Song Seung Heon and Crystal Liu are Dating as Handsome Hand Towel Finds Love with Glorious Flower Vase

There is a new power couple to to rival Rain and Kim Tae Hee in looks, popularity, and moolah, and coincidentally the female half recently even worked with Rain on a movie together. What a reminder of how small the entertainment industry is, and how the pretty birds of a feather end up flocking together. Both Chinese and Korean entertainment news lit up on a slow Wednesday morning with the breaking news that K-actor Song Seung Heon is dating C-actress Crystal Liu. Korea’s Hand Towel is dating China’s Goddess Flower Vase? Somewhere there are jokes, memes, and congratulations wondering what took so long, LOL.

I adore both of them, him for being a sentimental favorite of mine since his early Autumn in My Heart days, and her for actually improving as an actress the last few years despite the early years masquerading as a mannequin onscreen. Crystal has recently been getting another notch under her belt for working with a slew of Korean top actors, with Rain in For Love or Money, doing CFs with Lee Min Ho, and now netting herself both a leading man in real life and in her next movie called The Third Way of Love with Song Seung Heon. I’m assuming the couple is communicating with English and in the language of love that needs no words. Congrats to the beyond beautiful pair, may their love go all the way and gift the world with progeny to rival Aphrodite and Narcissus.

I’m thrilled they confirmed the dating rumors so quickly, which makes sense since Song Seung Heon is almost forty years old and goodness let the man enjoy his newfounded love in peace.The rumors have swirled about them since they started filming Third Way, and culminated earlier this week with a tabloid claiming to have followed them back to Crystal’s lavish residence in a gated community. Supposedly Crystal’s parents and grandparents were also there as they were seen driving out the next morning, so this wasn’t a bootie call as much as a meet the elders respectful situation. Looks like things are getting serious, though marriage might not be right around the corner as Crystal is an 87’er and just 27 years old, with an 11 year age difference with Song Seung Heon on top of the language and cultural barriers. But when love calls then best answer with an open heart and mind, and it doesn’t hurt for either to open their eyes in the morning and the first thing each sees is the other person.

Trailer for The Third Way of Love:


Song Seung Heon and Crystal Liu are Dating as Handsome Hand Towel Finds Love with Glorious Flower Vase — 40 Comments

  1. I honestly can’t tell the age difference between them! SSH is so young and hot looking! If married, they sure to have beautiful babies! lol
    This is really unexpected but a great surprise as I really like both!

  2. Daaamn!! vhave been wondering why Song Seung Hoon has never been spotted with a girl and he’s almost 40..good for them! And I hope it works out well

    • He paid the media lo. simple as that. His desire for younger woman was well known since East of Eden time, even was a joke in one of TV program.

  3. Wow, not sure how to feel about this. I adore the hand towel and Crystal is no doubt a rare beauty. But there is something a bit odd/off about the pair for me… But I wish them all the best

  4. Beauty is subjective. I don’t find her beautiful, but I can see how people find her so. But congrats to them! Can’t even notice the age difference from the looks of it.

      • I said the same thing about SSH when I looked at a few of those pictures. Oh well, she’s lovely, he’s handsome and best of luck to both of them.

      • I think he’s fine but yeah seeing them together, they both look like plastic wax figures, like they aren’t real. I think he looks hotter tan. Which reminds me, are there any tan (popular) female east asian actresses?

      • I never got SSH’s appeal too. I’m one of those (I apologize) who feel that she can do better. Then again, I’m not in a position to say anything.

    • She belongs to the type which looks normal/above average pretty in modern wear, but stands out extraordinarily beautiful in traditional Han Chinese clothing. Her aura in Return of the Condor Heroes as XiaoLongNv is no joke.

    • It took me a while to get the meaning of Handsome Hand Towel and Glorious Flower Vase…haha! They do make a good pair visually though. Congrats!

  5. Crystal was one of my first girl crushes, I still remember her acting as Xiao Long Nu and I was just blown away by her beauty. I’m so surprised by this pairing but best of luck to both of them.

  6. Congrats to the beautiful couple. Always found Crystal to be one of the most beautiful women of asia. And I sometimes see some similarities between her and Song HyeKyo.

    Anyway, the men of old hallyu wave are certainly getting hitched/confirmed left and right. Only eligible ones left are Kang DongWon, Gong Yoo, Jo InSung, So JiSub and HyunBin…

    But more than the men, I am waiting for womwn of hallyu to find their other half, mainly Choi Jiwoo, Song HyeKyo, Ha JiWon and the likes….

  7. How come SSH looks so young? Some people said he’s too old for her but I couldnt see any age gap. Seriously.. He almost 40 but looks like in his early 30. wow!! Beautiful couple. congrats!

  8. I think only romance connection SSH was known for was Sung Yuri. I loved Sung Yuri but too bad they broke up. That was a very long time ago.

    Some people just have it all. She’s tall and have a nice body too. Life just isn’t fair. Lol

  9. omgeeeee, Liu Yifei has always been one of those forever worshipped celebrities in my household. I can’t believe she’s only 27, makes me forget how young she was when she entered the entertainment industry. So happy for her and wish her all the best!!

  10. what a shocker. never see this coming Song seung heon may not be good at acting but his look is better them most k-actor. so jealous of him. what did he do to get this beautiful woman. oh well congratulation to the love bird. you never tell that he almost 40s since his look is like those in their mid 20s.

  11. I remember somewhere that Liu Yi Fei actually knows some Korean because she studied it in school. Anyways, I kind of thought they were dating because at Song Seung Heon’s fan meeting, Liu Yi Fei is video taped giving a message to him. And I thought to myself, why would she be included unless she was someone special to him. Well they will make beautiful babies. I am glad oppa finally found someone and that it’s not So Ji Sub.

      • Yeah Ariel Lin learnt Korean so she’s pretty good at it.

        Liu Yi Fei is recorded as speaking Mando, English and Japanese.

        Even.if they didn’t.end up dating they did do.a movie together so she.could video message.

    • “I am glad oppa finally found someone and that it’s not So Ji Sub.”

      Hahahaaaa my thoughts exactly 🙂 (and glad to know I was not the only one).

      Congrats to the couple and wish them all the best.

      SSH is a man whose physical beauty I admire but I don’t have the hots for him (like I do for SJS or Jang Hyuk). So I haven’t felt that certain “peng” when a celeb you like finds his life partner.

    • HAHAHA…And now SJS will be feeling kind of lonely and a bit vulnerable. Soooo, someone will get lucky, right? He may be next… 🙂

  12. awww this is great, they are adorable so this is why song seung hun has been talking about wanting to find the ideal partner and stuff in interviews, wish them the best 🙂

  13. OK WELL
    This got me out of hibernation.
    This is awesome and not unexpected!!

    I am glad they have each others beauty to love more than themselves.

  14. they are gonna have gorgeous children 🙂 song seung hun is so naturally handsome and effortlessly attractive, actually most old wave kactors are more “naturally” beautiful than current actors, personally I watched song seung hun in a remake of a chinese movie and his acting was impressive, he definitely CAN act, he wasn’t that bad in east of eden so I really don’t agree with the assumption that he is a terrible actor but I have to admit that his last two dramas, jin and when a man loves were terrible and his acting was cringe worthy maybe he doesn’t take his job too seriously but he’s forgiven, he makes up for it with the beauty

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