Kang Min Hyuk Rocks The Class Fall Ad Campaign with His CNBlue Bandmates

I really appreciate the new fall ad campaign for menswear brand The Class, and not just because Kang Min Hyuk is in it with his CNBlue bandmates Lee Jung Shin, Jung Yong Hwa, and Lee Jong Hyun. Brand pictorials start with the premise of selling the underlying product, so having stars in the campaign is complementary or even subordinate to the product being showcased. For this latest The Class campaign, it’s so visually alive and stylistically shot to the point of passing for a magazine shoot. The boys look fantastic, and with it the clothes they are wearing also catch the viewers eye. It’s win-win with a side of class, heh.

While Min Hyuk is my favorite of the band members for his acting, while I find Yong Hwa’s stage persona the best display of his talent, for this campaign it’s Min Hyuk and Lee Jung Shin who rock their outfits the hardest. It’s unfortunate that Yong Hwa is the one stuck wearing turtlenecks under his suits in some of the pics, it’s a look hard to pull off by any guy who doesn’t have an exceedingly long neck and height, so on Yong Hwa it just makes him look fuddy and old. Lee Jong Hyun was great in Orange Marmalade, the vampire rebel look suits him perfectly, but here his poses and expressions are the same from shot to shot so he fades into the background for me. Overall the brand did well in showcasing CNBlue and vice-versa.


Kang Min Hyuk Rocks The Class Fall Ad Campaign with His CNBlue Bandmates — 10 Comments

    • It is her blog. And I don’t see anything wrong with these kinds of posts. I don’t understand korean and I’m not much of a fan. I don’t even stalk my faves or anything like that. I also don’t go to many korean-related blogs and sites. So it’s refreshing.

    • Ummm look up..the banner says “I’ll talk about dramas if I want to.” :). It’s her blog so let her write/post whatever she wants.

      BTW Ms. K..whenever I see post like this..reminds me of Mizweng (during LTM days), squeeing of her boy toys 😀

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