Moon Geun Young and Yook Sung Jae Confirmed as the Leads of SBS Mystery Drama The Village

I can’t deny that it’s super weird to me to see Yook Sung Jae cast as the male lead of upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama The Village. I don’t dislike it, as per my post two days ago when he joined the drama, but am merely feeling really clueless as how he got cast as the male lead and not just as a supporting actor in this drama. I adored him as the second male lead in Who Are You: School 2015, but was in no rush to throw leading man roles at him based on his age and acting experience.

And yet a mere few months later he’s now headlining The Village, and opposite Baeksang Best Actress winner Moon Geun Young no less. Lordy, this boy better rock and roll in that village otherwise he’s going to be steamrolled. Apparently he was merely considering the drama two days ago but has now been confirmed, with his role being the village policeman while Moon Geun Young plays an English teacher who is newly arrived at this mysterious village with unidentified dead bodies and copious amounts of secret.

One reason I’m not freaking out (yet) about the age and acting experience mismatch between Moon Geun Young and Yook Sung Jae is due to the drama being a mystery thriller and not some rom-com where their characters will for sure have a love line. Remember Kim Hee Sun and Ji Hyun Woo, they were the leads of Angry Mom yet had no love line because that drama wasn’t about romance. I’m hoping Moon Geun Young gets a love line with second male lead Kim Jae Wook while she partners up with bumbling cop Yook Sung Jae to unravel the mysteries of the village.


Moon Geun Young and Yook Sung Jae Confirmed as the Leads of SBS Mystery Drama The Village — 30 Comments

  1. As far as I understand Yook Sung-Jae got cast as ONE of the leads – not THE lead. And I’m pretty sure if there is some romance involved it’s between KJW and MGY. 🙂 Everything else would be weird.

  2. I have trust in Moonie is a strong and experienced actress is no care about with the plot, but is there going to be a love line between two ??? That is the question !

    • I know…was surprised by intensity of k netizens reactions..I don’t think there’s semantic subplot between them–at least am hoping there isn’t! It’s just going to be too weird…haven’t seen any of his work…but I hope he has some acting chops to stand along side Moonie

  3. Kim Jae-wook and Ohn Joo-wan get shunted aside for an idol’s second acting gig? Opposite MGY?!?!? This industry sucks. It really does.

  4. What?!Seriously? Sung Jae to do a thriller drama? It was not too long ago when I watched a very scared Sung Jae watching a horror film with his virtual wife comforting him all throughout..I wished MGM won’t be like Joy comforting and looking after him all through the filming. But nevertheless, I’m looking forward to this team-up. Even if MGM is already a pro, let’s just give this guy a chance in drama department. *cross fingers he’ll do better or else this poor fella might suffer backlash LOL!

  5. Yeah, it’s weird..But.I’ll render my judgement after watching the show. They could have reasons like no other/better option. Eheeee.

  6. He definitely needs to act better as it’s thriller drama not high school romance story..
    IMHO Moonie deserves better male lead, so he better be grateful acting with one of the best actresses in her generation and I hope Moonie’s presence would improve his acting quality.

  7. ahhh so base on the comments here, moon is a long time snob but suddenly change …. hmm I wonder why? guess she also needs a little help being trendy by acting beside an idol

    • What the heck you say, she never snubbed anyone !!
      And if that’s the case, she has every right to do what is good or bad choices in her career, it’s up to her !!
      And she is not the only one who chooses, her agency is also. Everyone is free to choose ,is not ??,,,,,

  8. his acting in school was ok. being in a drama with moon will be a challenge for him. oh well atlease it not nam joo hyuk who will ruin the drama for sure with his poor acting.

    • LOL sungjae fangirls never tired mentioned nam joo hyuk in every article. praise your fave all you want but please never bring other down

  9. this isn’t seems right. He’s the supporting lead material yet he’s paired with mgy now. I like mgy but I didn’t wanna watch this. such a waste for her

  10. Kim Jae Wook Losing out male lead to this kid?! Omg no wonder I don’t watch KDramas as much anymore! It’s all becoming so frustrating. Hopefully it’ll be like you said with “angry mom” that the leads don’t end up together but I would want Kim Jae Wook & MGY to end up together in this one so he can get the girl at least once! Geez….sigh.

  11. tho i love sung jae so much i do agree it’s strange he got the lead. i would like him in a lead but with a younger partner like KSH not MGY and in a rom com . well maybe it will be like OCN dramas without romance or like lee bo young last drama where she and CSW didn’t had love line (still i shipped them hard).

  12. Umm… not liking this pairing at all. YIKES! hahaha Sorry.

    But maybe he’s one of the leads just like Kim So Eun was announced as the ‘second main lead’ in TSWWTN when in reality, it just means your going to have some type of role which was a shame for Kim So Eun. Anyway, I’ve always enjoyed Kim So Eun even though her recent Kdramas is not up to par with what she’s capable of… I wish she’d choose her roles better. I can’t wait for her film with Yoo Ah In though! 🙂

    • wait, is there any news for Kim So Eun and Yoo Ah in pairing in any movie?

      but i agreed on your point here as regards to Kim So Eun

      • My bad. I meant that I am excited for Moon Geun Young’s new film with Yoo Ah In. Sorry!!!! But it’d be interesting to see Yoo Ah In reunite with Kim So Eun though. ^_^

        Yoo Ah In has a new historical drama with Shin Se Kyung though! EXCITED about it! 🙂 Finally, a drama I am actually excited about and don’t mind the pairing.

      • lol, im suprised at the news coz i always updated with KSE’s news. it would be nice if YAI and KSE to reunite later.

        YAI is now rocking his career as top actor. i am excited to see his next drama soon 🙂

  13. Oh my, he did well in that school drama(he was the only one I liked from the young ones actually) , but leading next to Moon… can’t she just have a GOOD drama after POTW?
    Okay, I am definitely going to watch this because of Moon but I just so want to be her in a good drama with good actors this time.

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