, need to work out more. BELIEVE ME that Is NOT the way to rebel… Just come to CA, Hollywood will welcome you. IAM NOT A HEATER. JUST CONCERN, MAYBE (FAN?).

    • Please, don’t this as a fan of jongsuk I’m having second hand embarrassment. don’t pull jongsuk here. keep your opinion in yourself.

    • This scarbar99.. Is not a LJS fan just some random troll! When did LMH ever had a competition with LJS? lool! I actully think they are friends and LJS with all due to respect just had his breakthrough and is new to this world. the rest of your rant is just trolling and nonsense won’t answer to that..

  28. The enigma, Lee Min Ho –
    He is handsome but unattractive.
    He has little talent but very successful.
    He can’t sing but produces albums.
    He can’t act but pulls in high ratings.
    He looks like a man but behaves like a boy.
    His intelligence is questionable but he is the one laughing to the bank, not you.

    He is undoubtedly one of the most famous Asian actor but can he be one who is respected?

    • Dear @D, what an emotionless list of the “LMH phenomenon” *applauses* You gave us food for thought and further analysis within a few lines.
      I’m sorry but my comment isn’t about answering your question, because I just can’t since I don’t actually care about LMH. But your logical and sane statements are the polar opposite to all those obsessed fangirls and indeed fresh in the blogosphere. Well done – that’s how we all should try to approach bizarre situatios and facts
      As far as your reasonable question concerned, perhaps Hollywood could be a bit helpful; since the beginning, Hollywood had huge stars carring tremendous “star quality” w/o the necessary talent nor looks or/and personality. Maybe an “entertainment industry product”?? Therefore aristic respect either never comes or comes with age and after 180 degrees of career change…Who knows? For sure, I don’t 🙂 Just a hint and nothing more. Ciao and good luck!

      • lol, your comment is quite hilarious. Don’t you know his boastful company used to announce that this guy has received some so-called Hollywood casting invitation earlier ? Who knows, his fans’s hollywood dream may come true in the next century. Now they may be feeling over the moon seeing his global fame to reach somewhere in …Africa! WTH? When will his name get popular among polar bears, I wonder ?

  29. Okay this comments section is beyond ridiculous, Koala’s post was not hateful but teasing. That selfie was awkward but I liked it because LMH hardly posted on his IG but he did and I was so happy. Then am reading comments like “he looks like a botched Kris Jenner 2″? ” his brain cells are not working?” and someone said his fans are 12-15 years old? Well am his fan and am no where near 15 years old and so are most of the minoz in Nigeria. You should ask how Korean dramas are doing in Nigeria after Heirs. The answer ? BAD. When people go to purchase Korean dramas they ask for that guy that acted Goo Jun pyo or city hunter. Lee min ho’s selfie skills might be bad but these hateful comments are worse.

  30. Ugh. Stop it boy. Save the shirtless selfie’s for your girl. I find I like him well enough in drama land,but I find him very annoying when dating.

  31. *LMAO*, The Rabbid LMH fans from The Heirs Soompi forum have appeared….Some of ya’ll take this stuff way to seriously. Can we all be fans and not be fans of all his work. If the man wants to take pictures of himself topless when he farts and puts it on social media, I and anybody, has the right to say it isn’t his best look.

  32. is it only me or he’s not attractive anymore?
    funny how he’s damn handsome in city hunter and personal taste, but now he’s just.. nah.. nothing special imo.

  33. c mon guys its just a style and its does not really matters if it is for susy afterall she was or still his girlfriend i like the picture and i dont feel creepy about it other may claim to hates but others are flipping for it is that not right .

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