Answer Me 1988 Starts Filming with Park Bo Gum, Hyeri, and Go Kyung Pyo

There is no amount of praying or hand-wringing that can change this particular casting, so I’m going to take my own advice with a wait and see approach. Filming has started for upcoming tvN drama Answer Me 1988, the third entry in the popular trendy Answer Me series following the original 1997 version and the subsequent 1994 take. One can argue that the drama has always cast leading ladies who are untried (Jung Eun Ji in 1997) or had a reputation for being a bad actress (Go Ara in 1994), and both times the ladies delivered big time. Hence this casting of Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri as the female lead of 1988 is merely par for the course.

I’d argue that Eun Ji is a natural and didn’t have an early stinky acting performance under her belt, like Hyeri was beyond horrible in Hyde, Jekyll, Me, and while I’ve actually never liked Go Ara but also didn’t think she was ever that bad an actress in all her previous outings before 1994. This discussion really won’t mean anything until AM1988 airs and Hyeri validates her casting or proves her naysayers right. Joining Hyeri as her two leading men are Go Kyung Pyo and Park Bo Gum, along with a huge supporting cast of Sung Dong Il, Lee Il Hwa, Lee Dong Hwi, Ryu Hye Young, Kim Sung Kyun, Choi Moo Sung, Ra Mi Ran, and many more.


Answer Me 1988 Starts Filming with Park Bo Gum, Hyeri, and Go Kyung Pyo — 23 Comments

  1. I honestly had zero intention of watching this.. 88 seemed too long ago. BUT then Park Bo Gum is amazing in I Remember You and I need to watch him in something where he’s normal and happy.

    I don’t know Hyeri, so I’ve no opinion on her but she seems to be the biggest problem for people. I hope they do t drag this one and make it simple and heartfelt.

  2. i don’t understand..who is the male lead? go kyung pyo or park bo geum? i hope PBG cause i like him very much in IRY.
    no word on hyeri..still on doubt if i’ll watch it or not..

  3. I just pray that she auditioned and wowed whoever was in charge of casting. They are taking a very big risk and I hope it pays off. With the expressions I’m seeing, it seems the script is quite good at least.

  4. Park Bogum’s star really is rising for which I’m really glad. He’s made such memorable turns in Cantabile Tomorrow (he made the show watchable if you ask me) and I Remember You (sheer perfection). Plus he’s super young so we’ve about six years with him as well. It’s only up and up from this point!

  5. And while I’m not a fan of name-calling, Hyeri is unnervingly fake, tries too hard (and not hard enough), and doesn’t seem to have the brains to be aware of how annoying she can be.

    • well that brain of hers got her that cf money and this gig so i am sure your comment won’t make a difference in her changing personalities or this flopping lmao

    • No, actually her problem is she’s not fake enough for most people. People want female idols to act a certain way and she doesn’t. That gets her into trouble at times.

      She also only seems to annoy ifans since she’s killing it in Korea with CFs. And got this coveted drama role everyone is upset about.

  6. I guess it’s possible that the character Hyeri is playing is similar to herself, so she won’t have to ‘act’ very much. Let’s hope. I’ve never seen her in anything but I trust the producers.

    Anyway, I’ll be watching for Park Bo Gum just like everyone else. Please, please, though, no more husband-guessing or shipping wars.

  7. I have no interest about this drama until I watches “I Remember You”. I am going to check it out just for Park Bo Gum. Ms Koala, how come you dont have a lot of news about IRY? It is such a good kdrama, the writing, the cast, acting, ost.. Perfection.

  8. Park Bo Gum is going to be one to watch for the future. I will watch this drama purely for his acting because it is really impressive. He has put up a stunning acting show in I Remember You and is arguably better than other good roles played by rising young actors like himself.

  9. I tried to not watch this series in real time like last year but Park Bo Gum tempted me…. I hope it will be much better this time

  10. I Love Park Bo Gum. He’s the best at I Remember you.
    He’s so cute and handsome at the same time.
    Being a Psycopath is a hard role but he did so amazing and perfect.
    I will watch this drama just becuase of Park Bo Gum.
    I dont like Hyeri at all but Bo Gum is enough for me to watch it. :)))

  11. Sigh. I’m in the same boat. I have NO intention to watch this until I watched Park Bo Gum in I Remember You. He was KILLING (pun intended) it in that drama. He is one of those rare actors who seem to has complete control of his facial expressions resulting in an outstanding, nuance performance. The least I could do is watch Reply 88 first episode

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