C-netizens Buzzing about The Third Way of Love Full Trailer Giving off Fifty Shades of Grey Vibes

Things just turn a cinematic surreal turn with respect to upcoming romance movie The Third Way of Love, and it has nothing to do with the tabloid topping talk about the newly revealed real life dating relationship of the leads Song Seung Heon and Crystal Liu. Remember what I said about the teaser trailer giving me no clue what the movie is about or what to expect? Yeah, that’s not the case anymore with the full trailer that gives me a clue, and not in a good way.

C-netizens are abuzz with certain similarities in the relationship and interactions of the Third Way leads to the movie adaptation of the erotic S&M romance novel Fifty Shades of Grey. Song Seung Heon’s character is giving off pushy, controlling, and kinda stalker-ish behavior in wooing Crystal’s character, with even promised bed scenes to come but without the S&M kinky part. Words cannot adequately describe what a putrid piece of shit Fifty Shades is as a novel, and the male lead is beyond the pits as a human being, so all similarities here is way upsetting if Song Seung Heon’s character ends up even remotely like Christian Grey. Ugh.

Full trailer for The Third Way of Love:


C-netizens Buzzing about The Third Way of Love Full Trailer Giving off Fifty Shades of Grey Vibes — 26 Comments

    • Sexual repression is being replaced by unfulfilled sexual relationships, too much social media and detached sexual fantasies. I can’t tell whether those so-called writers are part of that demographic group or they just hit the jackpot with “what women want” these days.

    • No it was made popular by the middle-aged bracket before it ironically snowballed & the movie theaters filled with 20-30’s who like koala completely slammed it. Think of it as your mom & aunts discussing the book; piquing your interest-going on social media to find out if your friends parents were also in on it (this basically gave it the popularity).

  1. Finally somebody just said it as it is –>”Words cannot adequately describe what a putrid piece of shit Fifty Shades is as a novel, and the male lead is beyond the pits as a human being”. I don’t understand how it’s so popular, it should be in the same level as those cheap romance paperbacks.

    • LOL! When I read that line, I thought, ‘I haven’t read a better description than that!’ Koala…always so concise with her words. Gotta love it!!

    • that is an insult to the lovers of Mills and Boons like myself. Our male heroes are at least understand the limit to where they can push a girl and most of them are not the stalking type.

      I tried reading the book and gave up two pages in and settled down with the movie instead…I can only commend the actors for their work but can’t for the life of me see what was all the huha about it.

      • me too! haven’t even got to half and i felt bored. Mills and Boons and Harlequin Silhouette novels are far better in describing characters, love scenes etc. didn’t bother with the movie either. dunno why teenagers read it.

      • I’d like to clarify that here in the UK the book was famous amongst the middle aged demographic. The Daily Mail exposed this. Curiosity about why this book enchanted such a conservative group is what made it trendy. As another reader said ‘Sexual repression is being replaced by unfulfilled sexual relationships’. Adventurous teenagers & 20s group or the 30’s where sexual growth is in its peak don’t fit the bill. Heck every1 of us has criticized the book.

  2. totally feeling the 50 shades vibe in trailer. c entertainment industry originality level is so low. they seems to copy or buy rights from others when they see something potentially successful.

    • Eh…I think this movie is a straight up adaptation of the novel 第三种爱情 written by 自由行走 published in 2007. It is written on the poster too.

      • Would you mind translating the novel title and author? I would like to Google this and get a better idea of the storyline. Thanks.

  3. For some reason…no matter the actor/actress…I cannot connect with them when it is dubbed. I can hardly stand to watch it for a few minutes. I really don’t like this crossing over for that very reason.

  4. I’m glad many people here are sane enough to avoid falling into the 50 Shades craze. From what I gathered, Grey is controlling and manipulative while what’s-her-face sets feminism back 50 years. The trailer for The Third Way to Love seems similar to 50 Shades, but I don’t think it’s a copy of it. The creators are probably trying to get the public hyped up about. I know I’m excited. Just look at that chemistry!

  5. I still don’t get how the 2 communicate…so they use broken english as a mutual ground? Yes, they can use body language or”language of love”or whatever but when they are sick of boinking all day long, how can their “love” survive. Seems like a publicity stunt.

    • thats what i thought too but didnt see why liu yi fei will agree to it since her fans are not happy with the pairing. shes still popular and still getting jobs and cf’s even without a hit film since 2006. whats in it for her?

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