Fresh-faced Leads of TW-movie Our Times Shine in the Pages of Our Lady Magazine

I could be jumping the gun since the movie doesn’t premiere until less than two weeks from now on August 13th, but it’s like picking a good horse at the race track in anticipating that there will be breakout stars a-coming from upcoming TW-movie Our Times (我的少女時代 The Era of My Young Girl Days). Starring Vivian Sung, Darren Wang, and Dino Lee, the movie captures the high school experience of the leads during the 90’s when there was no cell phones and friendships more face-to-face. The three leads are featured in a comfy spread for Only Lady magazine, which has dubbed them the Shine Generation.

Vivian is already on many Taiwan entertainment critics list as a new face to keep an eye on, thanks to a promising turn in the Gidden‘s movie Cafe Waiting Love. She resembles TW-actress Kimi Hsia but I find Vivian’s acting aura much more endearing. Darren Wang hasn’t made a huge impact yet but I have a feeling this performance might be his serendipity moment of giving it all for the perfect role. It doesn’t hurt that he totally reminds me of Eric Moon‘s little brother. And finally, Dino already has a name for himself as a popular pop/rock star in Taiwan so if he manages this cross-over well then it’ll be a treat see more of this cutie.


Fresh-faced Leads of TW-movie Our Times Shine in the Pages of Our Lady Magazine — 5 Comments

  1. Saw the advanced screening of this movie in Taipei. Pretty good but it can be shorter and tighter. It’s kind of like Apple of My Eyes but from a girl’s perspective. Both Vivian Sung and Darren Wang are great. Hope this movie will springboard their career.

    Despite Jerry Yan’s cameo is quite public but his appearance still stirs up gasping murmur in the cinema and he does have similar facial features as Darren. Such is Jerry’s star power.

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